Glazer: Scribe Tries to Make Sense of Senseless Killings in Afghanistan, My Lai

Almost 44 years ago exactly, on March 16, Lt. William Calley of Charlie Company led a raid on a Village in Vietnam…

The Village was My Lai and a massacre ensued with between 350 to 500 villagers being executed by U.S. Troops. The civilians were unarmed, mostly women and children. All killed for no clear reason.

Sound familiar?

A few days ago a U.S. soldier – again for no clear reason – went into a village in Afghanistan and shot and killed at least 16 people, again mostly women and children. It’s being called the worst atrocity U.S. forces have committed during the 10 year war that began as a mission to find Osama Bin Laden.

Oh wait a minute – we already killed him – nevermind.

Make that a 10 year war to…oh yeah…help the people of Afghanistan learn to fight for themselves and stop Communism, I mean the Taliban. They must be stopped because our nation’s security is at risk.

So why are we still there again?

Simple, to set up permanent placement military operations for the future. To try and hold onto the dictators we installed for as long as we can. O.K. I get it.

In every war there are probably untold numbers of atrocities worse than both of these.

The reasons are always the same, hate, despair, battle insanity and, you bastards killed my friends.

It’s as simple as that. There is no military reason really. We are there to KILL, so why not kill? You don’t want to think about it this way, but yeah the words "kinda fun" come to mind. Like hunting birds or deer. It looks the same after a few days, after however many killings.

Is it wrong? You bet it is. For both sides, for those who die and for those who have to live with it forever.

Mostly the wars usually don’t mean much. We’re not fighting for our freedom or theirs. We don’t give a crap about rebuilding their cities, we never did. Look at how we rebuilt Korea and Vietnam. Oh yeah, we lost. Or did we?

Young American’s want to serve their country. I understand that – the glory, the battles, the victory, the total nightmare of it all in real life.

We’re the mightiest military power in the history of the world.

And we must continue to be just that to support our lifestyle and pay our bills. My home value has fallen, gas is five bucks. Next thing you know, we’ll be starving, our shacks will be cold and we’ll have no water. No cars.

America is RICH. We are, we just are.

Last night a guy in a $100 shirt, a pair of pants that had to cost 75 bucks, wearing Nike shoes and a brand new Royals cap, asked me if he could to borrow two bucks for gas.

I was near the Plaza and he said, "Sir, my wife and I are from out of town. We just ran out of gas, could you help please?" 

I recognized the black gentleman from a couple years back in Westport doing the same thing.

Even our beggars have money, a car and a decent place to live.

Yes, we are the richest country in history. By far. So we need to be evil landlords when it comes to combat.

Here’s the awful truth…THEY MUST FEAR US.

"The killing of unarmed women and children will not be tolerated by America! Ever!"

That’s what we say. But, really?

Lt. William Calley was convicted of murder…MURDER but the men who tried to stop the murder at My Lai received hate mail and dead animals on their lawns….Calley did three years HOUSE ARREST….President Nixon pardoned him after just THREE YEARS.

To some he is still a hero.

It’s the same old story: President Bush and Dick Cheney are at bar. A guy is listening to them ramble. Bush says we are talking World War III here, Dick. We’ll kill 150 million Arabs and one blonde, blue-eyed, big-boobed chick.  The guy listening asks, "Why the blonde, blue-eyed, big-boobed chick?" 

See Dick nobody gives a damn about those Arabs.

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50 Responses to Glazer: Scribe Tries to Make Sense of Senseless Killings in Afghanistan, My Lai

  1. chuck says:

    Jesus Christ, Glazer,
    just get on your knees and blow Obama already!

  2. paulwilsonkc says:

    Several things contribute to this
    First, we don

  3. balbonis moleskine, born to kill says:

    Bury my heart at wounded knee
    Actually, My Lai and this incident have nearly nothing in common except for being a war crime.

    My Lai was part of a larger incursion program that was indeed ordered by higher ups to eradicate and burn entire villages. My Lai was just the light of exposure to the public. You’re 60, don’t you have any friends that worked Army infantry post 1968?

    This latest incident seems to be PTSD related, it does not seem to be reflective of a government wide effort.

  4. Skeptic says:

    Reader tries to make sense of anything Glazer writes
    ‘Nuff said!

  5. paulwilsonkc says:

    Funny, Skeptic, and heres the issue
    When you’ve been the bloody wanker Glazer’s been for so long, he writes a story that makes SOME sense, but the only thing people can hear is what Charlie Brown heard when his teacher talked…. wha, wha, wha, wha….
    Its a version of the boy who called wolf! When he wants to be real, no ones listening!
    I tried, however….

  6. harley says:

    story about u.s./africa and china
    in many parts of africa…they hate america. america spends billions of dollars in humanitarian aid in
    africa fighting malaria/aids and other deadly diseases…but a friend of mine who is with the state department
    says people in africa still hate americans.
    the chinese spend billions of dollars in africa. Not in humanitarian aid…but in helping build bridges..
    mine natural resources…building dams…building factories and the african people absolutely
    love the chinese,
    america would be better building things in these countryies instead of trying to save lives. the people understand
    it better when the chinese come in an build a building and they get the jobs and the money for the work.
    They don’t understand it when we save the kids and the families from disease because the only connection
    we have with them is the u.s. label on the boxes and bags.
    Maybe we should reexamine our foreigh policy positions thru out the world.
    and wilson is right. Was in honduras this lastweek and saw what was real poverty. He’s right…the poorest of
    americans lives better than any of them do.

  7. Craig Glazer says:

    Man You Guys Find A Way To Bring Me Into Even This Story
    Look when we were little we pulled the girls hair we had a crush on…we called her names….we made fun of her…when really all we wanted was her attention….here is a straight ahead murder/war/political piece…dead on from what I can tell…as usual…psst the Star did kinda write what I did bout Manning didn’t they….so point is, you all are really GLAZER LOVERS…you have a crush on the GLAZE…I get it…so download some photo’s of me from google and check into your local mens room…do what you do best….jack….well you know the rest well…hey now that was funny..

  8. paulwilsonkc says:

    You WROTE the story, we didnt bring you into it ya douche
    …and there are at least 170 people I’d be admiring BEFORE you. Period, end of story.

    I’ll leave the mens room and your acts of self admiration while in said room….. to you. We know the extent you are willing to take self love. Its read daily.

  9. harley says:

    glaze…when you’re in the public eye…
    get ready to get punched. You made the decision to write these articles and put your name as the
    author. Most authors don’t get the chance to rebut the people who write negative articles.
    You chose this get to take the heat. You chose to put your personal life out you
    get to take the heat. You chose to tell everyone how great a person you were…so you get to
    take the heat.
    its pretty simple…as i said earlier…tis site is not for the faint of heart.
    You can take the heat or get out of the kitchen.
    and when you make claims to make yourself look good…and people disagree…you get to take the
    heat. to think the star took your ideas is pure fantasy. To publicly say they did makes you a target of
    people.’ve done some cool things but the heats about to get hotter and htter and a lot of the
    people who read this have made you the target…right or wrong.

  10. Craig Glazer says:

    Now Harley That Was True
    Agreed, but I get to play too…I’m not mad…its fine..they can fire away….they can disagree, I’ve said before I have never attacked unless attacked…right…but hey I don’t know the pretend names so….there you go…this is me, its my name….I’m fine with it…..’all’s fair in…” well you get it….psssst….no I don’t think the Star took my ideas or article…the writer just saw it the same way I did for the exact same five or six reasons thats all…

  11. hARLEY says: cant baffle them with bullshit anymore
    that shtick is old…worn out…threatening someone is old..worn an old worn out comedy
    routine. Like jj walker…
    so before you go making statement of how great you are…think it through…you don’t need to do that
    if you are great. Problem is that in almost everyones mind you’re not great. so why keep fanning the
    fire…take a rest…go on vacation…don’t post here for 30 days.
    then come back…but mae it an intelligent post with facts..figures…real truth…and don’t try to
    bring in your “greatness” into every article…its old…its worn out…like jj walker’s dynomite comedy.
    remake yourself…it dones a mind good.

  12. chuck says:

    I did not write the first comment.

  13. chuck says:

    Apocalypse Now
    The horror is not the dead Afghan fucks who bled out in some stone age shit hole, but the concept of guilt, that accompanies ever more frequently any and all things associated with Americans.

    Afghan civilization, as it is, has, with the help and guidance of the ‘Prophet’ Mohammed, has existed for a thousand years. The douchenozzel pieces of shit are yet to understand the use of toilet paper.

    Violent Islamic cockroaches all over the world STILL cut off female genitalia,,

    are STILL slavers

    are STILL threatening to blow up our planes,

    are still bombing any and all Occidental entities, be they here or abroad, and, oh yeah, they hate our guts.

    I got some bad news for ya folks. It is not only ok to kill these miserable fucks, its crazy not to.

    Here is the really bad news. It is time to nut up. 25 years from now, maybe sooner, Joseph Conrad’s “Heart Of Darkness” will no longer be an introspective, guilt ridden view into the psyche of Western Civilization, it will be a spiritual and utilitarian tome on expected and needed violence in the face of overwhelming odds.

    You are dying dumb fuck. Your family is dying. Your ethos is dying. Your country is dying.

    And you, wringing your hands over some shit head Taliban fucks who would see you burned alive for burning teh Koran are part of the problem, not the solution.

    The solution is NOT “Boots on the ground” for the foreseeable future. The solution is NOT winnng the “Hearts and Minds”. The solution is bullets right through the fuckin hearts of these shit heels when they screw up.

    When these fucks figure out a way to nuke us with a suitcase bomb, or poisen our water supply, or blow up the White House, then, maybe, you ignorant fucks will understand that the ONLY thing sub species humans respect, is violence.

    I am sickened by the constant revisions of history which relate to Islam. We are force fed the lies that the Crusades were an imperialistic, Occidental land grab, when in fact, if not for Charles Martel, in 732 (THE MOST IMPORTANT BATTLE EVER WON.), where, on his feet, against 90,000 Islamic shitheels on horse, modern Western Civilization was born.

    Totalitarian, Taliban Islamic civilization is unworthy of respect, and, is metaphysically incompatible with American values, culture and ethos.

    Lets start with the basics, when violent Islamic fuckheads are not misbehaving, then we should drop toilet paper on them. Its worth a shot. When they send fuckwads like Osama over to kill us, we should drop bombs on their cities, kill their women, kill thier children and kill them incessantly until they are all dead, or they stop fuckin with us.

    Its a shitty world. The survivors live by way of generalization. Sorry, its true. In general, it gets dark at night, and the sun comes up in the East.

    In general, Islamic countries, Islamic people, Islamic culture hates America.

    Its ok to murder them.

  14. chuck says:

    BTW. I have posted on here for a couple of years.
    I would be remiss not to take note, of the very first time, that I have ever read ANYTHING by Harley/JoJo that was spot on.

    His “story about u.s./africa and china” comment was dead on the money.

    A Harley Hosanna!

    Its gonna be a great day.

  15. harley says:

    wrong again chuckie…
    i predicted mu’s move after the big ten fell apart…i predicted many many more things..and if you
    have time fact check my articles…more intelligent conversation and writing and real true facts
    than all the writers/commenters on this site.
    now go get some sleep…

  16. chuck says:

    I am trying to picture some one
    “fact checking” Harley/JoJo’s comments.

    Fuckin brutal…

  17. harley says:

    chuckie..write some original material
    and stop stealing others writing to pretend its yours…you’re cheating !

  18. paulwilsonkc says:

    chuck, I think that was my point
    I said we should keep our nose out of where we dont belong, BUT, if ATTACKED, we should go in with a scorthced earth policy and leave a glass parking lot in our wake. I agree with you.

    Also, I think the radicalized segment is bigger than we know. At the same time, I also think there is a connection between mainstream and radical Islam, otherwise… we should have / whouls have seen a bigger negative response against the bad guys when the towers were hit. Muslims on our own streets dancing and singing? I have zero patience for that and it places them on the plane behind the controls as far as I’m concerned.

    You are also correct about the problems deep seeded in Africa, but we dont even act like we are going to assist there, ever. No oil, maybe?

  19. chuck says:

    I agree Paul
    Harley/JoJo – I have never plagerized a fuckin word.

    Find something and tell me what it is?

    You can’t.

    Proof and fact check your own drivel, a Heculean, Sisyphen task, which if undertaken, would keep Samuel fuckin Johnson busy for decades.

  20. kcfred says:

    Intelligent discussion…what’s the constant here…oh yeah, no Craig.

  21. paulwilsonkc says:

    Craig only showed up twice
    to defend and extol his own greatness, KCFRED, so it makes a cleaner story, huh? And a couple stories back, he comes back to state he’s the biggest thing in KC and Dare LOVES HIM!! Well, I DO plagerize!! I cut and paste the list showing he isnt even the 170th biggest deal in KC, and now, I run across this, this morning, from Dares own Wiki site where the states frequent guests and stars of the show:

    Others on the show include T-Bone, Jake The Phone Snake and Gregg Todt. Also featured on the show is station program director, Bob Edwards (referred to as “A-Hole Bob). Other regulars on the show include comedian Pat Dixon, as well as sports journalists Leif Lisec and Chris Gough of Metro Sports (Sports in Your Shorts). Other friends of the show are Jesse James Dupree of the band Jackyl, Brent Smith of the band Shinedown, comedians Jim Florentine and Don Jamieson of VH1 Classic’s That Metal Show, actor/comedian David Koechner, Dennis Hof (owner of the World Famous Moonlite Bunny Ranch brothel), actor/comedian T.J. Miller, and comedian Lisa Lampanelli.

    NO GLAZE!! The guy who loves him MOST… doesnt even include him in his WIKI listing of friends of the show. How sad is that? Since WIKI can be edited, what do you want to bet Glazer ADDS HIMSELF before the day is up? This was cut and pasted 5 minutes ago, if he shows up later, we’ll know why!! Yep..DARE LOVES HIM!!

  22. harley says:

    chuckie…don’t make me go thru the internet to
    prove it…
    you didn’t plagarize…you cut and paste….sorry…you’re caught..
    end of story.

  23. harley says:

    paul caught glaze…i caught chuckie
    we’re the vnew sherrifs on this site…clean up your writings boys or take the heat….lol

  24. chuck says:

    Go to the internet Harley/JoJo
    You gonna bark all day little doggy, or you gonna bite?

    I’m waiting…

  25. paulwilsonkc says:

    Leif Lisec made dares list of friends/guests…
    …but not GLAZER? But he LOVES Glazer, how did THAT happen?

    Leif Lisec!?!?! Thats like Madona claiming shes the number one tune played on Pandora Radio only to find out Pandora says in their Wiki that its really Milli Vanilli!! How much funnier can that get??? Man, you can’t make this crap up, no one would believe it!!

    Biggest thing in KC? Well, there’s a bigger line for that claim than a bad Worlds of Fun ride…. we walked the whole line, 170 DEEP, and he’s not even standing in it!!

    Then… DARE LOVES ME…. but Leif F’ing Lisec makes the list and NO GLAZE! I’m calling Leif now, Im buying that boy lunch!!

    From now on, PAUL D WILSON is the biggest thing on Dare’s show, and I’ve never even BEEN ON IT!!

    Rock on DARE, you have a new fan. I’m going to listen EVERY DAY. and as a bonue, I’ll raise the demo by a factor of 10 while Im at it!! (I need to start shopping for some INK brother)

    I’m sorry guys, I didnt mean to pull us off topic, and sorry for the typos, I’ve been laughing so hard I haave tears running down my cheeks and I cant see what Im typing!!

    Friends of the show are Leif… then you “brag” about Jesse James Dupree of the band Jackyl?? If you don’t watch Full Throttle, which most people DONT, you’ve got no IDEA who they are any more!! And Glazer STILL doesnt make the list!! Jesse James Dupree? I’m postponing the INK, Im saving my money for a double wide!! I guess that figures, JJD isn’t on the list of Top 170 musicians EITHER. We have a commonality, people, its all coming clear to me. What was that term I used…… hmmmmm? SUBCLUTURE!! Thats what it was!! A tiny niche inside a smaller niche inside a special interest group!!

    I have to go, my friend Lee Michaels is calling me. I bet you guys didnt know I knew Lee. Well, I do, do you know what I mean?

  26. chuck says:

    My name is Chuck
    and I did write the first comment.

  27. harley says:

    this is not for the faint of heart…lol
    wilson and glaze are going at it. Glaze is glaze…he won’t change. He’s into his own life and look where its
    gotten him. wilson is right…glaze’s fame comes from those around him. I don’t see any hot women with
    class hanging with glaze. It’s because most women probably know his mode of operation. i wish the guy
    luck but he dows wear a target on his chest every time he talks about himself…he is what he is.
    I think both of you are good guys…lets get a drink sometime…wilson’s buying!!!!!

  28. balbonis moleskine, who advises paulwilsonkc to just stick n move says:

    Thrilla in Parkvilla
    I think this can only be solved by Glazer trying to kick all your asses, it is really the only logical way. 5’8″ of toupeed fury!

  29. BS says:

    Glazer = Kenny Powers. Looks like him, acts like him.

  30. paulwilsonkc says:

    glazer apologizes, it ends. why?
    One of my first comments on here, just a few months back, resulted in him asking me, “…have I fucked your daughter?”. That alone should have resulted in his next post coming from ICU, but it didn’t. That was followed by him post extremely vile comments about Chelle on my Facebook page and on pictures of her. That girl has more class, talent and character in her pinky than his last ten meth whores combined.
    I decided at that point he needed to be exposed for the sniveling little gas bag he is.
    Difference between he and I? I’m not some chump that just mouths off. I can back up any claim, charge or threat while undressing him in public for recreation while doing my job.
    So, Glazer, apologize here and you can have your little drivel fest back. Readers will turn over, 12 months from now you’ll have fresh minds full of mush who will fall for your facade. I really don’t care.
    Otherwise, you’re going to look increasingly vacant.

  31. champions forever says:

    looks like glazer got trapped this time
    glazer: admit a mistake. apologize. make amends. then move on. It’s the right thing to do.
    Or else the guy will whip your ass!

  32. paulwilsonkc says:

    champions, hes not trapped….
    …..other than in his own miserable existence! Problem with Craig is you wouldn’t stumble across him at a MENSA meeting. I have people who follow me here from Facebook and vise versa, so his comments were seen by several readers. I was offered several opinions of what THEY would do or say had it been THEIR wife or daughter he came after in the manner he did me and mine.
    I decided to take the smarter persons approach first, therefore the flood of facts to show him for the 5’8″ little steaming cow patty he is. But that’s boring too as its devoid of any level of intellectual challenge.
    At some point in time, someone like him ALWAYS ends up trapped. He is now, he’s just obviously the only one who doesn’t know it.
    But….DARE loves him, he just forgot to include him on HIS list too!

  33. Craig Glazer says:

    Paul As Stated Clearly You Have A Man Crush On Me..
    Sorry Paul I am only into women, not men….I am 5′ 10″ and 192 pounds all muscle baby….bench over 300 son…not bad…huh…Was as always on Dare this morning will be again Friday…so much for that…on Mix at 820 AM Friday, Q at 845 AM this Friday…its busy, busy media for the KID….and its hard to be funny each week, I somehow mange, as does the comic…there is a thin line between love and hate, clearly you are the one who crosses over, you are worse the kcfred….and Johnny/Jasper guys….nobody forgot me on any list I just am everywhere, guess a ‘star’ like me doesn’t need lists, huh….none of the names on your top 170 seem to do much lately, maybe a couple, but not much here in KC…Rob Riggle was a doorman at Stanfords before he got on your big list from 1999…you crack me up ‘little silly Pauly” ….bye.

  34. Craig Glazer says:

    Pauly WTF Never Posted ON Your FAcebook
    I never went on your facebook as far as I know, cause I don’t know your name, and don’t do that…there was one guy who Hearne pointed out attacking me, cause I banged what is now his wife thirty years back….but I doubt thats you…you don’t like girls…as for “the daughter comment” I don’t remember that one either….maybe it was someone else who banged her…Not me….sorry….as for backing up what you say, in what way…the book is real, the movie is real, all my credits are real…so what did you back up…my media in KC is real…nobody but you and two haters listens to anything said by you pretend person…thank you…bye

  35. paulwilsonkc says:

    you made your choice….Glaze
    …..the gloves are off now. People on here read what you said. You just took a bad act and elevated it by a factor of 10. I’ll save the haters from reading any more and resolve this elsewhere.

  36. dreamwriter326 says:

    And the beat goes on…
    Paul, that is some funny shit. Not the content, but the energy you’re putting into this apparent vendetta against the Scribe. (OK, i just made myself laugh by typing that). It reminds me of your crushing of Harley (and his humbled departure, then gradual return as you reached your hand out to him in thinly muffled triumph) when he went over the line a few months back.

    So yeah, this is some interesting shit and should boost repeat readership in the comments section as you go up against the King of Sting. By “saving the haters,” though, you’re depriving us who get a kick out of the insane interaction of the characters who drive this site, a status you’ve rapidly achieved with your increasingly frequent posts. Still, I’m curious about your goals for this clash with the owner of the world’s No. 2 comedy club. What outcome are you hoping to achieve? What will quench your desire for what appears to be revenge?

    Do you want Craig to say he’s sorry for something he says he didn’t do?

    I don’t care how this comes out, either way. I’m just an interested bystander who got in here with free tickets and a two-drink minimum, acknowledging your contributions to my amusement. That’s what we’re here for, right? Bravo!

  37. Super Dave says:

    Busted Craig
    You went after Paul and his whole family as well as myself one saturday night. So lie all you want I saw it all……bye liar. Maybe I will paste and copy all this and take all the stuff I saved from that saturday night and many other times you have gone off the deep end and see heck maybe the Star or the Pitch would like to show the world how thin skinned Craig really is.

  38. paulwilsonkc says:

    a real man stands up, thank you
    Super Dave. You know it, Rachel knows it, my wife certainly knows it and other family members.
    I appreciate your words Dave, and Craig had his chance. But here’s the issue, when you tell the TRUTH the good part is you never have to remember anything. Craigs life is so full of deceit he likely doesn’t remember. If you cut and paste it would mean no more to him than any other facts. Facts don’t matter to sociopaths. Look at one of his last comments…..he’s such a big star they don’t put him on lists.
    I’m done with him. His wit, humor and writing skills don’t defend him well. We will see if his 195 lbs of solid muscle does any better……baby.

  39. Craig Glazer says:

    simple Paul and supershmo…bring…tough guys…I’m around.

  40. paulwilsonkc says:

    Thats fine…. you had your chance
    If you think its OK to attack someones kids and family on such a vile basis as you did, with people who read what you said, regardless of what you do ir dont remember….. you have anything coming that comes your way in life, and you will. You’re a sick, twisted person that thinks he can make comments about fucking someones daughter, writing incredibly nasty comments about someone on their personal FB page (Yeah, you did, like it or not),,,, and in your little world, thats ok.
    I ask for you to deliver a simple apology, thats beyond you.
    Please dont take what I said as a threat. It wasn’t meant that way. You’d never find me anywhere close to something like that taking place, hope you at least understand that.
    I’m done commenting on you here, as I said. No matter what you think of Super Dave, you launched on him the same night. Several people read it. If you had a wife, which you likely never will, or kids, which you wont, as youre the worlds best advertisement for birth control, and if someone like ME said what you did to your family, I have NO doubt what you would do. Take care…. I’ll take a great deal of pleasure from this.

  41. harley says:

    okay…lets all go have a beer..
    wilson..very nice move…the threats made on here can be cause for legal action. You handled it very nicely.
    Glaze is glaze…nothing will change.
    Glaze…from a strictly business standpoint…i don’t think its very smart for you to engage people on this
    site in this manner. You own a business and people read this stuff they might decide not to
    do business with you. You’re an excellent self promoter but people read this stuff and get a
    impression of you. You’re visible and business wise carrying on like you do can affect your business.
    Have you seen what happened to rush limbaugh? Did you see what a storm he created with just one
    sentence. why publicly do this? You could be hurting your business with your comments and actions
    on this site…and truthfully…its not worth it.
    Move on…this site is for fun and entertainment…jab a little but be careful….word hurt.

  42. paulwilsonkc says:

    Glaze doesnt give a shit, Harley
    Sociopaths rarely do.

    He denies facts, he denies people who read his own words, and in the end, he really doesn

  43. Craig Glazer says:

    I Don’t Know You But You Seem To Want To Know Me
    I promised Hearne I would do far less response to the “Hate Mail”….reason….nobody wins…the people who do this use pretend/fake names so its not real…usually….and as Hearne pointed out…ALMOST ALL COMMENTS ON ALL WEBSITES WITH STORIES about people we know or think we know are usually negative…I checked it out for a bit and he is right….people are just frustrated with life…especially as we get older things become harder to deal with….most folks think “boy I’m pissed life was suppose to get better not worse” so they take it out on just about anyone who they feel they can…”I hate Tom Brady, he sucks” and why…no reason he just seems to have it all going on…even our guy Johnny matter what he does to help folks people will still jump his “ass” so he gets it and moves on….

    I don’t know Super Dave or Paul or Kcfred or Johnny or Harley for that matter…maybe they met me somewhere who knows…but I do know this I never wrote a story about any of them nor wrote any ‘eveil’ words towards them til they attacked over and over and over…I say day they say night…now Harley/JoJo was kinda the first to do this all the time…but over the past year or so he has become more entertaining than mean…sometimes….so I don’t see him as a bad pretend guy…but when people like Smartman go on a serious website and write mean spirited things(on Amazon about King of Sting, which I’m sure he didn’t read) thats kinda outside the box…I never bothered to do anything like that to this person….so to try and end all this, and it won’t end….OF COURSE IT WAS YOU WHO WANTED THIS RESPONSE…you must get off on it…

    I have many readers who say “its kinda funny and fun, but why do you even answer them back? It won’t do any good.” They are right.

  44. Craig Glazer says:

    Paul Person
    I again don’t know who you are nor do I care. I was just on Dare a few minutes ago, not with a comic, but about a story Dare wanted to hear about…it’s kinda foolish to write I am not on his list…I AM ON THE SHOW EACH WEEK, SEVERAL HUNDRED THOUSAND PEOPLE IN KC KNOW THAT WELL…and its funny…thats what its about Paul/fake guy….instead of writing about something you heard n the show or an opinion about a story I write(like Chuck does and he often doesn’t agree but is cool about it), you decide to try and put my work and person down…I write to give you entertainment stories for the most part…I have lived a ‘crazy’ and often ‘road far less traveled’ life…you don’t have to like it…you don’t have to believe it…the fact its played out on radio,in print and media over and over…might indicate much of this must be for real…or Paul…they wouldn’t keep it up…just so you will get it, when you write a book they look into your claims and stories as much as they can, they don’t want lawyer bills, mine was so off the wall it took articles, legal enforcement people by the truck load to support the details and a co writer, Sal, who of course is a top notch writer, like I’m not…as I have mentioned over and over…the guy covered my trials, worked for THE READER, LA TIMES, LA MAGAZINE on and on…I was a person he covered for ten years plus…at that time we were not pals…he just wanted the facts and he got them…King of Sting is a well done, and tight book, nobody who matters will argue that, nobody. It’s my story and just so you’ll know I don’t always look good in it or come out on top…its just what took place over 30 years…if you want my age just google my name with age request there you go….

  45. harley says:

    glaze is 100% right…
    i got into the rut…found out how stupid it was to argue and call names…a little jabbing…thats lively…but the crap
    thats on these sites…out of whack..and glaze is as guilty as anyone…he puts his name on thses articles..he
    needs to handle the heat..and not with over the top threatening diatribes.
    I can’t stand what limbaugh says..hate him and his words…i don’t listen to him…i never tune to 980 when he’s
    on…its my choice…if you don’t like glazes articles…don’t read them…go to anyother site…if you can’t take the
    heat when someone comes and attacks you…go read another site…move on…if you can’t stand to be
    insulted when you write something…do n’t write it…spend your time doing something else.
    glaze…you need to calm down…seriously…but the problem with wilson goes back…way before glaze was
    writing on here.
    glaze is glaze…don’t like what he says…don’t read it…noone will mind. the guy has some fun stuff…and yes
    i give him some trouble…because as a writer he needs to be factual correct logical and truthful…if he does
    that he’s not gonna catch hell from me.
    we will disagree on things…we will have some fun…but i don’t get into the personal stuff…i do give
    him advice because i know where he’s been…and where he needs to go… ubt i’m nto dr. phil.
    he writes about himself…and he’s one of the best self promoters in the city…he’d be a billionaire
    if he wqs in that biz…is he one of the top 170 people in kc…i don’t knw…don’t care. Is his club the top
    in america…don’t know..seen some gret comedy there…seinfeld..roseanne…shummel…slayton…
    i’ve not been to many except riviera in vegas…so i can’t judge…but i ws one of the first people to
    eat that flower top bread..and he should bring it back.
    so lets start fresh…if you don’t like what the guy says or write..don’t read it..don’t won’t
    affect you then…if you want to comment..then expect heat…cause its gonna come
    I’ve receive almost as much insulting ocmments as glaze…it rolls off me…it fun the banter and
    debate (i was kansas state champion debater} so i’m good at it.
    besides tht…life is too short..i had problem with wilson..we moved on…glaze and wilson need to
    sit down and talk becuase its all probably a misunderstanding…i knwo glaze for many
    years…i got to wonder if he meant the words…and if he said them if maybe he didn’t realize
    how hurtful they were…maybe he did…
    if you don’t like the stories or can’t take the backlash…maybe move on to yahoo movie section
    or tmz…this site is for fun and entertainment…maybe we need to reevaluate what we say and
    would we say those words to the person in person…
    peace…and lets settle down and move on…
    sincerley…harley…the king of kcc

  46. Craig Glazer says:

    Well Put Harley
    Good, agreed.

  47. Lance the Intern says:

    Pretty much says it all
    Glazer says “I never went on your facebook …cause I don’t know your name..” Are you a moron? I know his name and where he’s from — Because IT’S RIGHT THERE IN HIS NAME. He’s Paul Wilson, from KC.

  48. paulwilsonkc says:

    Lance, I said I wasn’t going to respond any more
    to his nonsense, but that was too funny not to.

    Earlier, in his post, he refers to me at “Pauly”, which is a nickname from when I was a little kid. That only comes from ONE place – old friends from Facebook who still refer to me as that. Of course he knows, he did what I said he did and way too many people read it, Super Dave included, not matter what Cow Patty thinks of SD. It doesn

  49. Craig Glazer says:

    Dear Paul
    This for lords sake the last time…..o.k. so I guess we met at Paul Fredrocks when I stayed with him in 1990/91 at that apartment. He was a nice guy with some tough issues, I hope he is o.k. saw him a few times, last at Max Floyds going away party..always liked Paul. I moved into the Sulgrave in about 93…back from fulltime in LA…..anyways I sure don’ think when I meet people I am an ass or rude…maybe if its in a large group or cluster jacked it may seem I am rude, I just can’t focus with several people all talking around me at once..anyways…maybe if I saw you I’d remember..I can promise I never went to your facebook…I thought it was a fake name, now I see it’s not…I’m really not out to get anyone…we are all busy with our lives…I’m very busy and likely so are you…if it puts any anger to rest…how’s this I was only responding to attacks by you on my person and my integrity…I’d like to think I have a bit more than many of you give me credit for…again thats why media goes to me ‘often’ for an opinion…like Joe Frazier, Ali, many actors and comics I know or worked with in LA and it was my feelings toward Gallagher on his recent heart attack…opions on how the Royals or Chiefs will do and why…on and on…so maybe some of you think I am full of hot air or I guess don’t know all these folks…I know I do and the stories..through my eyes…are true…meaning the celebrity might see the situation I’m the jerk etc..not them…but you simply can’t continue to do regional or national media if your word is just can’t…and I have been doing this for years and years not only here but in LA as well…their talk shows…and radio…and of course nationally on Mankow and CNN, even Gordon Liddy’s show all over the place and often…again you don’t have to agree Paul…but when I am called a ‘liar’ or someone tries to put me down all the time, yeah I get a little hot about it….do I make mistakes sure…we all do…so for what its worth Paul, since you are a real person and that’s your name I am sorry if I wrote some mean things here about you…it wasn’t personal..its just hitting back….I’d rather discuss the artilcles than how people feel about me…but that almost never happens….I wish you no harm, I wish you well.

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