Glazer: Missouri Chokes, Leaves Once in a Lifetime Season in Ruins

Who knew?

Even President Obama picked Missouri to go to the FINAL FOUR. 

This year’s MU basketball team achieved something the school never had before. Most sports insiders felt Missouri was one of the best teams in the nation. They were  ranked No. 3, the school’s all-time best finish.They drew a No. 2 seed and got to play a total nobody.

No. 2 seeded MU against 15th seeded, unranked Norfolk State. Are you kidding me?

MU was like a 22 point favorite, the biggest number in the BIG DANCE. So what happens?


And you know what? It felt like a whole lot more. It never seemed like MU was really in the game to win it.

They looked lost – which is exactly what they did – LOSE.

So once again, one of our area teams is embarrassed! 

It’s the only truly big upset of the tournament. It’s the talk of the tournament. MU had every chance to win. They seemed to get most of the calls, but Norfolk State just kept burying three’s and Missouri could never slow them down.

It’s the fifth time in NCAA HISTORY a No. 2 got beaten in its first game by a number 15 .


I’ll say it again, 86-84!  And MU did shoot well, they just didn’t defend. NORFOLK shot over 50% from 3 point range. It was the game of those kid’s lives.

Now MU leaves the Big 12 with their heads down and tails between their legs.

And next year MU will not be nearly as good – not even close.

Ricardo Ratliffe, Kim English, Marcus Denmon and Matt Pressey are all seniors and are done. And Missouri ain’t Kansas with a ton of talent coming in next year. This was Missouri’s one and only shot at greatness.

It was MU’s Cinderella Season but the cruel stepmothers froze Missouri out of the big ball

Once again MU seems jinxed.

The truth is, MU has never won anything that mattered nationally – never.

You have to give it though to KU. They have one of the best basketball programs of all time with four National titles, includes the 2008 NATIONAL TITLE.

MU has never even been to a Final Four.

Hey, but it’s a total shocker. I even bet on MU and gave the points (on a tease so I gave 17 1/2 with KU -10 1/2). 

And I like MU – I really enjoy its football teams. I went to Arizona State. Missouri football’s usually pretty decent, even though they’ve never won anything that matters either.

It’s a bummer. NOW GO JAYHAWKS!

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3 Responses to Glazer: Missouri Chokes, Leaves Once in a Lifetime Season in Ruins

  1. RickM says:

    Kansas fans
    should hold their fire until after tonight’s Detroit game.

  2. tiad says:

    Dear MU:
    Life’s a bitch. Enjoy the SEC.

  3. CRAIG GLAZER says:

    P.S. Kansas Won And Covered
    KU looked sluggish at times, a bit worried about their offense down the road. However had no real problems with their no. 15 Detroit. Can’t say that for the Duke boys. Wow two in one year.

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