Hearne: The Truth & Nothing But The Truth (Wink) About KU, MU & Roy Williams

With a pair of Kansas teams in the Sweet Sixteen and Missouri on the ropes, it’s time to check in with Brett Mosiman, one of KU’s staunchest supporters and local promoter of Crossroads and Wakarusa fame…

First a little handicapping.

The surprising KU women’s basketball team – its ranks depleted by crippling injuries to frontline stars – faces perennial powerhouse Tennessee Saturday.

"They lose by 30 to Tennessee," Mosiman predicts.

And KU’s mens team tonight against North Carolina State?

"The mens team skates into the Elite Eight against North Carolina."

The $64 million question: Do KU tried and true still hate Carolina coach Roy Williams for leaving them for NC?

"No," Mosiman says. "The vast minority maybe, but the average fan is way over it. It wouldn’t hurt any more to lose at the hands of Roy than it would anybody else. I think by beating him in the Final Four in 2008 the fans got over it. And the day after that when we were in the championship game Roy was very cool about it. He showed up in the stands with a KU sticker on. And he took a lot of shit for that with the Carolina fans and I think that was pretty cool of him. And I think that healed it for KU and he’s doing the same thing this week. He’s saying, ‘If we can’t win it, I want KU to win it."

All of that said, won’t there be a little bit of extra joy in Mudville – I mean Lawrence – if KU can beat NC?

"I don’t think so," Mosiman says. "Not for me. I don’t care who it is we beat."

His  take on Missouri’s choking to nobody school Norfolk State… Mosiman get any joy out of that one?

"Oh, yes," he says. "Best day ever for KU fans – that was huge.

"I had MU going to the Final Four and I was shocked because I thought they were for real. But they did have a pretty thin schedule and they were just horribly prepared for the tournament."

As for going forward in the SEC, "If Missouri didn’t go to the Final Four this year, they’re never going," Mosiman says.  "For one thing, they’re never going to be able to recruit in the SEC. I think they’re about to go into a dark period."

Meaning Missouri will have a hard time recruiting from the Big 12 because area kids friends and families won’t be able to go see them play anymore for one thing, Mosiman says.

"They left the Big 12 because there’s only one revenue sport, football," Mosiman says. "But there are 13 to 15 other sports and do you know how much it’s going to cost Missouri to take their golf and tennis and softball and volleyball teams to Florida?" Mosiman asks. "Do you know how much it’s going to cost to do that? It’s never going to pay off overall – it was totally shortsighted of them to leave the Big 12."

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15 Responses to Hearne: The Truth & Nothing But The Truth (Wink) About KU, MU & Roy Williams

  1. tiad says:

    Good God, Jr….
    …you call upon a music scumbag for your sport advice? Really??? I’ll go out on a limb here and say that KU gets em-bare-assed and loses tonight.

    NotChuck says so.

  2. tiad says:

    OK, sorry…
    …I meant SPORTS advice.

  3. Super Dave says:

    I was sad the day Roy said he was leaving KU for NC but as well I understood why he did it. Roy probably always be a class act in my book and I have a lot of respect for him..

  4. Harry Balczak says:

    I heard that Nate Bukaty was circumsized as an adult

  5. Hearne says:

    Listen up, TIAD…
    Say what you will about Brett, but he is a very smart, successful businessman. Yeah, a businessman.

    Remember, like Mitt Romney? You know, the dude that broke up all those companies causing some people to think that qualifies him to fix the entire country.

    Brett’s also an extremely clued in, pretty dang insightful follower of sports with a black belt in KU.

    Just because someone gets a radio or broadcast gig – which is won for writing and speaking skills, not great sports insight, doesn’t mean they know more than a layperson. A layperson btw that makes a helluva lot more money in the business world than the vast majority of, oh, sportswriters, for example.

    Brett made some excellent points a few weeks back about why KU totally didn’t need to play MU in football or basketball. And he did a nice job here putting the Roy Williams divorce in perspective.

    Oh, and he kicked your butt on the KU-NC State game too, didn’t he?

    Here’s hoping Brett stubs his toe this morning when KU’s women face Tennessee.

  6. Smartman says:

    Jealous Lover
    Careful, keep showing’ that kinda love for Brett and Glazer is gonna get jealous. In the principled world of business, a businessman generally shows respect for his customers trying to guarantee the best possible experience. The piss infused mulch and smelly shitters at Grinders/Crossroads kinda goes against that notion. It’s like a modern day Auschwitz with music and less lethal results.

  7. tiad says:

    Oh, Junior…
    KU was lucky to win by only three. I was taking some bad sports advice from Beena and the two gay dudes, as they still try to work out their deal for Jardines.

  8. tiad says:

    Less Lethal Results?
    Smartman: “It’s like a modern day Auschwitz with music and less lethal results.”

    Depends on the musical act, actually.

  9. bschloz says:

    Do You Know How To Withey?

    Hawks in wire job

  10. Hearne says:

    OK fellas, let’s take ’em one at a time…
    First you TIAD.

    Nice job trying to joke away the fact that you blew it, trying to be a smart ass about knowing more than Brett and getting your ass handed to you in the process.. As you and every other reader on KCC and elsewhere knows, it doesn’t matter whether you win by a free throw, a field goal or single vote. It’s all about winning.

    Winners win. Losers make lame jokes.

    Do you actually think anybody thought your Beena and lame gay joke line was even close to funny? Keep working on it though and I’ll try and get you some stage time on open mic night at Stanford’s.

    As for the Crossroads shows, I think the public has spoken and nobody but a faint handful of commenters are grousing about having to stand on mulch or use porta potties.

    The fact is, most of those acts wouldn’t be playing KC were that venue not to exist. And hundreds of thousands of Kansas Citians would not have parted with their hard-earned cash to go see those acts if it was half as revolting as two or three anonymous commenters have characterized it.

    I’ve been to many shows there and spoken to dozens of others who have gone and have yet to hear any such complaint from a single one of them.


  11. Super Dave says:

    Crossroads is what it is been there and sure I will go back again someday.

  12. DS says:

    I heard hearne had made a name for himself.
    When you deduct his own comments and the three from tiad you are left with 4. Then you deduct hairy ball sack and remember that this website is a joke and should be treated as such. 3 comments from 3 people that think glazer is a good guy.

    Deleted from my bookmarks. Hearne, you would have moved on if anyone thought you were anything less than a hack.

  13. Super Dave says:

    See ya later DS but before you go does DS stand for Dip Shit?

  14. paulwilsonkc says:

    I have NO issue with the Crossroads…
    …been there many, many times. Doesn’t matter what the act is, they fill it up. Last year, I saw a variety ranging from P-Funk to Redeschi Trucks, full to the gills! Love the venue, love Stretch’s idea, home run in my mind.

  15. harley says:

    another hernia failure…going to a know nothing phony promoter to get information on mu. Come on hearne
    you know better. If you’ve read my posts you wouldn’t even print this dudes information.
    This guy says the move to the sec for mu isn’t going to pay off because of travel costs. Does this guy have
    any idea what he’s talking about? This guy probably sat in front of a concert speaker for too long and it
    damaged his brain…this guy is just another suck buddy of yours who knows nothing about nothing.
    1. Travel costs: sure there will be additional travel cost…football/golf/the other sports this know nothing
    talks about. However this idiot ku fan seems to think the university forgot to figure that in. Additional
    costs of travel/expenses as sec versis big 12….$1.2 million.
    so this fool shoots his mouth and you repeatv it…probably the b4raindamage is so great he
    can’t add. Yes…there will be more expenses…….but the payout is so huge that mu gets into
    texas tyupe revenues while his ku school struggles to pay for all those additional sport (yes..ku
    is cutting back on sports because theres no money)..while mu is getting nationally ranked in those
    other sports.
    If this nimble minded “expert” wants more info…contact me…til then mosiman…you stay running
    t bars in midtown and low dollar conserts in arkansas or wherre you run them…and i’ll continue to feed you true facts
    on the truth…

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