Starbeams: Sleep Awareness Month Descends on Plaza & March Madness Paralyzes KC

This month is National Sleep Awareness Month.  Or as Plaza Security calls it – March.


The Big 12 Tournament will close traffic downtown this week.  So if you want to experience March Madness, try getting from the courthouse to Broadway on 4 wheels. Heaven forbid, somebody should walk that distance.


There’s talk of bringing credit card machines to the parking booths at Truman Sports Complex.  It’s one of the few sports venues in the nation where people still have to pay $27 in cash to park their car.  And for an extra $973 you can have your favorite linebacker take out the opposing quarterback.


A new survey shows half of women under 25 would rather have bigger boobs than a high IQ.  Which is exactly why I prefer women under 25.


Kelly Urich is the morning show host on The Point 99.7 FM

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