Glazer: Peyton Manning Disses Chiefs, Threatens KC Chances for Division Title

Peyton Manning doesn’t believe the Kansas City Chiefs are a Super Bowl team…

Not even with him at quarterback. In fact, he said yesterday the Chiefs were OUT! WITHOUT EVEN A SIT DOWN OR VISIT.

Wow, what a slap in the face to his agent Tom Condon‘s former team. Condon played his entire career with KC as an offensive lineman. And sources close to the super agent had just told me KC was definitely in the running.

Manning apparently will even skip talking to his hometown team the Miami Dolphins.

The Broncos are the better of the two teams Manning is interested in playing for. They have a strong defense. Their offense is fair, but not like the great receiving group the Chiefs have.

In fact the Chiefs are really better than Denver everywhere but the offensive line.

Kansas City in my opinion is a much better team than either the Broncos or Arizona.

So much so that the Kansas City Star on Sunday pretty much re-wrote my column from last week explaining for the exact same reasons I did, why Manning should be a Chief.

This quick decision by Manning is both odd and sad.

We’ll probably never know why Manning won’t even listen to an offer from Kansas City.

But his agent might have gone the other way to avoid possible problems with Chiefs front office.

Remember, Condon once had several Chiefs under contract, including Tony Gonzalez. So he’s well aware of what it’s like to deal with Pioli and maybe the front office issues were too much for Manning to mess with.

This much we do know, a healthy Peyton Manning at Denver will likely end the chances of a Chiefs division title this season.

Someone sent me word that the Chiefs magic number in Vegas this year is 9. Last year it was 7 1/2.

With Peyton at Denver, boy, that would be another bad break for the Chiefs. It would make our division one of the best out there next season. Remember Oakland is a tough out as well and so are the Chargers.

I’m really disappointed, how about you?

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34 Responses to Glazer: Peyton Manning Disses Chiefs, Threatens KC Chances for Division Title

  1. harley says:

    glaze…you’re wrong again…
    “sources close to the super agent told me”…what b.s…thats pure b.s…your sources close to condon are non existent..
    why…condon does not like the chiefs…period…he’s hated them …never wanted to deal with them…
    they picked up one of his used free agents a couple of years ago and treated the free agent like crap.
    Your source is non existent….chiefs were never in the running…maybe in hunts mind…but never in
    You’re becoming another mini hearne…no reality…no truths…you have nosources close to
    the super agent..
    sorry..caught you on this one…

  2. Guy Who Says What Others Think says:

    Why would he even consider the Chiefs?
    This franchise hasn’t peed a drop since the 1970 Super Bowl. Hasn’t won a playoff game since what, 1993? KC is nowhere. Even the eternal suckhole Arizona Cardinals have made a Super Bowl lately.

  3. harley says:

    get facts straight
    manning would neverplay for these clowns. He knows that hunt is cheap…and manning wants nothing to do
    with a cheap owner…he wants immediate gratification…and he won’t get it with crennel and hunt and pioli.
    I’m sure theres lots of bad talk about pioli out there…especially when the head coach accused the team of
    wirtapping the phones. that sure would inspire a hall of famer to come here. Chiefs have nothing to offer
    this guy. andi’m sure manning read the story and said he wanted no part of these clowns.
    Its not about the agent…but big time players can go elsewhere and get big time exposure…who would want
    to end a career with a loser….and a bunch of totally inept receivers. Bowe? come on …this guy drops more
    And remember…mqanning calls his own plays. You think our o.c. would give up his play calling? no way….
    and to work behind a useless offensive line…with an inured running back…receivers straight off the wires.
    Glaze…get real…you’re off base again…you were caught with b.s….if you thought manning would come to kc
    you were plain dumb.
    No big name player wants to come here…why? to wither away in this worthless market? with a worthless
    team like the chiefs.
    If you could play in phoenix with larry fitzgerald and their receivers…or in denver with their great lineup of
    receivers and running backs….or kc with no unproven long term tight end…a running back coming
    off of major surgery..a line that has more holes than swiss cheese…what the f*ck would you do…
    no way…and in your fantasy mind just like the writers in this town…you fell for the b.s….
    now get real!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. tiad says:

    Welcome to the Grand Delusion:
    “So much so that the Kansas City Star on Sunday pretty much re-wrote my column from last week….”

    Would a “mini hearne” actually be a “mini-Jr.”?

  5. Gerald Bostock says:

    It’s a juvenile reaction to characterize Manning’s apparent decision to play elsewhere as a “dis.” It was always a long shot, and although the Joe Montana parallel was an easy angle to take for a story, it has no bearing on what a different quarterback and a different Chiefs administration would do 19 years later. This post from Glazer does shed some light on why he reacts so angrily and self-centeredly whenever someone suggests that he is not the flawless human specimen he apparently sees in the mirror. Peyton has dissed Craig! Are we going to stand for this?

  6. harley says:

    glaze…the commenters on kc c are right…
    the writer at the star copied you? Your sources with a super agent? You have the inside track? People should list
    you in the top 170 people in the state? what?
    are you serious. Any creditbility i gave you in the past is gone now. goodbye.
    get real…your articles are going downhill fast. Before writing the next one do some serious research…fact checking..
    some real backgrounde work so you won’t look so bad.
    Or do as I’ve always told you…STICK TO HOOKERS…STRIPPERS…PUSSY AND NIGHTCLUBS…its what you
    know best and what we really find interesting when you write bout them.
    I was always told “do what youdo best”…you should follow that. give us all somethig to read…hearne redcued this site to least you bring in readers…

  7. Craig Glazer says:

    Boys Get A Grip
    One…pssssst…unlike you guys I know Tom, he was a membe at Woodside for years…pssst…even worked out with him several times…we were kinda friends….pssst…he is still a friend of Woodside owner(part owner) David Freeland who is a very close pal of mine….Two..psst..Tom heads up CAA’s Sports division…psst…I am a client of thiers as well with Matt Blake…they made my book and film deal… I have some knowledge, this is not to say that Tom said anything about Manning and KC…and yes he has had issues with the front office back to even Carl…that’s true and yes that may be a strong reason for the LOUD NO….and yest Harley we don’t have a solid “image” as does Denver with fairly recent Super Bowl wins(Elway) and Arizona with their Super Bowl day two years ago…and even Miami is a more attractive city in the shadow of Dan Marino, I suppose…again I felt we have the better team to move forward this year with…guess Manning didn’t agree….psssst…the Star did….at least that writer who….psst..said exactly what I wrote..didn’t mean he copied it…just happens we were both on the same page…thats all…so…CALM DOWN BOYS.

  8. harley says:

    i call bull shit
    in your column you refer to your “source” close to the superagent. In this recent comment theres no mention of this
    source “close” to the superagent.
    For chrying out loud admit you have nosource and move on. You sweated at the gym with condon for 2 mintues and that
    means you’re close to the superagent. ? come one.
    cca made your book deal? they made the movie deal that never will happen?
    you qoute your source as saying the superagent said kc was in the running and now this most recent comment
    you say condon did not say anything about manning and kc…what the hell are you talking about?
    you said “denver with their fairly recent super bowl wins? recent? are you sure…over 10 years ago they won>>>>>>>
    arizona…their super bowl 2 yearsago//////are you sure it was 2 years ago??????????????
    miami attractive attrctive in the shadow of dan marino…are you sure…when did dan marino last play there?
    i’m thnking maybe 15 years ago…and his shadow remains…the guy never won a super bowl>>>>>>>
    you said earlier the writer at star copied you…now he didn’t? what???????????
    My great grandaddy fought in world war 2…he took orders from general mcarthur. General mcarthur took orders from
    harry truman. I lived within 50 miles of harry truman…i knew harry truman…so I have some knowledge of the
    atom bomb before it was even developed because my grandaddy was close with harry truman…make sense…didn’t think so..
    neither does your most recent comment…………………………………………

  9. Craig Glazer says:

    Harley Make Up Your Mind Son!
    Really two minutes…working out…how the F do you know anything son? Lets put it this way if you asked Tom Condon do you know Craig Glazer..he would say “I know Craig and Stan pretty well….” thank you….it’s a bit more than just the gym…I never said it was Tom who said anything…be that as it may..MANNING AIN’T COMING….so thats that…as for my movie…again HOW THE F DO YOU KNOW ANYTHING HARLEY/JO JO….just wishful thinking on your part….just to clue you in they just picked up the next option for this year..means I get paid…know what you never know if a movie will go or not…most never do…this one is set to go…we’ll see…I know you will be my new best pals if and when it does…this book was optioned just two years ago…so its still fairly quick to picture if we go after Rob’s Clint movie…hope so…its up to the poker Gods and Rob….but thanks for caring…

  10. harley says:

    ask tom condon if he knows harley
    a nd he’ll say yes…but you said your source with superagent condon told you kc was in the their not
    in the running and your source was non existent.
    don’t play games with us here at kcc. We’re smart people. But we know bullshit when we read it. and this part of
    your story is bullshit.
    Why attritube a qoute to someone who does not exist…to give yourself crdibility? why do it. i caught you this time
    but your integrity and honesty is questioned when you do this….
    next time don’t pretend a include a source..just say you thought this was true…don’t attribute it to someone
    who knows you n passing…you said a source close to condon said…../////////////////
    stop trying to bullshit us and we won’t have to call you out on this crap…
    lets end this here and you stop trying to make up shit in your stories..
    thanks for your time..
    case closed

  11. harley says:

    and please…stop confusing us with bad facts
    most of your original story is wrong. Do some research…look up your facts..verify and reverify
    what points you make…that way we who depend on your stories for entertainment won’t have to
    constantly correct your inccorrect statement.
    case closed

  12. chuck says:

    I never met Ton Condom
    and I am not privy to Peyton’s personal reason for not playing here. I would bet, that kcfred was probably right the other day when he mentioned the difference in the cold between here and Denver.

    Glazer is categorically correct is his assement of team stranghs, Chiefs vis a vis teh Broncos.

    Ryan Clady anchors a superior offensive line.

    The Chiefs have far better recievers, and running game.

    The Bronco’s D with Elvis back and Von Miller having a monster year, still didn’t have the teeth that the Chiefs did, and that was without Eric Berry and a wounded Lewis.

    The Chiefs, barring injury, before the first game is played, are a superior team to the Broncos. Neither one is great, both come close to C+ or B-.

    Like I said, I think kcfred probably had it right, Dec in Arrowhead can get pretty damn gusty and chilly.

  13. Craig Glazer says:

    Yep Chuck
    Yes that has a ring of truth, we will never know…hey the Chiefs just don’t have the NAME they once did, that matters…nobody looks at them as anything special, even if they could be…so yeah…he just didn’t see what we see…and the front office is kinda a mess…so all of the above….I mean not even a visit…Jeez…kinda sad…lets hope he goes to AZ or Miami so he doesn’t get in the way of a move up for KC this year.

  14. Jeff Shipman says:

    So i asked TOM
    if he knew the Glazer’s. His response was two fold. “If I say yes Craig may claim we were roommates or something like that.” “I will say that I’m glad I’ve never had to manage either of there careers and we’ll leave it at that.” (My guess a drug and or hooker reference but who knows?)

    Great endorsement Craig.

  15. HARLEY says:

    denver in december…ever been there…was in golden and denver in december is chilling…cold…snow..
    rain…below freezing…and hard to get a grip on the ball to throw it.
    kc…a little better…but weather I’m sure had nothing to do with it.
    Even tebow with no talent took denver to a playoff…imagine manning there with that team…
    and the front ofrice is willing to spend money…knows talent…knows how to draft great.
    KC is losers. no draft…injured most of the key players….no receivers…who on kc receiving core
    can match denvers? i doubt many…and bowe is basically worthless in the clutch.
    offensive line…no comparison…denver has great offensive line…kc’s is the worst and an old
    injured qbwould get injured in week one behind the kc line.
    Heres the truth…people hate hunt and pioli. I think the wiretap thing really hurt the team..
    but the bad pr overall means no good player wants to come here. This is the last stop on
    most players career… kc is a last option before retirment.
    receiver…and what about our terrible tight ends…jamal might not be as good in 2012..
    just too many questions.
    And did you hear pioli…he outlined why mannings not coming…because pioli said they
    would be active in freeagent market but it wasn’t that important to the team. How could he say
    that when he’s chasing manning as a free agent.
    No good player with an option wants to play here. if they’re old and washed up they’ll come for
    a paycheck. KC will never get any top line free agents…the agents hate these guys…and the
    players hated the coaches and the front office.
    Remember the pro bowl after haley was hired. How the arizona plaers told gonzalez and waters that
    haley was a pr(ck…and gonazlez and waters came back and there was all the problems …..well
    those years with haley set the team back a decade…noone wants to play for crennel…noone wants
    to play for pioli and his wiretapping antics…hunt has abad name in the league always scraping the final
    penny from contracts.
    Miami…denver…arizona…redskins….jets…they know that good players make the team.
    KC wants cheap athletes who will play for less money. They have cap you think
    hunt wants to reach the cap limit….no way….its all about profit to this guy.
    So get out more often chuck…get some sleep…and get you facts straight.

  16. chuck says:

    I will skip all the anecdotal opinion and conjecture and answer the only real question, I think I read.

    Yes, I have been to Denver in the winter. They get more snow.

    It is in no way the biting brutal cold that can often (Not this year.) engulf the midwest, more specifically, Kansas City.

  17. Craig Glazer says:

    Jeff nobody Dorkman
    One you never spoke to Tom, two he would never say that and three he is kinda busy right now….you are getting Tom mixed up with Ted McNight…he was living with me for a time, different former Chief….now I think you guys might want to center on “did Glazer say he knows Eastwood” thats kinda a bigger deal….since NONE of you are in any real entertainment industry of course it all seems strange to you….so take my advice…THE STAR DID….listen, learn and write it down…bye.

  18. josh says:

    wow, dude how would you know who craig knows? I am a pretty big chiefs fan and as far as i could tell most of this article makes sense. Here are the facts the broncos suck, I mean they really suck. KC is a well rounded team besides for the o line at the moment and i would think that it would have been Paytons best option. D-bowe is an elite WR 17 tds 2010 hello breaston is pretty good as well then you got baldwin learning the system. Mcluster and charles have the ability to play the slot and have both done it well in the past. I would even go as far to say that copper is better in his role then some of the 3rd string wide recievers in the league. With a healty Tony and charles then you throw in a decent FB and Back up TE and and a few OL guys which kc has plenty of cap to do so you are looking at a premier offence. The defence is getting better with a healty berry back and lewis routte arenes and flowers the backfield is SOLID, KC has some of the better line backers in the league they reciently tendered beltcher so he will be back most likely to be the thumper for d johnson and siler, justin houston is a rookie beast throw in hum lets see HALI, I dont agree with the demario decision but you still got studibaker and shieflield and they are decent back ups. the worst thing about the defense is the front line and they are decent with jackson and dorsy on the ends so they could use a lil more cap for a young nose tackle. I predict KC winning afc west this year. with or without manning, I do believe they should go with someone besides cassel maybe orton but they are both better then Tebow, you can only win so long when everyone knows your going to run the ball 4/5 of the game. Palmer hasnt showed me anything but 2 pic 6’s and 4 more interceptions to go with it from kc alone in 1 game. and Rivers cant play in KC, he cant get over the crowd noise, so what what do you have to say or point to make about that mr. harley

  19. harley says:

    josh…sorry wrong again…
    The reason manning won’t play here comes down to a number of things..
    1. offensive line: denver protects the qb…peyton here in kc is a sitting duck for another major neck injury…would not
    make sense t o even conisder kc.
    2. money: kc won’t pay the money. They’lllie about what they offered…but superagent won’t let him come here…its
    a bad place to play. Proof: look at the all theplayers kc has cut and have done great with other teams…at elast
    10 or 12..
    3. ownership and committment to winning. Denver has a winning tradition..and an ownership grojup and
    elway pushing that they can get to the playoffs and beyond. Remember …denver won all those games almost
    without much scoring…against good teams……i’m sure denver front office came in and said if you score
    x numb3er of points per game we win 12-13 games and we’re in a weak division and we have some se3rious
    built in advantages…will manning go to denver…i’m not sure…but the ownership there with elway can provide
    a pretty gbood sales job of why he will succeed there.
    4. manning and condon probably said hunt and pioli are trash. Wanted no part of these guys. They’ve heard the
    stories and condon knows the way hunt and his henchmen operate. Hunt may have provided the pre set contract but
    lets get serious…why play for the kc team when you can be in denver…arizona….places with exposure instead of
    being stuck in this one horse town.
    5. kc is having trouble filling the stadium….i know so many people who gave up season tickets…its in a
    downward spiral. Denver…sold out forever…national branding…larger market…
    why would anyone big time want to play here. Tell me one player who wasn’t on the downside of his career
    who was big time who came here besides cassell or wasn’t drafted….name one…i can’t think of any big time
    freeagent …..we got orton…and a few other leftovers…nothing else.
    It boils down to someone selling manning the fact that he can play…that he’ll have a strong offensive line..
    that he can be injury free…that the ownership group is committed to improving the team and paying the
    money to do it….that he will be successful….IT’S A SALES JOB…and probably denver can offer more
    money because its a larger market with more ability to pay over a longer stretch…the ownership grup
    has a history of producing and paying the money to get good players..
    out of money…we won’t spend the money we have because our owner is cheap…our stadium isn’t
    full…our fans are mov ing away from us…the market is small …we hired a coach with only a defensive
    background and an unproven offensiv e coordinator…we’re not sure we want youto call your own plays…
    our offensive line is weaker than crap…our receivers are some of the slowest in the nfl…we have a running
    back coming off a mjaor surgery and we don’t know how he’ll perform…your agent condon had a terrible
    time in dealing with us…we let good players go to save a buck….we won’t spend the money because we
    want to keep under the sal;ary cap by 30 million to pay for this stadium….WE’RE CHEAP…GOOD PLAYERS DON’T
    AND EXPECT…and listen to pioli sc rew the whole deal up when he says the free agent market is not important
    to this team…….
    what the hell can pioli and hunt
    say to sell manning on coming here….what do they sit down and say to manning and condon about
    this team….because the fact is that attendance is going ddown…the market is faltering…we have nothing
    to offer this guy but a uncertain future…
    to sell him on coming here…..other teams with larger markets and bigger payouts and owners who
    will pay to keep players and won’t screw with their agents want manning….
    OH…and rivers…couldn’t get over the crowd noise at arrowhead..but he could in denver. Get out much josh.

    and as far as glazes article he lied about his “source” with tom condon that the chiefs were in the running…
    I know denver may not get manning…but they have a great sales pitch there in denver…they are winners..
    they take care of players…and remember the way kc treated gonzalez…you don’t think that affects condons
    rationale in this matter…give me a break josh…your dumber than a box ofr rock. Its not just stats…it’s
    who can sell this guy..who has the facts and players to make manning believe he can be successful
    in that city.
    we know he’s not coming to kxc…and we know why….its pretty simple and has nothing to do with all the
    garbage you wrote.
    Now…try again.

  20. T says:

    Harley I Thought Glazer Was The Madman
    “Gazer Lied” you are now the source of all truth I suppose. How is it you know any of this Harley?

  21. Jeff says:

    Glazer the idiot
    Dumb fuck I WORK WITH TOM!!!!!! So I guess that would require me knowing him. And yes dumb fuck you didn’t catch on……he KNOWS you said that McNight use to live with you. Thats why he said “If I say yes Criag might CLAIM we were roomates” (As you did with McKnight).

    Geez dipshit you need a simply course in reading comprehension. No wonder Hearne is looking for more people.

    And since you are suppose to be some sports wizard you would think you would know a little about Peyton. Trust me Tom is not doing a lot of work on this. Peyton is in control and Tom is just sharing some thoughts. Not quite like he is on the phone babysitting Peyton every five seconds.

    And NO…..NO ONE believes you “know” Clint Eastwood. You can’t call him up and ask him about the movie you announced what five years ago? Just because you met someone doesn’t mean you know them. You know Craig its not a scam if we are all in on it. We ALL know your life is bullshit. And I guess you think if you keep saying it we will believe it.

    Tell us about your top three comedy club in the country. Your years as an undercover agent yet you don’t know some of the very basics of the job (I’ve been hearing about your BS for years now). Your big movie coming out. Please tell us more BS and then convince yourself we believe it. The only thing I am curious about is are you so mentally gone that you actually believe the crap you say???

    Thanks for playing. I’m sure your brother is glad he is no longer in the game and can now rest in peace. Can’t wait for your poop is more important hater come back. What a loser.

  22. GLAZER says:

    I am the biggest thing in KC. They even mentioned me in Greg Hall’s site. That shows you the STAR I AM!!!!!
    Johnny Dare loves me!!!
    I have a book.
    I have the #1 Comedy Club.
    Hearne knows it is me that drives this site. That is why he tolerates the fact I can’t write or spell.
    I created Blacj Barbie.
    Thanks for playing. Goodbye.

  23. harley says:

    jeff…whoever you are…
    the comment about craigs brother is out of line…way out of line.
    We banter back and forth…throwing insults…this is not for the faint of heart
    or those without a backbone. Or for those who live in glass houses…
    leftridge walked into a hornets nest…but its nothing personal.
    but that comment borders on one we never get into…
    We go back and forth with words…just words.
    If you havent seen…this site is strictly for funand entertainment…
    I get more than my share of insults thrown my way…but nothing like the
    comments about the guys brother…. calm it down….

  24. paulwilsonkc says:

    One last time, and yes…..
    I’m getting in the mud WITH the PIG, but just one more time.

    You are NOT the biggest thing in Kansas City. I cut and paste 170 people who were judged to BE the biggest names in Kansas City. You

  25. Craig Glazer says:

    Jeff Guy
    Temper, temper…well if you work for Condon, I’d hate to think he said we were bad people, whenever I see him next I will certainly ask him why the comment you mentioned and give you full credit. I don’t get the contection between Ted and Tom and living with me…I’d also hate to think that helping Ted was somehow a put down to me or Ted. As stated I neve said or wrote Condon told me anything about Manning. Everythng I wrote was and is true….if you don’t like it or believe it who cares. I don’t. I’ve never heard of you nor has anyone else Jeff. As for Clint, never said we were pals, he is involved in my book/film…I have written about that, I think someone from his camp would say if that were not true. My partner is Eric Eisner…Clint and Rob Lorena are at Warners…Rob is the director if and when the pix goes….its not been 5 years….two since we got the script ready to shoot…Jeff in case you care…my life is what? B.S. really I guess that book is all made up and I will have to prepare for a bunch of legal issues huh? Since you never read it or know anything about it.

    Look you are a little hateful nobody shmo. I don’t know you and if you eve saw me in life please introduce yourself…I doubt you work for Tom..doing what answering phones…he is an agent so how do you work for him? In St. Louis? L.A. at CAA? Where? Doing what?
    Everything I wrote about me knowing Tom was true, at the gym, outside of there..etc…I like him, no we are not as close as Ted and I are…but know the guy..more than in just passing…never had issue with Tom…nor he I….but thanks for caring Mister nobody…

  26. Craig Glazer says:

    Sorry For All The Typos
    I’m in a hurry just wanted to get back to my pal Jeff…its Lorenz…sorry..

  27. bob says:

    obviously glazer didnt read wilsons story
    he did and he knows that in real the real world he’s really a no show nothing.

  28. kcfred says:

    KC cold vs Denver cold
    I’ve lived in both cities. There is a HUGE difference. Denver cold is dry, not quite as intimidating. KC cold is much colder. 21 degrees in Denver is not 21 degrees here. You can still ski in 0 dry degrees. Not so here. I had no idea who Craig Glazer was until I hooked up here. I had heard of Stan from being on the radio many years ago. Johnny’s not my thing. My kids listen though. They didn’t know who you were either until I told them you were from Stanford’s. “Oh the guy Johnny makes fun of all the time”? There ya go…

  29. paulwilsonkc says:

    Bob, trust me, he reads it…..
    …but Im a FACT based guy. You can’t go up against fact with even more BS without looking even more stupid than your last run of BS. He makes outrageous claims, I look for documentation to refute or back him up.

    Pretty soon it all melts down and there’s no where to run, no where to hide. So, devoid of anything he can come at me with, other than personal attacks on personal appearance, what you drive, who you are married to, he’s unarmed. And, when he goes the personal route, like he tried before, taking shots at ones family…. I think he’s pretty sure that will catch up with him, and it would. Real fast.
    Like Harley said, this is all fun and games, but if you take it to the wrong level, I tend to respond 10 fold. And I dont back down. So, Im fine with him ignoring it, my point is made, he remains able to bloviate another day. Silly, isn’t it?

  30. stupidiot says:

    Cooks and Crooks
    Problem is CG, as I’m sure you will agree, you’re much too modest. Why, you never even mentioned that:

    1. Your BBQ is better than Arthur’s or Ollie’s or anybody else who ever skinned a pig in good ole KC.

    2.) You’re a MUCH more impressive crook than Pendergast or Civella.

  31. paulwilsonkc says:

    Johnny Dare LOVES me??? Now THIS is funny!
    His constant claim, Dare LOVES ME and Im the BIGGEST thing in Kansas City. Well, I provided proof that he’s not even the 170th biggest thing in Kansas City. For the lowest of low blows, Johnny Dares OWN WIKI SITE says the follow about his show, friends of the show and his frequent guests, go look it up yourself!!

    Others on the show include T-Bone, Jake The Phone Snake and Gregg Todt. Also featured on the show is station program director, Bob Edwards (referred to as “A-Hole Bob). Other regulars on the show include comedian Pat Dixon, as well as sports journalists Leif Lisec and Chris Gough of Metro Sports (Sports in Your Shorts). Other friends of the show are Jesse James Dupree of the band Jackyl, Brent Smith of the band Shinedown, comedians Jim Florentine and Don Jamieson of VH1 Classic’s That Metal Show, actor/comedian David Koechner, Dennis Hof (owner of the World Famous Moonlite Bunny Ranch brothel), actor/comedian T.J. Miller, and comedian Lisa Lampanelli.

    Oh MAN… his main man, his claim to fame and he doesnt even make DARES OWN LIST of friends of the show!! Geeeesh, that really is sad.

  32. Craig Glazer says:

    Maybe, Just Maybe I’m Not A Guest, I’m On Weekly
    Know what Paul you are right, I am never on the show and don’t matter. YOU MATTER PAUL…you sure spend lots of timeon Mister Glazer… might find time to make a living doing something for yourslef…just saying…..I’m kinda busy…bye.

    Heres a tip in KC radio history…that means of all time…one person has been a guest host, weekly on four or more shows…one…guess who that is….and for seveal years…plus a fairly regular guest on most other top ten shows…his first name is Craig….thanks for playing…listen, learn, write it down…

  33. paulwilsonkc says:

    Yeah, Craig, thats it… I bet….
    Your SUCH a big part of his show he skipped mentioning you, because that would be like him saying HE is on the show, right?

    He lists people on daily, employees, friends of the show, station management, guests. He covers all the bases, just left YOU out. I’d talk to him about that.

    Oh, and Im making a living while doing this. It’s called working smarter. I have people running the show for me. But thanks anyway. I just call the shots from 30,000 feet. Gives me some spare time that way.

  34. Matt says:


    I agree 100% on one thing I read. Craig PLEASE GET BACK TO PUSSY…it’s so much more entertaining.

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