Glazer: The Somewhat Obvious Reasons KU & MU Didn’t Make the Cut as No. 1 Seeds

It’s like this, Missouri was expected to be a No. 2 seed in the Big Dance…

There was a glimmer of hope they could move up to a No. 1 seed but Michigan State already had a lot more noise around them. And because MU is NOT an elite basketball program that didn’t help. Despite that MU won the Big 12 tourney this past weekend.

You know, maybe if Kansas had made the final and Missouri had beat them, MU might have had a shot. But obviously that didn’t happen.

In fact, all four top seeds lost – North Carolina, Syracuse, Kentucky and Kansas.

However only KU was punished and dumped to the No. 2 spot.

So why the dump?

KU has been a bit soft at the end of just about every game and doesn’t appear to have a killer instinct.

Rarely does KU bury even the bad teams.

And in their loses, KU falls behind, catches up, then runs out of gas like they did with Baylor. Even the come from behind win over MU was looked at more that KU was getting killed than just their comeback. And look at the loss at MU, they had that one won and blew their large lead it at the end.

Face it, KU is just not as solid as they should be with their talent.

The Jayhawks have maybe the three brightest stars out there as a group but MU has the better overall team.

Still both could make a nice run.

And maybe KU lucked out by being a No. 2. because their path is now easier and the finals are in St. Louis, near the Jayhawks’ home. MU also lucked out and has a softer run.

And man, oh man, think about a KU/MU Final Four. We can dream, It could happen.

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6 Responses to Glazer: The Somewhat Obvious Reasons KU & MU Didn’t Make the Cut as No. 1 Seeds

  1. harley says:

    glaze…wrong again…
    glaze…let me help you on this subject…because you’re again off base
    1. Missouri…strength of schedule was bad…first team to win 30 games not to be seeded #1…but they didn
    t play many schools out of conference that made the tournament. I think their strenght of schedule was
    like in the 80’s. Because of that…some of those games meant almost nothing to the committee.
    Missouri did beat some top 10 teams (baylor/ku) but it wasn’t enough to get them into the #1 seed.
    Had ku made it to the final of tournament and mu beat them that may have forced them into a
    #1 seed….but it didn’t happen. The creamed baylor in the tournament but more and more those
    league tournaments don’t mean much anymore …not near a much as the regular league season.
    To say MU has a better overall team than ku is still a stretch. Your statement “rarely does ku bury the bad teams”
    is complete nonsense…look at the scores…or show where they didn’t bury a lesser team…it aint so mr. scribe.
    The early good teams that mu beat turned out to be bad…they destroyed notre dame who came back and got
    into the tournament…again glaze…weak meat..this ould be written by a 15 year old.
    2. Kansas…bill self did a great job with this team…but i think them losing early in the tournament hurt them.
    Even though they had a great season with some big games…this may be an isolated instance where the
    league tournament hurt a teams seeding. They will still do well regardless. Robinson could get on a streat
    and carry the team to elite 8 or further.
    I look for ku to make elite 8…mu to make it to elite 8 possibly final 4. Problem mu has is with a team with a
    big inside game and thy are forced to shoot outside. If they are hot…they win. Not hot outside they’re in trouble.
    don’t know the matchups but this first game is not easy. They opponent has a big man with lots of scoring
    and blocked shots. It all depends on moore and ratcliffe and if they can stay out of foul trouble. We know
    dixon/english/denmon and presseys will have to shoot lights out to go deep…but since this will be the first time
    any of these teams play missouri thats to mu’s advantage. shoud be interesting…
    plus missouri players don’t have a lot of tournament experience…but as seniors they are out for big end to their

  2. Guy Who Says What Others Think says:

    Disagree on MU’s tourney experience.
    MU’s team has plenty of tourney experience. This will be English & Denmon’s 4th straight year in the tournament, with an Elite 8 run already under their belts. This will be Dixon’s 3rd straight tournament.

  3. harley says:

    let me reiterate
    when i said tournament experience…i meant going deep into the tournament. Yes…these guys have tournament
    experience but its not into elite 8 more than once..and getting knocked out in 16th…
    most of the players werent starters during their first few years at mu. One elite eight for a team with this
    kind of talent is ridiculous. If this team doesn’t get cold outside (and chances are they will) they can beat
    anyone on a nuetral court. But big game…sudden death…lose and out expereicne this team has
    very little of. Hopefully they go deep.

  4. Guy Who Says What Others Think says:

    In this day and age of the best players leaving early, very few, if any team has a plethora of players who have made multiple Elite 8 runs during their careers. Come on man.

  5. harley says:

    guy who says….heres a few teams…
    …kentucky…michigan state…connecticut…kansas…duke..
    north carolina…baylor…to name a few this year who have several members from elite 8 teams from past years..
    i’m sure there are more from past years…but experience does make a differnce in ncaa except for last year
    when all the norms were broken with vcu etc….
    i will find more…jsut give me time…
    saw where the “experts” mostly piced ku and mu for the final four this year…wow…now that would
    be incredible…..they’d have to call out the national guard during that part of tournament….

  6. tiad says:

    “The Somewhat Obvious Reasons KU & MU…”
    Another great article by Captain Obviously Wrong.

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