Starbeams: Sticky Whitey Tighties, George Clooney & Exercise Orgasm

I saw a group of Latinos get into an argument with a group of Irish celebrating Saint Patrick’s Day in Westport.  I wanted to get involved, but I never act until I consult with George Clooney.


The Broncos may have cut and run on TIM TEBOW, but the Jockey underwear people are sticking with him. The company says, quote, "Jockey brought Tim Tebow on as a spokesperson before he took his first professional snap and even before he finalized his contract with an NFL team." 

That’s the reason I don’t wear jockey anymore….they kept sticking with me.


A new study has found that as many as 5 percent of women have experienced orgasm while they were exercising.  And they weren’t even fantasizing…it’s purely physical.  The researchers aren’t exactly sure how or why it happens, but they did find that it’s most likely to happen during ab exercises.  My wife assured me, she never fakes it when she’s exercising with me.

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