Glazer: Chelsea Lately Unleashes PR Schmooze on Scribe & Stanford’s

The hottest comedy show on cable is Chelsea Lately

And Stanford and Sons has been a feeder for her guests the last two years. We’re lucky to be associated with booking agencies like CAA, APA and Gersh. These agencies out of LA and New York represent 90% of her guest comics. 

So when offered the opportunity – realizing she was the next big thing in comedy on TV – I began signing almost all her people. Recently we’ve had Dov Davidoff, Mo Mandel and Ilza Shelsinger to name a few. Now all of them have TV series or movies. Our biggest Chelsea find was clearly TJ Miller who’s as hot as anyone out there today.

You have to give Chelsea credit for being willing to share her stardom with so many young comics.

Nobody else has been as helpful to up and comers since the days of Johnny Carson and the old Tonight Show.

And Thursday Chelsea gave Stanford’s and KC some love.

She said that two of her top stars, Josh Wolf and Chris Franjola will be in Kansas City at Stanford and Sons. What was kinda funny was she also said, "Now Kansas City is in KANSAS." 

Well not all of it – not quite – but we certainly are.

Josh Wolf is now Handler’s lead writer. He also stars with Chelsea on her "After Show" that follows her current talk show. Josh is best known for his regular role on My Name Is Earl and he also co-starred with Larry the Cable Guy on Larry’s last tour, including the KC stop.

Josh was another guy we spotted in 2007. He came in with April Macie as her opening act co star. Now he’s a hot headliner that sells out. You can see him at Stanford’s at the end of April.

Chris Franjola now has kinda taken over for Josh on the Chelsea Lately show. He’s usually on at least weekly and Chris will be at Stanford’s the last week of March.

Naturally we were flattered to get the love from Chelsea since as some of you in the comments section have noted, nobody’s ever heard of me or Stanford’s

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36 Responses to Glazer: Chelsea Lately Unleashes PR Schmooze on Scribe & Stanford’s

  1. harley says:

    GLAZE…sorry on this one…you didn’t check this one out. And she’s
    horrible. If not for the comedians on the show she’d be gone..
    kaput…just thats theres not that much programming to put on tv these
    expect her to last a little longer BUT THIS SHOW IS ON LIFE
    Next time you make a claim…please fact check. Thanks

  2. tiad says:

    Glazey-Eyed One:
    I don’t know about any of this – and I won’t be coming to Stanford’s to find out – but her other show on NBC – Are You There Chelsea? – is absolutely pathetic.

    And when Chelsea Lately happens to flip by on the cable TV, it’s like the proverbial “fingernails on the chalkboard.”

  3. Craig Glazer says:

    Really Guys
    Boy you just can’t win for losing..Chelsea IS THE BIGGERST FEAMLE ‘COMEDY’ STAR ON TV OR CERTAINLY CABLE…IN COMEDY..NOBODY SAID SHE had the overall best ratings, just in talk/comedy ala talk shows…The Daily Show remains up there with hers..yes her numbers fell a bit this past year..heh…what goes up…remember when Lopez was on top..on cable…three years later..the fall…Harley I do check and last year Chelsea Handler made over 23 million dollars with her cable show, her upcoming not yet on at that time three other TV shows including owning Whitney..a hit on NBC…and her other network show which I agree is not very good, since its about her without her playing herself…and her best selling books as well as her stand up tours…some with her some without….

    The fact remains, she is and was a female comedy media power, she has so much going on…and to be honest she was never herself a great comic, just interesting and honest with her drug and sex stories,hmmm maybe thats what I need to do more of, anyways…there is no argument she is and still is a major player in the game….lets put it this way I’d rather have my guys on with her than Jay or David which we have also had several times and they both spoke about Stanfords several times a year…mostly Jay…and David loves JJ Walker….so they talk about us at times…..

  4. Craig Glazer says:

    “So Not A Top Club”
    Without giving you a website, again, folks while other clubs are also mentioned, not nearly as much as Stanfords though on TV…reason…the lineup and mostly the comics have stories about Stanfords to tell…ala recent Louie C.K. a stanfords fan but not a KC fan…bitching about his low tix sales in KC but his fun at Stanfords a few years back in Westport..

    I don’t hear much bout FUNNY BONES( THOUGH their club in Ohio is the biggest money maker of all clubs, just not a media hit like we are).

  5. paulwilsonkc says:

    LAX Unleashes PR Schmooze on Paul D Wilson
    Two weeks ago I was in LAX waiting to return to KCI. Flying as much as I do I’m on the top of every airlines list, and as usual, had a coupon for a first class upgrade and presented it when I checked in, but there was a waiting list. I know, hard to beleive they didnt put me at the head of the line, but I get treated like everyone else does at times.

    So while I waiting I head directly next door to my gate for a cup of coffee. Crowded little spot, only one stand-up bistro table at the rear, up against the glass. Facing me from the table next to where I was headed was a much older couple and a younger appearing girl with her back to the room. I set my back pack down and to my surprise it was Cameron Diaz! She had a pair of Moss Lipow sunglasses ($3,800) half way between her forehead and hairline, talking to the older couple. I was engaged in a magazine and my coffee when I heard over the LAX loudspeakers, “Paul D Wilson, PLEASE return to your GATE”.

    Having drifted off into my own little world, I forgot where I was, knowing my UPGRADE came through I inadvertantly tossed both hands up and in a low voice said “YES!! Thank GOD!!”. Cameron looked at me, grinned and said, Well, YOU must BE Paul D Wilson, to which I confirmed her thoughts! I asked if they would be there a minute as I was just next door and was going to leave my things there and come back. The older gentleman said”Of COURSE we will be!!”

    When I came back, she spoke and said this older couple were her grandparents and they were taking her to Montana trout fishing! She introduced them to me, by name, I replied, then she extended her hand and said, “Nice to MEET you, Paul D Wilson”, and I replied it was nice to meet her too, then added, “Im a huge fan and have EVERY record you have EVER done!!”. Well, THAT really cracked her up and the whole table started laughing!!

    Come to find out, they were on my flight to Denver then connecting. They called us to board, I went across the hall to buy another magazine and got on the flight late. As I walked into the plane, she was on the aisle and her grandparents acorss from her. She was still standing putting something in the overhead and said to her grandparents, “Look Mamma… its Paul D Wilson!!” I just smiled, patted her on the shoulder and said “Youre a funny girl, Cameron…..” and she replied, “Im sorry, Im just a HUGE FAN and I have ALL your records!!”

    I sat in the seat behind her and as soon as I sat down, the lady next to me said “You know Cameron Diaz!?!?”. I smiled at her and said, loud enough for Cameron to hear me…. “No… Cameron knows ME!! I dont really know HER.” The lady said, “How does she know you?” to which I replied, “you heard her… she had ALL my records!!” The lady asked, “Well who are YOU?”, to which I replied, “Ricky Skaggs”. I thought Cameron was going to fall out of her seat laughing so hard!!

    Well, thats it for now. A BIG thanks to LAX for sending me the LOVE and reading the name on my ticket over the PA system. People, 61,000,000 people a YEAR go through LAX. Thats more people than Chelsey Latelys entire VIEWRSHIP by a factor of 61! You know what kind of PR it is to have your name called on the PA in LAX??? Problably not, you loosers.

  6. Craig Glazer says:

    Now Thats A Cute Story
    Very funny Paul, cute experience.

  7. chelsea says:

    TOP 10 COMEDY CLUBS IN USA stanfords!!!!!
    from usa today….

    The Laugh Factory
    Los Angeles

    Richard Pryor got his start in this “star-studded room (where) you’ll always see someone you know” onstage. Saturday Night Live alum Jon Lovitz holds forth on Wednesday nights, and Fox TV’s Comic Strip Live is taped here on Saturdays. “So many comedians move to Hollywood, (the club) always has a good choice” of headliners. 323-656-1336;

    The Punch Line
    San Francisco

    “A wonderful comedy town with savvy fans,” San Francisco isn’t as loaded with industry types as Los Angeles, so comics can “do longer sets and be a little more experimental” here. Margaret Cho, Dave Chapelle and other cutting-edge stars have graced the Punch Line, which bills itself as the city’s longest-running and only full-time comedy club. 415-397-7573;

    New York

    “Everything is right about” this relatively new club in the hip Flatiron District: Its chic ambience ices the cake of “decent prices and good sight lines. When comics are happy, the crowds are, too.” Tonight and Saturday, four stand-up acts are the “All-Pro Lineup from Letterman, Leno, Conan, Comedy Central & HBO.” 212-367-9000;

    The Comedy Club at the Borgata Hotel Casino & Spa
    Atlantic City

    “The newest club in town … was built especially for performers, mostly for comedy.” A “tremendous room” in both senses, it’s also “a rarity

  8. chuck says:

    Mr. Wilson
    You are hilarious.

  9. You Babe says:

    Bet To Differ
    Stanfords is way more important that any of those clubs, save Comedy Store in LA. You guys have one of the all time best kown and important comedy spots in the world. You should respect that cause your city has little else.

  10. paulwilsonkc says:

    Mr. Chuck, you get it,
    Nuff said.

  11. JimmyD says:

    Her highest rated show ever isn’t close to what Jon Stewart averages for a year…and they’re on at the same time.

  12. Smartman says:

    The Ombudsman Says
    C’mon Craig, you know Chelsea made her bones by boning one of the execs at E. She has the comedic timing of a Polish watch, her ratings are dropping faster than Black Barbies britches on Stage 2 and the fact that she’s in THE TRIBE didn’t hurt either. Now the coal hauling has upset a few people but that’s what untalented white girls with low self esteem do to pick up some cred.

    You wanna see a fucking funny lady? Watch Cloris Leachman on the Bob Saget Roast. That’s REAL Talent, not some chubby white girl with bad hair from Jersey.

  13. Hearne says:

    Easy guys, I know you live to needle Craig and that…
    it’s a past time enjoyed by many, however…

    Those USA Today and other best of lists are totally bogus. Fattest, fitest, best place to raise a family, get a divorce, learn to juggle

    I’ve been to Caroline’s in New York and around the country and Stanford’s is clearly one of the best comedy clubs going. The Wikipedia lists and even the Dare list are not anything close to being authoritative. What’s more you guys know that.

    Dare’s not going to include a guy who’s on the show two or four times a week for a dozen years – not the same list that has Bono and Jessica Alba, but get real…

    Actions speak louder than words.

    And I can assure you there are damn few people outside of the mayor or somebody like that in KC that have garnered the quantity of press – TV, radio and newspaper that Craig has.

    That some of you may be unaware of that says more about you than it does him. As does the fact that a few of you take such delight in needling him.


  14. chuck says:

    I do think your funny paul, but I didn’t write that.
    When Chelsea hit her ‘sell by date’ some time ago, she wasn’t worth .50.

  15. Super Dave says:

    Ok Hearne Good Point maybe?
    So does that mean in a websites owner

  16. harley says:

    bullshit hearne…another stupid comment
    you’re full of them…the list on this site means nothing…except that it was taken by experts..that it was
    a list of the top comedy clubs…again facts…and therre are several lists of the top comedy clubs by
    comedians including cannon and not one..not a single one…not any of them list standfords and sons
    as a top 10.
    why…i’ve come to a conclusion. Standford has survived because of infusion of capital from outside sources.
    right now..becuase its size…it can’t bring in major acts. Cant make money and cant afford the major acts
    that come to this town. the one up north stole some of stanfords comedians…ones who in the past came
    to stanfords…slayton and a few others who traditionally have been stanfords exclusives but now
    for some reason left the sandford. I’m guessing that the club up north is affiliated with a national chaim
    and if a comedian wnats to get into that chain they have to play at their clubs thruout the nation or they
    get nothing. Just and educated guess.
    since they can’t afford the really big acts…they bring acts that are just getting hot…maybe some that are
    just breaking out…some that don’t require big money or acts that got their start there and are loyal to them.
    Other than that ..l ‘ve seen pretty much unknown acts…just because they are on chelsea and her failing
    show doesn’t mean they are hot…but they grab a lower tier act…hope to strike fire and fill the house.
    Glaze is smart…no doubt about it…he’s survived. but he probably is smart enough to grab some lower4
    and middle tier acts and some outdated acts and make good money. And they really have no competition
    in this market.
    The other clubs can bring in big names…they have money…the riviera of which i am a vip (not muc to say
    about that) has top names…and they bundle them together for some big shows…because all comics
    want to play vegas…and unless theyre seinfeld or leno who get big money…they can play the riviera
    and still make a nice chunk…and get some action while there (my story with shummel and drew carrey)…
    So again…when you make a comment back it up with facts…not bullshit. You’re famous for that…writing on
    the go…half your statements have no fact…
    and with the internet…comedy has taken a downfall….theres just not any big name…big time …the really
    big comedians there used to be. Probably because theres fewer venues that will pay the money it
    takes to be on the road these days.
    I tried to think of comdian who could fill a sprint nad there’s none…just the old staples of comedians
    from a long history who could do it.
    Comedy has become a lost art. theres some middle tier comedians but for the most part
    those like lewis black…or the few others (wasn’t there on e named dane????)
    are very few at this time.
    Even the last comic standing series is dead…comedy central has a couple like stewart
    but i dont see them doing a stage show…maybe some time theyu will…john would be
    a huge hit on the road but e doesn’t need it.
    Dennis Miller was hot but now he’s a big ntohing a s a right wing know nothng worn out comic.
    the rest go into movies where the money is huge…farrell…etc…
    so lets provide some facts to back up our comments. My comments are based on
    my evaluations of the industry and what i see happening. May be off…but until i see
    something that proves what i say wrong…i’m more correct than anyone.
    gy the way glaze..happy 60th birthday….looking good…..

  17. paulwilsonkc says:

    harley, thats been my always and only point
    You can speak things into existance just because you want it to be. But, I get attacked for sighting surveys, polls or national stories. If someone wants to claim they are the third largest d bag on the planet, that needs to be based on some form of fact. Otherwise you’re just a generic d bag.
    Then, the rebuttal to any version of stats I post is; you’re a loser, I’m the third largest d bag and EVERYONE knows it.
    Dare mentions everyone under the sun but Glaze. Kansas City has a list of 170 important people, he’s not on it. The rebuttal; he’s too BIG a star for something as belittling as a LIST.
    I GAVE UP.

  18. Smartman says:

    Don’t give up the fight! The beat-downs and challenges are probably very therapeutic for Craig and provide teachable moments for all of us. We are doing Stan’s job of post-parenting a son. Volume and velocity have nothing to do with the truth. Opinions are just that. Intellectual dishonesty is the coin of the realm in entertainment, politics and advertising. Just as Saul became Paul and authored much of the New Testament maybe The King will see the error of his ways and one day become a true humle scribe.

  19. harley says:

    but wilson…you have a personal grudge against the guy
    I don/t…i admire the glaze for his persistence…
    if he says something as a writer on one of the largest websites in the internet world (lol) he needs to provide
    some proof. Is the club one of the best in america…it could be…but i’m sure there are some factual and
    important stats…based on what…revenues? seating? opinion of comedians? opinion of his peers in biz?
    .but agin if he says something subjective…then he needs to point it out. Is his club the best
    in the nation…yu know..i don’t really care. Glaze is not a journalist…he’s a pr guy and they tend to
    overexagerate atv times..
    Heaarneia is a we don’t give him the benefit of the doubt. Hernia is struggling…becuasse its the
    same 5 or 6 people on this site….and when he makes a claim he needs to back it up…and es he can put all
    his critics out by posting his google analytics numbers as the only real source of visitors in the world.
    Why do e vey major website in the world depend on google analytics for inofrmation and data…and hearne
    who really needs to verity his statements doesnt. I speculate its because hearnia is afraid to let the
    real numbers out…all he has to do is post the google numbers on this site and he gets some
    credibility back…until then its all bullshit.
    If dumbman thinks that glaze will be a humble scribe…he’s wrong again like he alawys is….the guys
    here for entertainment…some facetime…some exposure (although it ain’t much)….
    and as an authority on everything…he’s got a good gig…lots of free pub….some young hotties…
    and if he’s happy and satisfied with his life who are we to tell him how to live…it seems he’s
    perfectly suited for that type of life…so i’m not dr. phil…i live and let live…but whenhe strays
    in his writings…thats another story.
    as said before..happy 60th glaze…you’re like a fine wine.

  20. Harley is Craig says:

    Snowblind to Westport
    Standford has survived because of infusion of capital from outside sources.

    That’s a nice way to say they laundered cocaine money through the club throughout the 80s and 90s.

  21. harley says:

    fuck off…the “harley is craig” is in no way harley…
    whoever wrote the harley is craig comment at 2:33:25 could be responsible for serious
    damages…I would never write that…thats beyond whatwe do here..
    that’s accusing thm of illegal activity…wrong..wrong…wrong….
    I want no part of that…totally indefensible..
    the real harley

  22. paulwilsonkc says:

    simultaneous with Saul becoming Paul
    ….he was blinded by a great light. That’s not likely going to be the case here, Smartman.

    And Harley, I’m quite fine with any reason any one wants to be here at any time. What troubles me is making claims without fact. Claims minus facts are opinions. State them as such, OR, don’t get pissed when someone questions it.

    Also, Smartman, after his conversion, Paul had a “thorn in his side” that troubled him the duration of his life. The two of them do share that, its just that one of them remains unaware.

  23. Smartman says:

    I predict
    Craig will try to find a way to tease Pascal’s Wager on his way out and convert to Islam. To satisfy the martyr requirement he will strap on a suicide vest and blow himself up in the middle of the P&L in the name of Allah, Westport and Bill Nigro. No way he’s gonna pass up the chance at 144 virgins

  24. chuck says:

    Ok that was pretty funny.

  25. emik says:

    to smartman
    That would be the only hope Craig would ever have for being with a virgin!

  26. Beena says:

    I am getting with the program.

    Paul and the rest of you that has small brains, Please pleassssssssssssssse

    You guys should try and open up a jazz club first and then you can graduate( comedy and jazz) . I still have it up for sale. Call me.

    Chelsea Rocks.

    Get with it you loosers.

    Craig Glazer Rocks!!!!

  27. mike says:

    to Beena
    Since you are on here, what happened to McCain and Fulgenzi? Are they still trying to buy Jardine’s?

  28. paulwilsonkc says:

    Beena, Salesmanship 101
    You don’t engage in name calling and allienation of what now has proven to be your only two legitimate buyers! If you would have handled this like a business person you would have $30k in your pocket. But, you didn’t, you lose, so have fun calling names, broke. Wake up and smell the jazz; tastes like curry.

  29. beena says:

    Pauls wisdom of curry
    have you had any lately?

    I meant curry?

  30. Beena says:

    McCain and Fulgenzi are not buying Jardines

  31. Fake GlazedHer says:

    Now this article and posts got funny…
    …with the airport story – not the original Chelsea crapola.

    I am really chuck.

  32. paulwilsonkc says:

    Thanks, faux glazedover chuck!
    That was my story and I appreciate the love.
    But what was even more funny is when Beena announced the news that Robert and Joseph were NOT buying Jardines. Like thats news. I’ve been saying that for months. If you can’t pull it off with 36 investors, you can’t pull it off. And now, so much time has been wasted that its an uphill battle for people with the BEST of intentions to make it happen.

  33. mike says:

    response to paul
    Has American Century put a “for rent” sign on the door yet? If and when that happens, why don’t you just rent the building and open a jazz club using another name? Name it after your wife maybe. The name of Jardine’s probably isn’t worth what it would cost to aquire it after sitting dark for 3 to 4 months. The money not spent on that could be used on advertising.

  34. paulwilsonkc says:

    mike, it is “for rent” as of two days ago
    I had my first discussion with them Tuesday about 3pm. It’s a great name that still has some value after baving been an iconic presence prior to the mess. If we move forward it would be to retain and restore it.

  35. mike says:

    response to paul
    I’m glad to hear that. If you bring back the great music and food minus the drama, there is no reason it can’t do well. I hope it all works out.

  36. beena says:


    I know you did some business with Sprint.

    This is a different curry altogether.

    I know you like cigars. Call me if you need any cubans

    Your wife may be can sing.

    What to have some curry?

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