Glazer: Sign Peyton Manning Now & Bring Back the Joe Montana Era

It happened once before…

In 1993 head Chiefs thug Carl Peterson brought Joe Montana to Kansas City. The first game against the Denver Broncos that one night was simply ELECTRIC. I was there. Even though it was 1993, scalped tickets went for 500 bucks.

It was the Chiefs best PR move both nationally and locally of all time – at least since the Dawson Era

For the first time the Kansas City Chiefs were on the national map and elite.

Joe helped bring us great talent like Marcus Allen. Everyone wants to play with a hall of famer still able to get it done. In fact Montana was so important that a team that has won no playoff games since he left in 1994, was still considered elite for many more years, until 2003. Since that time our team has been a doormat and off the radar – not even an afterthought.

Today’s Chiefs are a total no show.


Why should the Chiefs go after for Manning? For one, we can afford him now. Two, he’s looked great in practice with months left to get even better. Three, with Peyton the Chiefs would be one of the three favorites to WIN THE AFC – that’s right win it -Super Bowl, baby.

Without him we likely still wiill win the West with the AFC’s top defense (if it’s as good or better than last year’s squad).

And No. 4, other than our offensive line, which we can fix, the Chiefs offer Manning the best shot to win it all right now. Three top notch, young, TALL, receivers, especially Bowe and Baldwin. Plus a solid running game if Jamaal  Charles can play (this also needs fixing) and we can buy or find a tight end (we DO NOT HAVE ONE),

So yes, if Clark Hunt wants to make THAT statement NOW’S THE TIME.

A healthy Manning – and baby it’s for sure – SUPER BOWL TALK, you bet. First time since 2003.

The Chiefs should buy Peyton now, and move up to draft Trent Richardson. Then boys, you got something. The best quarterback out there today who will solve the, "We can’t pick up one or two yards on third or fourth down" problem.

In the Red Zone we stunk even with a healthy Charles – he’s a scat back and can’t pick up short yards when it counts. So we get Richardson, a couple offensive lineman – buy a top stud D lineman and draft one – another linebacker, Peyton Manning….then look out!

Reasons not to buy Manning: He’s 36, but looks great. Health problems, yeah, thats a tough one.

And well, that’s it.

The reason he won’t come to KC: It’ not a glamour town or media center (but he can make his own media and is a family guy, so that shouldn’t matter). Hey, he’s been stuck in Indianapolis all these years Ever been to Indy?

Our Front Office is probably the biggest issue, Scott and Clark are not looking so great these days.

But Peyton will run the team, they won’t, so that’s OK too. At least we have the offense and a better team to win it all with.  Miami isn’t a team going anywhere, even with Peyton. The Vikes have way too many issues and a lack of talent. I know they have the running back and big man Jared. Allen at defensive end, but none of that has meant much lately.

The Chiefs are younger and better and have much better receivers. 

So unless San Francisco steps up – and they might – KC is Manning’s best choice. And for God’s sake he can save our asses.

Matt THE FRANCHISE can sit or be traded. He’s is our biggest problem, a below average quarterback on a good team.


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20 Responses to Glazer: Sign Peyton Manning Now & Bring Back the Joe Montana Era

  1. paulwilsonkc says:

    What I said earlier….
    I know NOTHING about sports….but I have friends in the business. They tell me Manning will visit the Chiefs and Red Skins, most likely land with the Red Skins. Take that for what its worth, I dont know the pro’s or cons of either.

  2. fbasehor says:

    I became a Chiefs fan during the Montana years. That was a whole lot of fun. Let’s do it again!

    The big question is whether Junior will sign the check. I betting he won’t.

  3. Cliffy says:

    It’s OK, paul. Glazer knows NOTHING about sports either but it doesn’t stop him from writing about it.

  4. Bob says:

    Is the goal only
    to get to the playoffs like Montana took us? If so sigh Peyton. But if the goal is to win a Super Bowl then forget it. Cliffy u r right Glazer knows nothing about sports. In fact he knows nothing about nothing. But he does like to share with us his bowel movements. Oh I’m sorry. when he poops right big guy in the little boys room-see Jim Rome.

  5. paulwilsonkc says:

    I was invited to an event with Rome
    About 30 of us at a private event after one of his shows. I used to listen to his old radio show just out of interest in hearing the whack jobs that called in. I spent about 20 minutes talking to him and relayed that in my conversation. He said “SEE, you dont HAVE to know anything about SPORTS, its ENTERTIANMENT and no one gets that!!!” All that said, here’s what got me. This clown had 3 body guards at a private event where you had to be screened before you got in. Second thing, this guy makes Ryan Seacrest look like an AMAZON!! Craig really COULD poop this guy!! I mean, he’s TINY!!!

  6. Smartman says:

    @ Wilson
    Rome kinda built his cred on his confrontation with Jim Everett, calling him Chris Everett for his alleged “phantom sacks”. I never understood why the bigger of the two Jim’s didn’t just beat the shit out of Tiny Jim instead of throwing the hissy fit that he did. It would have made a huge difference in both of their career’s.

  7. kcfred says:

    no, no, no
    Again, when Glazer writes about shit he doesn’t know, it’s well….shit. Peyton will not play outside in the winter for home games. C’mon. He’s had four surgeries on his neck in two years. Something didn’t heal right. That’s 4 neck surgeries. It isn’t his knee or his arm, it’s his neck. Way different deal. The Chiefs odds on signing Peyton I’d say are 1,000/1. It makes for pretty pictures in your article. They are very colorful.

  8. Craig Glazer says:

    Haters PLEASE!
    First off nobody said he was coming here. I felt it was a good fit for both sides. Even ROME agrees….he thinks its the Arizona Cards, maybe…the Chiefs do have the best young talent short of San. Fran. to get there..the Super Bowl this year or next…no argument…the best comment here was my good hater pal kcfred..the winter cold outside in KC, not something Peyton will like….we know that even most seasons its not the cold on game days, this year it was pretty warm all year…but who knows…I think we have a shot, due to being a good young team, with what he needs save O linemen…which we can get…and a tough running back, which we can get…so yeah we are in the hunt…DON’T FORGET HIS AGENT, AND A FRIEND OF MINE, TOM CONDON…IS A FORMER CHIEF…MAYBE THAT HELPS…he is Tong G’s agent as well and ten other high priced players…

    As for the other haters again…BOYS I PRODUCED 5, COUNT THEM FIVE SPORTS FILMS….SO YEAH I KNOW A BIT ABOUT SPORTS, AND HAVE MADE LIKE HUNDREDS OF GUEST APPEARANCES ON RADIO/TV SPORTS SHOWS..HUNDREDS….HOW MANY HAVE YOU MADE? I rest my case…p.s. one of those films was on quarterbacks, I did the interviews but it got dumped cause one qb backed out..Joe Namath…so someone thinks I know something about the NFL…thank you BYE. Oh yeah you can find most of my films in stores or AMAZON.COM..thank you …(champions forever series)bye.1010

  9. chuck says:

    I just don’t see the Chiefs making a huge
    move up for Richardson after, or if they sigh Manning. But, that said, it would be about like you call it Glaze imo.

    ESPN Radio is all over the Manning to Az. They are saying, on 1510, that is the most logical choice. And I crawl thru attics. Unfuckenbelievable.

    That is nuts. Did ANYONE watch the fuckin 9ers play last year? No way Manning should go get his clock cleaned twice a year by the 9ers so he can play for a wild card spot.

    The 9ers don’t want him.

    No one can read the guy’s mind, like I said before. However, if he wants the best shot at home field advantage in the playoffs, its a no fuckin brainer.

  10. chuck says:

    kcfred, does make a good point about the cold.
    I did not take that into consideration.

    It still does not negate the best odds for home field advantage though.

    Its the Chiefs. BTW, the Baldwin kid is gonna be lights out, so he will have 4 quality targets when T Moeaki is healthy.

    That is a pretty good imitation of Reggie Wayne, Dallas Clark, Marvin Harrison and Anthony Gonzolez. Do NOT start comparing them stat for stat, I just think, imo, that the 4 2008 recievers that Manning had, lends itself to a comparison to the 4 recievers that the Chiefs have.

    They are all viable targets.


  11. Cliffy says:

    I love it when Glazer pounds out a rant without the benefit of any editing. Makes it easier to see just what an imbecile he is.

  12. paulwilsonkc says:

    Gus Van Zant produced brokeback mountain….
    …. does that make him the leading authority on gay cowboys?

  13. tiad says:

    tiad says:
    I’m also glad the Glazey-Eyed One has to always remind us of his so-called “sports cred” – ’cause we obviously don’t know about it or remember it on our own.

    8 + 5 = 13 (I REST MY CASE!)

  14. paulwilsonkc says:

    Can you guys hook me up with Frank Marshall?
    I’m going to Ethiopia this summer to search for the Ark of the Covenant. Frank produced Raiders of the Lost Ark, I thought I’d pick his brain before I go. Any assistance would be appreciated. Thanks, HATERS!

  15. Cliffy says:

    Glazer won’t get that, Paul. However, he will probably now tell you about the time during his Hollywood days that he had drinks with a guy who knew Marshall and they wound up at an orgy with a broad who once dated Harrison Ford’s gardner.

  16. Craig Glazer says:

    Player Lover…Cliffy/Jasper/Johnny all same guy
    My friend, I couldn’t count the ‘names’ I hung with or the stories to tell, they are endless….more important at least I have them and did them…why the player hating ‘girls’ you can learn more about me to hate…buy KING OF STING…you can get it on Amazon in paperback or Hardcover…get it used for cheap…read it, learn, and you will have someone you can admire….maybe you guys could have a party and build me a statue or something…if its nice I might stop by…enjoy….

  17. chuck says:

    Here is whatr Mike Silver of Yahoo Sports
    thinks about Manning coming to the Chiefs. He has the Chiefs as the 10th most likely place for Manning to play. Keep in mind, Silver pulls down a fuckin phone number while predicting that the Oakland Raiders would win the AFC last year. I SHIT U NOT.

    Anyway, here it is,

    10. Kansas City Chiefs: New coach Romeo Crennel caused a stir at the combine by saying he

  18. Cliffy says:

    Read King of Sting? No thanks. Sticking mostly with non-fiction these days.

  19. Orphan of the Road says:

    Ever been to Indy?
    Indy makes KC look like Dogpatch when it comes to entertainment and world-class events.

    Their entertainment scene is great. Lots of good clubs located in a compact area.

    They have a the Indy 500 (not as great as when it was The Race where all the top drivers showed up, a MotoGP event, a NASCAR race and a State Fair which blew away all the Europeans who came for the first MotoGP race and went to see the bikes on the mile dirt track.

    Indy is what KC could have been but instead the “leaders” here choose to be more interested in lining their pockets than making the area better for everyone.

    When you try and say Kansas City has an edge over Indy as a place to live or work by comparing what the cities offer, you open up a hole to your rhetoric which all of your bravado can never cover.

  20. theKCeye says:

    It’s ok guys
    The last time Glazer mentioned Peyton Manning, he was sulking in the mere certainty that the sure-fire Hall of Fame quarterback’s career was over.

    “With three spinal operations Manning would be a fool to step back out there and end up in a wheel chair for life,” Glazer wrote January 30. “The man is 36 years old.”

    So, yeah. This guy knows his stuff.

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