Glazer: Woe Be to the Chiefs – Manning to Vault Denver to Atop AFC West

Peyton Manning will be a Bronco…

Meaning that Denver will join Houston and New England as favorites to go to next year’s Super Bowl from the AFC. The Kansas City Chiefs – who had already been picked by many, even at ESPN to win the west – have now been demoted to wild card hopefuls.

What a difference one player can make when his name is MANNING.

The Chiefs have made some nice off season moves including picking up offensive tackle Eric Winston, a very good lineman. And we had no real solid tight end, so the Chiefs bought Kevin Boss, another very good player. The Chiefs also may have caught a break in signing back up quarterback Brady Quinn as well as the more than dependable running back Peyton Hillis from Cleveland. Hillis and Quinn had worked with Chiefs coach Romeo Crennel in the past and he was a fan of both.

So yeah, the Chiefs got some needed help.

With a wounded running back and a tight end who’s never healthy, these were great moves.

Seven years ago Chiefs general manager Carl Peterson even considered moving up in the draft to get Quinn because Brady was expected to be a franchise quarterback. Thus far he’s fallen way short, but he still has talent and surely is a better back up to Cassel.

The bad news is that if Manning stays healthy it’s likely an already good Denver team will win 12 or more games and the AFC West division.

The Chiefs could still – with a good defense and an improved offense be a 10 game winner – maybe 11. But Vegas has them at 9 and that sounds more likely.

Much heralded Denver QB Tim Tebow will be traded more than likely. John Elway never liked the guy or so it seems. Jacksonville makes sense to me for Tim.

Besides Jockey has his back…and front.

The sponsor said they would keep Tebow on as spokesman on all their ads. "We had him before he signed an NFL contract, so we will stick with him no matter what," the company says. 

At least for now anyways.

You have to wonder why Manning wouldn’t even talk to Clark Hunt and the Chiefs.

That can’t be a good sign – no respect for this team’s owner and general manager.

Manning said he picked Denver over 49er’s because he trusted their owner and he liked John Elway.

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6 Responses to Glazer: Woe Be to the Chiefs – Manning to Vault Denver to Atop AFC West

  1. chuck says:

    Nick Wright and KK have the Chiefs
    palying for 2nd place.

    I don’t know Glaze-I think it will turn out a little different than all the talking heads.

    kcfred made the most sense when he spoke of the weather, so I did a little looking over at Arrowhead Pride and some National sites.

    “The data is pretty clear: Manning is less accurate outdoors, with a lower average per attempt, lower TD rate, higher INT rate and lower passer rating outdoors. More importantly, he wins just 60 percent of his games outdoors, compared with 73 percent at home in his Indy domes.”

    Look at the Bronco schedule-he is outside a lot, I think 12 games. Now, check this–

    I believe that Peyton Manning, in spite of not taking a snap in competition since 2010, THINKS he can play, or else he wouldn’t take a chance on embarrassing himself. His opinion of his abilities, is just like our opinion of our abilites, over rated.

    Don’t mistake me, the Chiefs would take the guy in a minute, even at 80% he is a big improvement over Matt C.

    However, he will NOT be in the friendly confines of a DOME and that is a BIG deal.

    The Broncos are NOT as good as the Chiefs (Without Manning) and the Chiefs were average last year with the injuries.

    He has NOT played competatively for 18 months or better.

    When he last played, he was 34, he will be 36 this year. Time is time, and it waits for no NFL Footballer.

    He is slower. He is older. He is not in a dome. He is above average in the weather, not a Hall of Famer.

    Forget the pre season, the opposition will let him run wild to see what they have to face.

    I think, early on, I take the points and the team that will no doubt be a dog, when facing the Broncos. Especially early.

    KK and Nick Wright are wet by every rain and blown by every wind.

    I think we beat them.

    We sure as hell beat the spread.

  2. chuck says:

    When the Donkeys got Manning, it meant the Chiefs take Dontari Poe to tie up the middle of the offensive line and free up Hali and Houston.

    We will see the truth in winter. It will be a fist fight in the cold. He won’t like it.


  3. Markus Aurelius says:

    We better not take Poe – the guy is a classic underachiever
    With his physical skills, he should have been absolutely dominant against the competition he played, but we was not. Statistically, he has it all but experience indicates he lacks the most important thing – “want to”. He’s also a huge reach with the 11th pick.

  4. chuck says:

    Yeah Markus, I read that, I think they will
    draft him anyway.

  5. Craig Glazer says:

    Yes Manning Could Start Slow
    Yeah, he could start slow and if we play them early we can beat them…remember how Farve started, very slow at Vikes…by game five or six, yikes though…we have one problem getting something more from THE FRANCHISE, Matt.

  6. notChuck says:

    With any luck,…
    …the Chiefs’ D will knock Manning into the hospital and back onto the DL as quickly as possible.

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