Glazer: Vegas Bound Scribe Says Things Are Looking Up for This Year’s Royals

It happened…

Vegas moved the over/under on season wins for the Kansas City Royals up from 78 1/2 to 80 1/2 games. Wow, they’re buying in too! Undoubtedly because guys like me are all taking the over on the Royals…for once.

In other words, I’m betting the Royals are going to win more than 80 1/2 out of 162 games this season.

We have a talented young team that I expect to compete for the division title this season.

Regrettably the Royals have been in rebuilding mode since 1990. However now THEY’RE BUILT.

Less a couple decent starting pitchers, but that’s the case with most teams.

The Royals likely will be near the top in offense and defense and their relief pitching is solid. We have just okay starters, but if two of them get hot….look out baby!

What a power line-up. Did I say power?

Alex Gordon, Eric Hosmer and Mike Moustakas can all bang 30 plus homers this season. Billy Butler is a proven .300 hitter and Frenchy (Jeff Francoeur) is rock solid with the bat. In fact, I like Eric Hosmer to challenge not only for an All-Star bearth but for MVP.

This kid is Albert Pujols Jr.

Who knows? Maybe he breaks the 40 homer mark this season. He’d be first KC baseball player ever to do that.

Does that tell you how bad our power hitting’s been for 70 years?

Nobody will argue this is the best batting line-up here since the 1978 Royals.

That team had Big John Mayberry, Easy Al Cowens and George Brett.

And even those guys were not as powerful compared to this very young, monster hitting attack.

Detroit is the team to beat in our division and they should be.

It’s likely Kansas City will come in second with 85  to 90 wins. Man, I can’t believe I’m writing this.

I’m not pissing on the Royals. I will go to my first games in forever just to see this young hot ball-club.

Hey, with the talented young Chiefs this may be quite a season for Kansas City.

Now if the Jayhawks or Tigers can get to the Final Four…wow. That would be something to all smile about, huh?

I’ll fly to Las Vegas and put my money on the Royals at OVER 80 1/2. The Chiefs have no magic number yet.
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14 Responses to Glazer: Vegas Bound Scribe Says Things Are Looking Up for This Year’s Royals

  1. kcfred says:

    1980 Royals
    “Nobody will argue this is the best batting line-up here since the 1978 Royals.”

    Not sure of your point 1980, the Royals hit .286 as a team. In 1978 they hit .268. See? Where’s Brandon?

  2. Guy Who Says What Others Think says:

    So many things in this entry that are nothing but factually wrong or just blatant hyperbole with nothing to warrant it. Where do I begin??

    “Alex Gordon, Eric Hosmer and Mike Moustakas can all bang 30 plus homers this season.” Can? Well it’s not IMPOSSIBLE. Likely? No.

    Alex Gordon highest season HR total: 23. His previous totals were around 15 or 16 homers.
    Eric Hosmer had 19 homers last year in 128 games. Not even close to 30. Plus, we’ll see what pitchers do to him this year with a book on him.
    Mike Moustakas – 5 homers in 89 games.

    “Billy Butler is a proven .300 hitter”
    Whoopee. In 5 years, he’s cracked 300 twice. He’s a career 297 hitter. Good, but something to get excited about? No.

  3. Merle Tagladucci says:

    “I will go to my first games in forever just to see this young hot ball-club.”

    Fire up the bandwagon…

  4. balbonis moleskine, 5th most successful commenter in the US says:

    The Tigers won the central last year with 95 wins. The second place Indians went 80-82 last year. Normally the central is more evenly spread out, but the Twins almost lost 100 games last year.

    So for the royals to win 80 they are going to have to be good enough for second place in the division, and have the benefit of the Twins or someone else being a 90+ loss team to give them some easy pickups.

    I’ll take the under, but in reality it would be a no bet. Who wants to take a yearly win total “under” with your hometown club?

  5. Craig Glazer says:

    Taking The Under
    The pros bet the under mostly, due to they are already bad teams, thought to be, and with an injury or two, worse…good teams can fall with a major injury…by the way I took the Chiefs under four times and won all of them…so yeah sometimes you go against your home team the one you know the best…I did this year..under 7 1/2 and won..Royals look good, we’ll see, I like them to win at least 82 will be close…I won’t bet as much plus its a long season, long pay til its over…

  6. Guy Who Says What Others Think says:

    All about pitching.
    The Royals don’t have NEARLY enough. If they can avoid the 90 loss plateau, it’ll be a good year. get a legit #1 & #2 starter, then let me know.

  7. Harry Balczak says:

    I’m just itching to see this team play
    I think they should be able to scratch out at least 82 wins this year.

  8. Greg Clazer says:

    I think we will…
    …literally pound the other teams into the ground with our bats.

  9. Super Dave says:

    Just some thoughts to live by Craig
    It is a mistake to try and become popular. When we seek to impress others and please them, it inevitably encourages us to offer false flattery and think about what they want us to do and say. When we behave like this our ego comes to the fore, and we hide our real self. This kind of behaviour may temporarily impress some people, but, in the long term it is not sustainable. We have to base friendship on being our natural self, and avoid extravagant attempts to rise in other people

  10. Greg Clazer says:

    That middle picture above…
    …is of Craig’s new BFF.

  11. ritchey says:

    Craig, just got back from Vegas, I took the royals over 78 and chiefs are on bet, got them over 9 at Red Rock. Other books are on hold but they are live. Ritchey

  12. Craig Glazer says:

    Thanks Richey…hope to find Royals at 78 to 79 and not 80 plus..Chiefs over 9, Red Rock, have to check it out…but thats a bit steep, I see them winning right at 9 or 10 right now, 11 is not out of reach….but 9 might be right on it…as it stands, pending on draft, injuries and of course the hope of Manning…with him they go to ten at least….both decent bets…was hoping Chiefs would be more like 8 or 8 1/2…the old rule is don’t bet a team right at their number due to any injury likely takes them out, of a strong player…like last year…and we know Matt is injury city, so far…

  13. harley says:

    a guy is ALBERT PUJOLS JR….glaze how many times have you actually seen this guy hit in person..not even a full year
    and you’re predicting (without any facts again) that this guy is another albert pujols…? come on glaze…you’re stretching
    stats and the truth again.
    If your articles it would be much better if you used some stats…some information…some relevant facts to back up
    what you say. Kids 12 years old could write an article like this.
    And you said 3 guys will hit 30 home runs…where? in royals stadium? are you nuts? maybe in fenway but
    not as a royals…the team will be lucky if one gets to 30…and based on stats such as previous records and
    performances and at bats and per cent of at bats that these guys hit homers…add something new to your
    writings. whe n you started we gave you the benefit of the doubt…now give us something that backs up your
    85 to 90 wins…youpulled ths out of ahat. did you examine the nl teams they play…when they play them…
    to get to 90 wins how many will the starting rotation need to get…relief pitchers…what do they need to
    do to get to 90 wins…how about the way the schedule is laid out…the start of the season versus the end of the
    season…any stats on what the other teams in our division might win so you can chart out how the royals do.
    Sorry glaze…you need to step up your work. We’ve seen the 3rd grade writings on this site. We expect the
    writer to be basing his words on facts…not just opinions.

  14. Lance the Intern says:

    “because guys like me…”
    Oh. You mean douchebags. Good to know.

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