Glazer: Funny Guy Jim Jefferies Brings Down the House While Buying a House

Jim Jefferies bought his dream home in the Hollywood Hills yesterday…

From right here in Kansas City he closed on that puppy over the phone for a cool $1.25 million. And he’s moving in with his TV star girlfriend – a really hot one.

On top of that, Jim’s been hired by FX to do his first TV series. It’s R-rated, of course. He also told me he’s changing his name officially to Jim Jefferies from his Australian-born, real name Geoffrey Nugent.

Now the big bucks are rolling in for him and Jim works mostly theaters for $15 to $20 grand a weekend or night. Yep, he’s gone Hollywood, but he’s earned it.

Jim’s been working the U.S. for just three years and he’s the fastest rising star in comedy today.

He’s had to go back to England every six months because he only has a green card, but he’s planning now to become a US citizen.

We first had Jim for like $3,000 a week back in late 2008.

He followed that with pay raises every visit until this weekend’s gig. Normally, he wouldn’t be back to a club like Stanford’s again due to the larger paydays at places like the Midland and Uptown. But he’s such a great guy that he’s already said, "O.K. Craig, shut up – one more time, just for your ass." 

If not, we’ll produce Jim’s theater show in KC like we did for Larry The Cable Guy at the Uptown.

Jim has a sense of loyalty that’s rare in this biz today. 

I can’t say that about too many others we’ve helped launch like Lisa Lampanelli. Short memories. Hey, that’s the way it is folks.

Jim sold out all his shows here this past week. He was a little tired the first day, but he picked it up Friday and Saturday. With all new stuff too. Even David Naster came out see and meet the it guy in comedy.

"So how about it, Whitney Houston is dead," Jeffries told the crowd. "Sad, right? I mean she had so much more to give. I mean, her best songs were yet to come. And I feel badly for Bobby Brown…he did as many drugs as Whitney but he didn’t die. So why blame him for her habit? She’s just a lightweight. Only babies and Whitney Houston drown in a bathtubs."

"They say a sneeze is like one-eighth of an orgasm, right," he continued. "So now I keep a bowl of pepper near my bed when I have sex. The other day I shot all over this girl, then dumped the bowl of pepper in her face. Hey, she deserved something." 

Not exactly G rated.

But this guy is so much fun, our boy Jim!

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4 Responses to Glazer: Funny Guy Jim Jefferies Brings Down the House While Buying a House

  1. smartman says:

    Real Estate
    Craig, a 1.25/MM home in the TMZ ain’t nothin to brag about. It’s the equivalent of a 250K home in KC. I went to 3 open houses in Venice, CA, yesterday. Houses were between 1650 and 2000 sq ft, no garage. Prices ranged from 1.5/MM to 1.8/MM.

  2. Craig Glazer says:

    Wasn’t Bragging
    One it isn’t my house, its his…two just a comment about whats up with Jim…three his home is in Hollywood Hills, they are a bit larger and nicer than Venice homes for the most part…buck goes a bit further…his is a four bedroom so it must be at least 2000 plus…I imagine…four …I think for a guy who was kinda average a few years ago in Australia to come to the US and make it big enough in a short time to buy a plus one million dollar home is kinda cool…”only in America”…thing….yes my condo is between four and five hundred grand in Fairway, but in LA it would be 1.5 million or more…due its being large and nice….yes prices are about double to triple in LA…true…and man some of those homes for 800-one million suck….I agree…seen’em been there….

  3. tiad says:

    In Either Case…
    …the guy sounds like a real dick with his so-called “comedy.”

  4. BS says:

    I wasn’t bragging . . .
    I wasn’t bragging . . .but let me tell you about my condo in Fairway

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