Whinery: RUSH TO JUDGMENT, Sex, Lies & Cable TV

The political and media world erupted in a war of words the last few days over Rush Limbaugh’s comments about a Georgetown Law Student- a “Miss” Sandra Fluke

Starting with her testimony before Congress on the high price of contraception, a premise in and of itself debatable.

Rush’s now infamous comments aside, who is Miss Fluke and what did she say?

Here’s the part of her testimony Rush focused on:

“Without insurance coverage, contraception can cost a woman over $3,000.00 during law school. For a lot of students who, like me, are on public interest scholarships, that’s practically an entire summer’s salary.”

A Grand a Year?

I don’t know where Miss Flake shops but Planned Parenthood practically gives “The Pill” away and charges on a sliding scale based on an ability to pay for a wide variety of feminine health and reproductive services. So I doubt any “poor and destitute” law students- particularly ones that go to a law school costing 45K a year- are starving in order to pay for birth control.

The liberal media is portraying her as some helpless and naïve young lady being attacked by the big and bad bully talk show host.

Hey, I went to law school and there’s NOTHING naïve or helpless about the women that go through that program. And Miss Fluke is neither helpless nor naïve. In actuality, she’s the 30 year-old, former president of Georgetown Law Students for Reproductive Justice.

She’s well aware of the agenda she’s advancing.

And Rush, What were you thinking?

I was listening to his radio show last week, as I have for over 20 years, when he called Miss Flake a slut and inferred that if the taxpayers are paying for her birth control- she ought to post her sex tapes on YouTube!

Those kind of remarks are tasteless and inappropriate coming from the man behind into the “Golden EIB Microphone.”

Really Rush, don’t you know you are not Bill Maher, who gets a pass for calling Sarah Palin a “c**t“on his HBO show.? And how about MSNBC’s Ed Schultz calling Laura Ingraham a "right wing slut"? I don’t recall any calls to boycott theirshows or to intimidate his advertisers.

MSNBC id suspended. Schultz for a week and apologized to Miss Ingraham.

Once again, there’s a double standard in the “mainstream media”, where conservatives saying nasty things about liberal women are condemned while liberal men saying awful things about conservative women are applauded or more-or-less given a pass.

Rush knows this and should have criticized Fluke in a more dignified manner and not engaged in conduct unbecoming a gentlemen.

For the record, I don’t care what people do or who they do as long as its all done between consenting adults.

I think all this talk about contraception, abortion, gay marriage, and other social issues are just distracting from the REAL problems facing this Great Country.

And I bet during President Obama’s phone call to console Miss Fluke – he secretly wanted to thank her for such a grand distraction.

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8 Responses to Whinery: RUSH TO JUDGMENT, Sex, Lies & Cable TV

  1. Lance the Intern says:

    A Target store 3 miles from the law school currently sells a month’s supply of birth control pills for $9 to people who do not have insurance plans covering contraceptives.
    That would make the total cost for birth control pills for a student who decided to use them for all three years of law school $324.

  2. Smartman says:

    Wang Dang Sweet Poontang
    I think Ms. Fluke trumped this whole thing up to get some “bed cred”. With all the action she’s getting, allegedly, you’d think somebody in the media circus could have found some guy desperate for his 15 minutes of fame to discredit her or provide some credence to her alleged “sluttiness”. I know Glazer wouldn’t bang her, she’s too old. So where are these man whores she’s bedding?

    I gotta agree with Bill Maher about Sarah Palin. She managed to take a Hail Mary pass from John McCain and turn it into ten million dollars. She’s Kim Kardashian with a smaller ass, nothing more. She gets her talking points from Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity. Ultimately, I think she becomes wife number four, or would it be five, for Rush and they become the Jim and Tammy Faye for the lemmings of the right wing.

  3. fbasehor says:

    Controversy on wrong subject
    Unfortunately, the Left has controlled the conversation and been successful at making it about birth control. It’s not. First, if you wanted to provide free healthcare for something that would benefit men and women, it wouldn’t be birth control. How about free bypass surgery or chemotherapy? That seems far more important that The Pill. Second, the controversy has always been about whether the federal government can compel a religious institution to provide a service that is contrary to their religious beliefs. Obama’s false compromise was no compromise. Insurance companies don’t give anything away without passing it on in the form of premiums.

    The Left has done a great job at controlling the discussion, keeping the topic to one of their choosing, and generally sheltering a president that is in far over his head.

  4. expat says:

    Limbaugh is a piece of crap but the point about media bias is well made. Obama is now saying he was offended by one of Limbaugh’s ‘racist’ comments — this after claiming not to have heard any of Jeremiah Wright’s anti-White racist screeds despite attending his church for a decade and donating tens of thousands of dollars. I guess he was using a pocket radio to listen to Limbaugh at the time and missed the sermon? The media accepted Obama’s lie and forgot about the issue within a week; after all his years of being an obnoxious tool Limbaugh should be clever enough to realize they aren’t going to accept his statements so easily.

  5. chuck says:

    I’m not gonna pile on.
    Great take and comments.

  6. mike says:

    I don’t condone this kind of talk whether it comes from someone I generally agree with or someone I don’t. Explain in a mature and intelligent manner why you hold the view you do and don’t agree with the opposing view. Childish ad hominum attacks on a person you don’t agree with are not going to sway anybody’s opinion anyway. In fact, they tend to do the opposite.

  7. paulwilsonkc says:

    Paul the REAL SCRIBES opinion – dead on accurate!

  8. kcfred says:

    sorry to rain on this right wing parade
    Sorry folks. There’s a difference in taking on public figures and private ones. Even the court of law agrees. There’s a difference in disagreeing with someone and saying to them..”i’d like to see her internet sex tapes, what is she, what does that make her..a slut, a prostitute?” Rush has made his bed every day by labeling those who disagree with him ..”the enemy.” Now, the chickens come home to roost, the Republicans will not distance themselves from these comments and they have just lost the woman vote. To call a private citizen those names in front of whatever is audience is stupid. Have you heard the apology? Disengenuous to say the least. he apologized to his advertisers, which makes him..a whore. And a slut. Whatever you think of her, that’s someone’s daughter. If that were my daughter, or sister, I’d drive to Florida and personally kick his drug addicted fat ass. Rush is the pillar of the republican party, drug addict, thrice divorced. When the republicans lose big this fall, they will certainly blame the “liberal” media, when in reality, it was their media star that pulled the building down. Of course, no one will admit it, because Rush can’t be wrong. I also find it funny that those who listen to Rush say “we’re free thinkers’ when they all refer to themselves as “ditto heads”. Nice work, Rush.

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