New Jack City: Jack Wrestles With The Selling of The Great American Hard On

Next to long-form obituary ads, one of the fastest growing profit centers for local newspapers are the display ads heralding treatments for erectile dysfunction…

Yeap, E.D.

What does that tell you about the age demographic and physical condition of newspaper readers?

Check out the sports section. It’s chock full of full color ads with ridiculous statements like, "I don’t want to talk about erectile dysfunction."

When that’s exactly what they are talking about!

Unfortunately it doesn’t stop in print.

Adult targeted radio stations feature once virile, aging personalities hawking various get ’em up and keep’em up’ cures.

And television? Oh. My. God.

Watch something like 60 Minutes even and you can’t get away from things like little blue pills and couples holding hands while sitting in separate bathtubs. 

Apparently sex just ain’t what it used to be.

And big surprise, the cures are pricey.

You’d think there would be more natural, affordable ways to attack the problem. I bet Craig Glazer doesn’t suffer from being unable to have what Hearne likes to describe as "porn star sex."

But then I’m not a doctor – I’m not even a pill popper. I’m simply wondering what the heck is going on in all these people’s sex lives. I mean, it was bad enough when Bob Dole embarrassed the entire state of Kansas a handful of years back by selling out to Viagra.

Like anyone wanted to even think about of Dole having sex under any circumstances!

And whatever happened to old-fashioned cures, like dialing up one of the smoking hot babes in the back of the Pitch?

You know, $100 for 30 minutes.
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5 Responses to New Jack City: Jack Wrestles With The Selling of The Great American Hard On

  1. jon says:

    Hands On
    Who needs 30 minutes. A quickie talk off for $25 should do the trick.

  2. harley says:

    even glaze needs help
    he takes those testosterone shots…that apparently helps him….the ads on tv about low-t….they make you feel better

  3. Bob says:

    Jack really???
    the fact that you believe anything that comes out of Craig’s mouth shows your IQ. maybe you need a brain pill. Disappointing jack

  4. jack p says:

    Brain Pill-blue pill
    Think I need a brain pill, do you now? I’d settle for sharing a single bathtub 🙂

  5. billy says:

    Glazer porn star SEX
    So Glazer has porn star sex??? So that means it lasts less then five minutes and has a come shot on her chest? Gee that explains why he never has a girlfriend for very long, nor is married. They like things a little slower. With friends like Hearne telling his secrets who needs enemies.

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