Glazer: KC Confidential Sign of the Apocalypse – Scribe Pens a Fiat Story

Maybe Hearne’s car isn’t so gay after all…

His Fiat may be a lot cooler than many of you thought.

MEET THE FIAT 500 Abarth…in the new Charlie Sheen TV Ad that ran during the NCAA’s yesterday. Wow, what a great ad!

Sheen is seen driving this hot black Fiat Abarth through an Italian Mansion at a super high speed. Shifting, racing, bustin up stuff, while a well-placed group of hotties watch and hope he stops for one of them. He eventually does and climbs into the arms of a beautiful lady.

I thought at first it was maybe his real life girlfriend but it’s Romanian supermodel Catrinel Menghia from that other Fiat ad that ran during the Super Bowl.

The funny part is, Charlie’s under house arrest in this piece, kinda like real life. And as he steps out of his hot machine, the Fiat Abarth, in his black suit with a prison ankle bracelet blinking, he grabs the babe, turns to the camera and says, "I love being under house arrest. What do I get for good behavior?"

Then the Abarth roars off and the ad ends with, "Not all bad boys are not created equal."

Sheen has to be cleaning up financially on these commercials with paydays in the millions. And you can’t miss his cable spots which are also very well done. The commercials likely will conitinue with him making more dough all through the summer.

Leading up obviously to Charlie’s new TV series – Anger Management. It’s a take-off on the Jack Nicholson movie a few years back with Sheen playing an anger management counselor who leads two therapy groups – one in prison and one out.

Which is kinda funny since Sheen obviously has anger issues of his own.

I was surprised to learn Charlie is only 46 and was born in New York City. His real name was Carlos Irwin Estevez his older brother being Emilio Estevez.

Yeah, Sheen looks about 10 years older than he really is – I wonder why?

But you have to give him credit, he’s still going strong, still is a big name, still gets the big bucks and yep, he’s still alive.

Hearne, don’t try and live like Charlie Sheen, you’ll end up like William Dafoe did in the film Platoon.

And trust me, you don’t want that.
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7 Responses to Glazer: KC Confidential Sign of the Apocalypse – Scribe Pens a Fiat Story

  1. Delbert says:

    Fine Spot
    They run this commercial constantly. Sheen’s teeth look bad. Does he drink coke or do coke Craig?

  2. Hearne says:

    It’s been on Fiat’s site & YouTube a couple weeks but…
    They only debuted it on TV during the NCAA Tourney just yesterday

  3. Mac says:

    Hearnes Car?
    Does it look like this one, in the commercial? That was a hot ride.

  4. Hearne says:

    Mine is charcoal gray with blacked out roof, spoiler, mirrors, wheels and striping. It’s one of the first 500 Fiats produced and sold in numbered editions in this country. And while mine has been tricked out with performance gear, it’s not as fast but far more rare once the Abarth goes on sale.

    And since I’m a green guy and trying to help keep us out of oil wars, mine gets a lot better mileage on regular gas. Although for a performance car the Abarth does quite well – 28 City and 34 Highway.

    I don’t have the ankle bracelet either…was thinking about borrowing Craig’s though. You know, for images sake.

  5. tiad says:

    …glad to hear your Fiat has mirrors and wheels.

  6. Craig Glazer says:

    Hearnes Car Is Fun
    He took me to St. Louis about four months back to look at the Lotus..thats where I ended up buying the car in November. We took Hearne’s Fiat, it was fun, quick and he sure likes to play his cable was the day Steve Jobs died. Hey went up and back on one gallon of gas…o.k. maybe it was two.

  7. Eric says:

    You Look Better Than This Guy
    Yeah Sheen looks at least ten years older than 46.

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