Leftridge: COUNTERPOINT: Why Signing Manning Would be a Silly Move for KC

We have become a soft nation built on easy solutions. We demand convenience, rapidity and satisfaction, yesterday. Our sense of patience—threadbare to begin with– has been raped by social media, where, in a matter of moments, I can learn that my aunt just ate some really delicious chicken, Bea Arthur has gone on an inexplicable shooting rampage at a bustling cafeteria and Terry “likes” Amanda’s video of the dog smoking a cigarette.

Sports are no different.

In fact, watching a team fail year after year to field a competitive product tends to exacerbate the need for this immediacy. We live and die with each heartbreak, our tired corpses glistening with team-colored body-paint, our novelty foam fingers pointed tragically at the ground. We want our team to win NOW and OFTEN and AT ANY COST.

So in our quest to microwave the proverbial burrito of success to jarring temperatures, faster than anyone ever imagined was humanly possible, people across the city are now crying, “Peyton Manning, one of the greatest quarterbacks EVER, a true winner in every since of the word, is available! Let us throw BAJILLIONS OF DOLLARS AT HIM SO HE CAN MAKE SWEET LOVE TO THE FANS OF KANSAS CITY WITH HIS TALENTED ARM AND SOUR FACIAL EXPRESSIONS.”

This, my friends, is no solution.

This is Joe Montana, Part Two (Peterson’s Revenge?). And before we break out our Zubaz and pump “Whoomp! (There It Is),” or some other equally embarrassing “Jock Jam,” let’s think about this rationally.

First, what is the BEST case scenario of the Chiefs picking up Manning? Easy. Manning is completely healthy—it’s like his neck has turned into some delightful redwood of made of flesh, a larynx and other neck-parts—and he heroically leads the Chiefs to a Super Bowl victory.

Now I’m not an odds-man—I don’t understand gambling and would never pretend to—but I don’t think that Manning alone would propel the Chiefs into being next year’s favorites to win it all. Would it put them in the top 10? Eh, I suppose it could.

Best case is really simple—football has an inarguable outcome with a distinct, finite target. Peyton gets us a trophy, people line up along (*gulp*) Grand and confetti rains upon the assembled drunkards and unwashed homeless-folk alike. Additionally, we rename Claycomo “Peytonmanningville,” commission at least three bronze busts of his funny-face to sprinkle around the Plaza and change the name of the team to the Kansas City Peytons.

Everyone is happy.

So if that’s the best case scenario—creepy statues, etc.—then what’s the worst? Although it’s a little hard to pin down, it goes something like this: Manning and the Chiefs go 10-6, make it to the playoffs, beat the Jets in the Wildcard round and lose to—I don’t know, shit—the Ravens in the next.

Then Peyton either A) retires in order to spend more time wrapping $100 bills around his shaft as he masturbates, B) signs with someone else, or C) comes back for another year in which the Chiefs go 9-7 and miss the playoffs (and THEN he retires).

The Chiefs, meanwhile, who fell victim to the sexy, immediate “win-now” mode, are left with a disenfranchised Matt Cassel and an utterly hapless Ricky Stanzi. They’ve done nothing to build for the future, and it’s 15 more years of futility until an aging, decrepit Clark Hunt and a brash, unlikeable Scott Pioli Jr., sign Robert Griffin III. The once explosive Cleveland Brown legend is banged up and bruised, but ready to “give it one last go, coach.” We’ll call this one, Joe Montana Part Three: Manning-Face’s Lament.

And so on.

And so on.

And so on.

Oh, and BOTH scenarios are dependent upon whether or not Peyton is healthy. And how quickly he can shake the rust off. And how quickly he can ingratiate himself into the Chiefs’ system. And how his supporting cast responds. And whether or not they can keep him from getting pancaked on each and every snap. And whether or not Pioli can shrink his ego enough to coexist with one of the greatest NFL players ever (I mean, you’d think it’d be a cinch, but come on– we’re talking SCOTT. PIOLI).

Personally, I wouldn’t bet the farm on ANY of these circumstances coming to fruition (and most assuredly, not all of them at once).

I know that every sports fan CLAIMS that they’d trade decades’ worth of futility for one championship, but those sports fans are off of their fucking rockers. They would not. They’re liars. Give me a team who has a realistic shot year in and year out, someone worth watching in January (or June, or October), and I’ll show you a team you can support.

Selling your soul to the devil for short-term glory is only fun if you’re Faust. Doing it in the hopes that an aging quarterback coming off of a serious neck injury will save your city is simply bewildering. 

Have fun in the capital, Mr. Manning. Your services aren’t wanted here.

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45 Responses to Leftridge: COUNTERPOINT: Why Signing Manning Would be a Silly Move for KC

  1. Super Dave says:

    Counterpoint?…..no more like reality thinking.
    At last a voice of reason about Peyton Manning. But then any logical person can see the down falls of signing Manning to the Chiefs. Seeking a quick fix won

  2. Smartman says:

    There you go again!
    Good God Lefty, didn’t you get the autographed copy of King of Sting from corporate? You can’t be disagreeing with the King in such eloquent and rational terms. The guy has produced more sports movies than you’ll ever watch in a lifetime, or on Lifetime. HATER!

    The King has been on HUNDREDS of radio/tv sports shows as a guest! HUNDREDS! How many have you been on? Pause…..pause…..pause. EXACTLY! NONE! LOSER! Thanks for playing.

    CHRIST, if Namath hadn’t backed out we’re talking EMMY baby and probably a series on CSPN , Craig’s Sports Network! Ted Turner had the funding in place. Hell, he even launched a couple of satellites, from Georgia. How do you think the Georgia Satellites got their name? That song, Keep Your Hands to Yourself, was about Glaze and Jane Fonda? Didn’t know that did ya? Loser-Hater.

    You’re probably the one posting all the hundreds of comments on Greg Hall’s site to make the King look bad. Well, Lefty, even Fat Elvis, sitting dead on the toilet had more talent than you’ll ever have. Bye-Bye.

  3. Super Dave says:

    @ Smartman

  4. chuck says:

    Thats cool Lefty.
    Everyone has an opinion.

    I am gonna put this out there.

    If the Chiefs start the year with, and, intend to end with Matt Cassel under Center, its over before it starts.

    BTW, bet against the Ravens this year, especially in the 2nd half. Reed and Lewis are tying up 12 or 13 mill in salary. They are shot. The Ravens, with Joe Flacco resemble the Chiefs this year. A few really good defensive players, an average QB, great running game, 8 and 8.

    The Ravens rep will get ya a couple of extra points on the spread all year.

  5. Lefty says:

    Agree with the Ravens sentiment– I just randomly threw that name out there. And believe me, I don’t think Matty C is the answer, either. This quarterback conundrum is a tough nut to crack… I just don’t see a year or two with an aging, potentially damaged superstar being the solution.

  6. Craig Glazer says:

    Pssssstttt…..Player Haters Why Look Like Fools
    SuperPunk(Dave)hey why not go on a website like Amazon and say Chammpions Forever Sucks….hmmm, oh you already tried that with another one of my produced products…how’d that work out for you? For those who ‘want to know’…Champions Forever my first picture in sports was one of the most honored sports doc’s ever. It is still in the top ten of all-time sports doc films sold on the planet so was my second one, Latin Legends(middle weights/welter weights)..what made them unique was it was the first time with Ali,Foreman,Holmes,Norton and Fraizer that all five of the greatest champs sat together and discussed their fights and lives with each other in the same room, interviews by Reggie Jackson(hall of fame) and me…when it came out in 1990 it sold millions of copies, was on pay per view and I allowed it later for TV special screenings..one I did here with Mayor Clever, he and I sat on TV and presented the 90 minute picture to KC in like 91..twice…of course all their fights are in t he movie…later we did auto racing and more boxing..last year I put out the second Ali film, featured in Ring, USA Today three and a half stars out of four…its on the wall at Stanfords….

    You see readers the only people who lie here are the player haters…when I want to I can pretty much prove almost anything I talk about regarding me or my work…like I just did…pssssst haters google top ten boxing doc’s wow..there it is Champions Forever….and Latin Legends(also a Champions Forever picture)…

    Again, be happy I am a KC guy, I love my city, I love the people here, when asked or stopped by someone in my town…I think I’m a decent sort, I try and answer whatever it is they ask or do for them what I can…shake their hand, ask their names…I’m not the evil ego maniac a few of you want to think I am….I’ve done a lot in my life…like all of us we want to do more…but like a guy here, Harley said…and he’s right…Glazer never stops, if he’s knocked down he gets up and fights on and on…thats the dif….so Smartman take a knee…listen, learn, write it down…bye.

    P.S. Well done story on Manning good points…nice…

  7. Craig Glazer says:

    Don’t Agree Brandon
    Some of your points are well taken..years of frustration for a year or two of being good or great..well we’ve had the twenty years and thirty with the Royals…so at this point yeah a couple good ones would be nice….building to what? The Royals have been rebuilding for decades like 15 teams, the Chiefs about six teams…rebuild means WE STINK AND WILL CONTINUE TO STINK thats all….a good young team, means we are ready to rock it out there…this year both the Royals and Chiefs are “good young teams” ready to compete at least for post season…both of them…if Manning were here..if….we could draft a qb and build around that future with Manning taking us deep in the post…likely he’s a two year tops three year guy…hey I’d like a great two or three…better than the nothing since Marty and 1997? Right.

  8. Smartman says:

    Sorry Craig
    When it comes to people that inspire me, motivate me, people that I want to be like, you’re not my cup of tea, or even cup of pee. I’m not jealous of you in any way. I thank God I’m NOT like you. I will take your advice and take a knee……to pray for you. You are not worthy of worship or praise. You are nothing more than a false idol. At least when a bee sucks the nectar from a flower it does it for a greater purpose than to satisfy itself.

  9. Super Dave says:

    Such Childish behavor
    By the way Craig is the only author I have ever seen who rips people who writes negative reviews in other locations about his so called work.

    So folks what does that tell you? Smartman once again is right.

    Grow up Craig, deal with it, you want to lead a public life then deal with the negative that goes with it. If you can’t handle the people

  10. xxMillerTimexx says:

    Jesus, Hearne delete Glazer’s comments on this story please
    I don’t read his crap for just this reason, every time he touches a story it gets ruined. Brandon writes good stories and Glazer does not. If Glazer is going to be a part of all the stories on this site, then I will wait for Brandon to migrate over to Gregs site. Because I already do not click on this site as much as I used too. So please do not let glaze ruin this story and delete all comments that do not pertain to it.

  11. Orphan of the Road says:

    It’s a gamble for sure
    Peyton is in the driver’s seat and if his persona isn’t some complete fabrication of handlers, he will pick the team he thinks is in the best position to win it all. He already has more money than he could ever spend (ok, it is possible but not likely he will go Allen Iverson on us) and is looking to prove he is not finished. He could sign a relatively cap-friendly deal, loaded with bonuses based on performance.

    Looks as if the NFC East teams are out of the running. Most likely the Jets as well. ESPN places the Chiefs at the bottom of the scrum with one post and a good fit in another.

    If Peyton is healthy, if the Chiefs can upgrade their O-line dramatically, if they can find another running back as insurance, then maybe KC is a fit. And maybe he takes on the role of mentor for a young QB for the club.

    Lot of ifs and maybes but if the stars align…

  12. mark smith says:

    listen, learn, but puhleeese don’t write anything else down
    Good writing. Concise, humorous, well written.

    Please take note how leftridge managed to write a complete article without listing his resume or making it about himself. And not for nothin, but stinking up the comments in another writers piece, makes you look like a bigger douche nozzle than usual.

  13. kcfred says:

    Brandon vs. Craig as writers
    No contest, Brandon wins in a first round KO.
    Craig, you have posted your resume on here 19,765 times, no matter how many more times you post it it doesn’t matter because it’s YOU posting it. Your act is worn and tired and yeah, I know, you are SO much better than me and everyone else who comes here because of your fantasy world.
    Take some notes on this article Craig, this is how it’s done, no eighth grade english, proper syntax and actually a well thought out post unlike the shit your throw up there hoping something sticks.
    It doesn’t, it just stinks.
    No, on second thought, put this column next to yours and tell me what you see. Knowing you, you won’t see anything but the glow of your own ego.
    You should really take my advice and write about what you know, drugs, jail and hookers.

  14. paulwilsonkc says:

    I GOOGLED Top 10 Comediy Clubs….
    “You see readers the only people who lie here are the player haters…when I want to I can pretty much prove almost anything I talk about regarding me or my work…like I just did…pssssst haters google top ten boxing doc’s wow..there it is Champions Forever….”

    Ive been asking for source material back up for your Top 5 or 3 rating for days….. so far nothing. Thats not hatin, just just fact checkin. So far, nothing. But I guess your quote did say… you can “pretty much prove almost anything” you talk about. I’m sorry, that just may be one of those claims you can/t. Its hard to call someone out as a hater… when all they ask for his proof of a claim you made, isn’t it?

    I was standing up for you in front of ALL the HATERS… and now I look like an idiot.

  15. Smartman says:

    That’s Entertainment?
    Craig, the entertainment value in your writing comes from your lack of ability to do so. For someone as worldly, wise and sophisticated as you purport to be you come across with the intellect and maturity of a roided up 16 year old still in the 8th grade. The REAL entertainment value in your humble scribing comes from the commenters who so consistently get under your tanned, but thin low self esteemed skin.

    You’ve compared yourself to Charlie Sheen in the past, but I don’t see Charlie comparing himself to you. Let’s keep it REAL. You’re just another lowly corn-poner like Nick Wright, Kevin Kietzman or Jason Whitlock who exceeded the Peter Principle’s expectations. That’s it. Job well done. Take a bow.

    Remember, “perception” is the new reality. We see you much differently than you see yourself. Problem is you actually care what we think, which is but one of your fatal character flaws. Surely, you of all people should understand the importance of character arc. You’ve been on a flat line for a long time.

  16. paulwilsonkc says:

    Both of my clubs were bigger than Stanfords
    One on the East coast, one on the West coast and I was no where NEAR the top 5. Thats all I asked you to site, evidence of who or what rated you as that. Each time its either overlooked or some other story is told. People, especially people who pretend to be “in the media”, need to stick pretty closely to the facts. Wouldn’t you agree? Hearne doesn’t fall on the side of just making crap up and speaking it into existance.

    If I got on here and said I was Top 5 of Anything in the US, I would not say so without valid proof of such that I could site, espcially if Glazer could Google said topic and find out I didnt even appear in the Top 10. There in lies why you arent taken seriously. You want to speak things into existance, the world doesnt work that way.

    You want to judge the success of your life on standards not used by the typical person; prison time, crime, the number young crack head girls in your company at any given time. Things most people dont associate with a quality life or lifestyle. You seem to run your life on very shallow, surface level issues, very surface friends and everything based on personal appearance. Again, not the typical quality persons benchmark for success in life.

    But I get it, you own one of the Top 5, or really Top 3 clubs in the nation, primarily because YOU said so. You don’t owe us proof because you are, after all, you. You speak things into reality. It makes me more sad for you than hater–ish. But, if you’re happy with your life, HEY, thats one the great things about America. You most certainly have that right.

    I apologize for looking for facts….. I forgot they aren’t relevant. But based on that, you can hardly call me a hater.

  17. Merle Tagladucci says:

    Brandon, you gotta be thinking, “What in THE f*ck am I doing here?”

  18. paulwilsonkc says:

    170+ Best Known Kansas Citians by Wiki’s Account
    I’m sure you can add yourself, it doesnt require documentation!

    Oleta Adams

  19. Cliffy says:

    In the interest of steering this back toward Brandon (after all, it IS his column) I offer this excerpt from his October 10, 2011 piece:

    “Look, I’m no Craig Glazer. All of my hair is real, I’ve never had to be treated for the clap, and when it comes to picking winners, I’m shakier than Michael J Fox in a vibrating massage chair from Sharper Image.”

  20. paulwilsonkc says:

    Im sorry, Cliffy
    Brandon wrote an EXCELLENT piece. I guess I shouldnt let Glaze’s bloviating bother me, I just dont suffer fools well. I apologize for taking up space in yet another “fact based chance to prove him wrong” effort. In the end, it really doesn’t matter.

    My grandfather was the wisest man I ever knew, he said; “Son, you need to learn to not wrestle with pigs. In the first 30 seconds, you find out you’re all muddy….. and the pig enjoys it! You can’t win those battles, just let it go!!”

    I’m sorry, I got off track. Wiki names 170+ important KC people…. no Glaze. In Glazes mind, he HAS to be in the Top 5, at least 10. I have to go now, I need to change clothes.

    And Im sorry to Brandon. GREAT article, YOU should be THE sports voice on here. Craig should have one article, once a week, to remind us who he has known in the past and how important he and his club are.

  21. paulwilsonkc says:

    QUOTE: “The Glaze is as well known a personality..
    as our city has today…along with Dare, a few (very few) ballplayers and one or two political folks, a couple media TV types and hey its a short list…”

    Much like the error in the Disney song, “Its a Small World Aferall”, when its really a BIG world, its NOT a short list of important KC people, its over 170 people long. No Dare, No Glaze.

    Here’s the issue, if you think you’re a hammer, the whole world looks like a nail. Youre NOT the hammer.
    I’ll explain what that means if you need it broken down.

    Silly HATERS, they look for truth and fact behind your claims. You get upset when you mouth off, trying to speak things into being, when you are simply wrong. In some cases, badly wrong. So the real issue is, you’re wrong, you can’t support your claims and rather than just shutting the hell up, you come berate someone on a personal level. All that does is add an insult to your tools of the trade, but you’re still just as wrong. You can say you dont have to prove things, but outlandish claims some times need facts to back them up.

    In the words or Mark Twain, ” It is better to keep your mouth closed and let people think you are a fool than to open it and remove all doubt.–” Mark wrote some books too. I thought you could relate to him, he’s almost as well known as you!!

  22. Craig Glazer says:

    Please Stop
    Wow I’m not as big a deal as Hines somebody or Auggie somebody on the list…man…no Johnny Dare…hmmm…tell you what with the exception of like six names on that list, Dare and I would smoke the rest…sorry just true…or better yet just me…Dare is his own man and by himself draws 50,000 to rock fest…Matt Vogal, Steve White and almost the rest save Watson, Brett and Dawson….please….spare me, where’s Sandhal Bergman my ex…guess that Golden Globe best actess wasn’t anything much, huh…we are all losers kinda like you guys…my bad…PLEASE…I can’t stand it find something to do for Lord’s sake, put Craig in the playroom closet for a few days…PS half those guys are dead, too old or don’t live here, most are not really recognized by most anyone…including Dee Wallace who I know, nice lady but that was a minute ago and she doesn’t look nearly the same…

  23. kcfred says:

    Paul…I’ll quote the late great Jack Buck…”excuse me while I stand and applaud.”
    How thin must the skin be to turn every critique of his work into a personal vendetta?
    Give the sports reporting to Brandon, who obviously does his homework.
    As a grown up, I enjoy his stuff every much.

  24. Orphan of the Road says:

    I don’t think you were the subject but

  25. paulwilsonkc says:

    craig, please stop!
    If you and Dare would smoke all but 4 people on this list, you would be listed number 5-20. Sad truth is, after 170+ people who ARE on the list…..you are not. I’ll, again, stand with fact as opposed to your fuzzy logic.

  26. paulwilsonkc says:

    jesus, he’s amazing….
    and makes my case himself. Dee Wallace, he knows her, nice lady……but…..wait for it….. she doesn’t LOOK the same any more. That’s all he bases anything on, appearance. That’s your benchmark when you’re devoid of any other values. That’s really very sad. You’re fat, you’re ugly, you have a shit car, your wife is ugly……that’s all he can come back with. In the words of the American Negro College Fund…..the mind is a terrible thing….and it must be stopped.

  27. xxMillerTimexx says:

    Wow, Glazer through no fault other than just being him
    has ruined this blog. He must be getting Hearne hookers or something because I cannot see this much negativity being a good thing. 90% of the post on this blog is either someone calling Glazer a douche or glazer calling someone out for calling him a douche.

    Good Riddance To Bad Rubbish

  28. Craig Glazer says:

    Yep, True
    You got me, I am a fraud, happy, I have no hotties, no credits and nobody knows me…now can you monkeys find anything else to do…I have to go to my what is 99th ranked comedy club with that loser sold out every show Jim nobody Jefferies and deal with the crowds, open the show you know be the ‘nobody I am’ with the nobody has ever heard of comic….so you boys enjoy…you can all have a poker game, maybe play for dimes, and talk about Craig Glazer all night…fun stuff….I like it the Craig G Card Game…yeah thats the ticket…we’ll have Jim deal the cards after all who’d miss the loser, right…bye…Paul for the love of God man how long did it take you to write that list? The one neither me or loser Johnny Dare are on….cause we are unknown, well at least I am…John maybe is number 290 or something…poor shmuck…I’ll let him know…oh shit he has the stupid TV show on Spike FULL THROTTLE third season, national show…ah, he’s a nobody…right..I mean compared with William Nolan, the author, hey didn’t I write a book too, nah….it was nothing..bye

  29. Craig Glazer says:

    xxxxxMillerTime Shmo
    Wow, you are brilliant baby and you have done what exactly….nothing….keep up the nice work babe.

  30. Orphan of the Road says:

    Brandon Leftridge
    I think somewhere up above our drivel you wrote about your perception of KC coming after Peyton. Experts are highly overrated. Writers are in short supply.

    Keep carving your craft, someday you will know more than we have forgotten. If you don’t already.

  31. chuck says:

    glaze u
    r a true jackoff.

  32. paulwilsonkc says:

    Mother of GOD, Craig, the list took 5 seconds!!
    Its called CUT and PASTE!! I didnt write the list, I went to where it was SITED, Wiki… and did a simple “cut and paste”. Have your personal assistant explain it to you, Im sure you don’t likely know that term.

    I’m greatly disturbed by people who speak of themselves in the 3rd person. It normally indicates more than ONE person is in there.

  33. xxMillerTimexx says:

    Ok Glaze, ya got me
    But how do you know what I have done? You don’t. Plus I was speaking to Hearne, not you.

    I know some super rich people in the outdoor industry, and I have found that the more wealthy a person, and the more important the person, the less they toot their own horn. You see, the truly rich and famous do not need to sing their own praises. They just let their reputation precede them.

    Please, I do not click on your stories and only read a select few on here. I beg you to please, please, just stay off these stories. You add nothing and only bring bad ju ju.

  34. T says:

    Glazer Is The Hottest Thing On Here
    He is, you all respond to anything he says or does.

  35. mark smith says:

    The comment thread is sooooooooooo loooooooooooong
    In the time it took me to read them all, Glazer was able to
    Write 3 scripts
    Have lunch with Eastwood, Depp, and a thai hooker with 3 nipples.
    Get clap.
    3 radio spots,
    opened for madonna
    banged the thai hooker, in front of her granny and orthodonist.
    and spent 3 hours thinking “cut n paste” had to do with coke and yeast infections.
    Glazer is really, Chuck Norris.

  36. mark smith says:

    The comment thread is sooooooooooo loooooooooooong
    In the time it took me to read them all, Glazer was able to
    Write 3 scripts
    Have lunch with Eastwood, Depp, and a thai hooker with 3 nipples.
    Get clap.
    3 radio spots,
    opened for madonna
    banged the thai hooker, in front of her granny and orthodonist.
    and spent 3 hours thinking “cut n paste” had to do with coke and yeast infections.
    Glazer is really, Chuck Norris.

  37. chuck says:

    I said nothing derogatory about Glaze.
    I did not call Glaze a jackoff.

  38. chuck says:

    Couple things…
    This is just my opinion, and my glass house is boarded up with much deserved boards from Humiliation Depo.


    Glaze must be the easiest human being in history to read.

    How is that bad?

    Does he tend to bloviate and promote his agenda, accomplishments and the happenstance gravitas of every situation he has been a part of?


    We do not need to read the entrails of goats or the flights of birds to discern exactly what the Glaze is all about. His heart, is on his sleeve and his intentions, hopes and desires are there for us all to see, in their unsullied and often embarrassing detail.


    I kinda relate. The man sees a war, a conflict and the need for a utilitarian man of action in every circumstance. I get that.

    His life is a movie playing in his head, the characters, a marraige of flawed, yet sensative heros who always do the right thing following a special set of sociopathic rules, earned like scars, from personal and public battles fought for the good of all. If we could just see…

    Its fuckin beautiful.

    He screams, I mean fucking SCREAMS “I am a good guy!!!!”

    I believe him.

    Its a ride, a tale, a story that has been repeated over the eons, that aquires belief by way of age, as opposed to veracity.

    He wants to be great.

    I am ok with it.

  39. chuck says:

    BTW Glaze
    This is just my opinion, but I don’t think you need to go directly to the “mattresses’ every time there is a negative comment.

    The honest to God’s truth, is, that correction and negativity is an opportunity for not only growth, but concensus.

    By your leave…

    smartman’s origianl 11 AM post, was hilarious. Tell him it was hilarious. Its true, and and there is no shame in admitting it.

    Superdave, trashes your book. Lets hear a few quotes from it that relate to Superdave’s comments, or in fact, ask Superdave what he didn’t like about the book. He may have valid points and you can tell him, honestly, that in your next book, you will take them into consideration. And, maybe you should. No big deal.

    In smartman’s next post, he says that he prays for you. Thatis actually pretty cool, and you, imo, should tell him that. I know I could use some prayers.

    Mark Smith felicitous comments come next. He thinks Lefty is a much betterr writer than you are. He is. So what? Your value here, on this blog and in this city in no way relates to similarities between you and Chris Hitchens. Tell Mark he is right and you are trying to do better. Agree with him, not only because it is true, but because you do not now, not have you ever pretended to be anything other than a personality, with a flair for grat stories told in your own words. Yor own words, how you tell a story, your footprint, signature, whatever, THAT is why people read you.

    kcfred, says the same thing, its true, same answer. That answer, IN NO WAY diminishes you on any level.

    Paul Wilson quotes a lot of stats about your club, and it’s viability as a top tier club (I honestly zoned out on this, no diss Paul.), but if he is right, or close to right, SO FUCKIN WHAT?? Make your case and then respect his opinion. No big deal. I mean Jesus Glaze, Stanford really is an important comedy club in this city and everyone is aware of that.

    xxxMillertmexxx says he will not click on your stories anymore. Tell him your going to do a better job and hope he will come back and give you another opportunity.

    Look, I can be, as can we all, nasty mutherfuckers.

    Keep that shit in the bag, unti Harley says he is gonna fuck your whore daughter.

    God bless…

  40. franken-ass says:

    eminem is from kansas city? i call bull-shit.

  41. Craig Glazer says:

    Now That Was Cool Chuck
    Chuck you have always been the voice of reason with comments. I met you and think you are a great guy. You and I don’t always agree, but you are a respectful person. Also cool. As far as these men with no names, they enjoy the attacks, it doesn’t matter what is or isn’t true.

    You are right, I am a person who brings the heat, on this website and in the media. It’s kinda fun. Sure nobody likes to have people ‘hate’ on them, but thats a price all ‘known’ people pay…all of them. In todays world of economic problems, bills up the ass, stress and failed dreams… a middle aged ‘player’ is gonna be a huge target. I have done just enough to be that guy in KC….I feel it wherever I go today. It’s good news bad news. Like many guys have written here…gotta be thicked skin…I am, believe me.

    I try not to stop well….trying….Chuck we all have friends between 40 and 60 who have kinda stopped. Most do, life wears you down. It does. There are always more downs then ups….even for the big guns…I work with too many bigger than me not to know this….the awful truth is I see only one or two who seem ‘happy’….even when all their dreams come true….

    We handle it better, the wins, as we age…cause we know they are few and far between….when we win the world says “some of us were behind you the way” when really almost nobody was….Lewis Black is a close friend and he didn’t really make it big til he was in his mid 50’s…is he happy, well he’s better…he handles his money and fame as well as anyone I have met….there is no answer to the puzzle…we are like the fish in the sea Chuck….when we stop moving we die….so don’t stop…til you are so done with it all….it becomes that time…even the great Clint Eastwood will have to stop soon…and who did it better than that man…nobody I know. Good comment Chuck…and in real life I don’t hate any of these guys….I don’t likely know any of them….this is a release for them and thats cool. I’m O.K. with it all….glad to be of service.

  42. Cliffy says:

    That was funny, chuck. It reminded me of that movie when they tried to teach a monkey table manners.

  43. harley says:

    wft? I leave for 10 days and all the monkeys take over my website. Whats with this you duffasses..
    Even wilson gets on and says he misses me. Well fact is i didn’t miss any one of you
    dumb fucks one time while i vacationed in the carribean and central america…eating baked alaska
    and skewered lobster while the rest of you talked and argued about glaze? Come on guys…get real.
    The guy is 100% b.s….just pulling your leg to get your reaction. Everything the guy did was a quarter
    century ago…like when my gandpa was alive…thats like centuries ago…with the new information age
    thats ancient history. He brags and brags about what…bullshit!!!! The guy can’t getno classy women so
    he goes to the weakest ones…the hookers and strippers. Did you see who this guy runs with?
    I woulden’t do any of them if they were the last female sluts on earth. So for a lonely guy he makes up
    bull shit about his women but he writes about how he strolls the plaza..westport looking for broads..
    if the guy had all the pussy he claims he had he’d be getting laid 4-5 times per day…and you know what..
    it ain’t happening.
    and you morons fall for his b.s. His material and shtick has gotten as old as dirt. The same rehash of
    decades old accomplishments and you blow up on him for not giving you facts. THERE ARE NO FACTS!!!!!
    i give the guy credit..and he mentioned this…that he’s pretty resilient…when he gets knocked down
    he gets back up…but he gets back up by unloading on the bunch of clowns on my website here that
    go after him/. Outside of this little bitty small town…he’s a zero…noone gives a fuck. Just like the rest of
    you bozos. But in this little …funky…poor town..he thinks he’s a big shot. Ev er seen him talk about
    about a classy woman or a reputable woman he’s dated in the last 5 years…not a single one.
    Instead he dates balloon head jessica and puts up pictures of strippers and hookers and you guys
    eat it up.
    I truly like glaze…would be fun to party with…but I’ve known people who use his net worth to buy lunch.
    I know business owners who don’t scream about how great they are and could buy this guy off 1000 times
    over. I know playersin kc who have more classy women..more stylish dates in one week than he has in
    20 years.
    Anbd you idiots go afte4rt him. And he continues to do it to get under your skin. He loves it…because this
    is the only place hehas…kind of like when the star let hearne go…he went downhill fast. He lost his
    megaphone..his voice..now..he’s running my website …making no money…but its his only place
    to be “IN THE HUNT” because he’s got no where else to put his stories.
    I admire glaze and hearne…they work hard at being relevant. But neither is self made. Both would be on the
    streets if not for someone else giving them a handout. This is their forum .
    Glaze amazes me…the guy could be a bilionaire in the p.r. business…he says he’s middle aged…well
    buddy do the math..you’re not middle aged…60 is not middle aged…accept it and get real.
    You’re sports knowledge is very limited. The stories about haith i wrote about 2 months ago…you’re picks
    in the nfl this season were corect becasue the nfl did not follow a normal pattern…you’re stories on the
    chiefs and royals could be written with about 2 lines…but you do get these knucklehads all pissed off and
    thats good for readers. the few thousand unique visitors that frequewnt this site after the 9 or 10 people
    who write all the comments are intrigued to come and spend 3 to 4 minutes to look for something interesting.
    Glaze is intelligent..he’s got balls the size of hearnes big head…he’s got a heart of steel and
    a good business mind …but its going to waste. Glaze…get real…you’re not middle aged…you may
    need the jessica’s to make you fgeel good…but you’re gonna kill any real chance to get
    a good classy woman.
    And you dimwits …stop attacking the guy. He is who he is. Take it for that. Nothing changes..the
    guy thrives on combat…he’s a player…and he knows how to push your buttons to get you all
    worked up. And he loves it. Said it before…ya gotta love this guy…he toots his own horn beccause
    noones gonna toot it for him (except some hooker…lol)…so move on…he’s good wit h numbers and
    he’s gotten b etter at writing. If you don’t like his stuff…move on to the aarp website you old fucks
    and stop trying to beat the guy down….as i always says..”it is what it is…and nothings gonna change”
    shit…i shoyuld have stayed in costa rica…this fucking town sucks!

  44. Bob says:

    got his ass handed
    Glazer got his ass handed to him again.

  45. paulwilsonkc says:

    Harley, I dont recalls saying I missed you….
    … but it did give me stomach a week to settle down before the return of your left/right justification/aligment problem returned. Reading your posts makes me sea sick.
    Thanks for referencing “my facts” later on. I thought it interesting that Glaze see’s himself as this jet setter, but doesnt rate in the Kansas City 170 well known people list. And… in his mind, he’s bigger than Lenny Dawson! He doesnt understand he’s a niche player in a sub culture, not the general public. Lenny CRAPS things bigger than Glazer.

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