Glazer: The Chiefs Had to Tag Dwayne Bowe as Franchise Player

Dwayne Bowe is the offense for the Kansas City Chiefs

It’s that simple. Bowe’s on again and off again on the field, but by far this team’s MVP. Forget Derrick Johnson, without Bowe we can’t score anything. Our offense is that bad.

With Jamaal Charles back this season – if his ACL’s better – he could help. But the Chiefs had to sign Bowe and let cornerback Brandon Carr go. They replaced Carr with Oakland’s Stanford Routt. Not bad.

Don’t worry about Bowe, he’ll get nearly $10 million this year as the franchise player. The guy probably wanted a five year $60-$70 million dollar deal and he may yet get it.

Another team can still grab him away if they pay more, and we don’t match it.

However they would have to give up two first round picks, so  that’s unlikely.

P.S. New Orleans tagged Drew Brees and he’s majorly pissed. He wanted a long term deal as well. And you know what? He’s earned that more than any player in the game today. Brees brought that team back from the dead, so it’s kinda shocking that they won’t give him his just reward.

Bowe’s the best wideout the Chiefs have had in 40 years.

The best since Otis Taylor in the early 70’s. It’s been the Chiefs’ weak point since Taylor left, right up there with that we can’t find a star quarterback.

The Chiefs would have won about three more Super Bowls if they had.

Tony G was not enough. In 1995, 1997 and 2003 the team also had no big time wideouts. All of those teams were 13-3.

Joe Montana bitched about it daily during the 1993 and 1994 campaigns. His only real receiver was Marcus Allen.

So yeah, we needed to keep Bowe.
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9 Responses to Glazer: The Chiefs Had to Tag Dwayne Bowe as Franchise Player

  1. Craig Glazer says:

    95, 97 and o3 Chiefs were all 13 and 3, all lost first game of playoffs…

  2. chuck says:

    Its a tight end league Glaze.
    What is really killin us, is not taking Jimmy Graham, Rob Gronkowski and Aaron Hernandez.

    Tony Moeaki is broke more than a 1998 Fiat Multipla.

    We will see who the Chiefs draft. Too bad they picked up Stanford Routt, they could have drafted corner back Janoris Jenkins, who at the tender age of 23, has 4 illegitimate kids by 3 diferent women. I think the kid has a chance to eclipse the great Derrick Thomas’ record. He says he plays football too, so thats a plus.

  3. chuck says:

    Sorry, I should have mentioned
    that those 4 Tight Ends, including Tony M. were all in the 2010 class.

  4. chuck says:

    Sorry, tired tonight.
    Janoris’ kids are all under the age of three. There is Janoris Jr. (Like you didn’t see that coming.), Janorian (Live long and prosper…?), Legend (After the Will Smith Movie…?), and Paris.

    Your welcome.

  5. Craig Glazer says:

    Yep Chuck, Manning Maybe
    Peyton is the new prize, with him you draft Richardson of Alabama, move Matt to back up and for the first time in a couple decades this team with its D and receivers less a tight end…would be a Super Bowl contender not just a division contender NOW….we do need a tight end and some offensive lineman for Manning…all could be bought and drafted…maybe dump Matt to make some cap room, he is near worthless anyways…

  6. chuck says:

    I have read everywhere that Richardson
    will be gone, but your right, that would win the West EASY. Then, like Carl used to always say, “Anything can happen in the playoffs.”

    Arrowhead Addict makes a great case for busting the bank for the Center from Houston, Chris Meyers.

    Sports Illustrated and CBS Sportsline both think that Manning’s choice o f teams, puts the Chiefs at 6 and 7th respectively, as they try to read his mind, concerning where he will go.

    They both think Manning will go to Az. Stupid move. San Fran is stocked with talent, and will win that division for years with A Smith.

    They like Washington for the money that Snyder will offer. Meh… Manning wants the ring, and he will be motivated imo.

    They like Miami. Division is too tough.

    The Chiefs make the most sense (BTW Nick Wright, smarmy little douche that he is, nailed this before anyone else imo.)

    I think the AFC West is the weakest division in Football, now that the Niners are a quality team. Carl, in spite of his unpopularity, was actually right to a certain extent. If ya get in the playoffs, anything can happen. Both of the Ginats Superbowls were built on late season runs and if a team gets hot—hey…

    Manning should know that, the year the Colts won, the best player on the team, by far, by a galaxy, for the last 8 games, and the playoffs, was…wait for it, —drumroll……..Bob Sanders. That guy had a 8 game stretch, combined with the playoffs, that still amazes me.

    Bob Sanders won the Superbowl for Peyton.

    Its time he won one for himself, and if he understands the odds, and plays them right, he will be wearing red this year.

    We can’t read the guy’s mind, but the goal before the first game, has to be the playoffs.

    The Chiefs win the West with Manning.

  7. chuck says:

    Chiefs win 11 games against these teams.
    WITH Manning.

    4. Kansas City Chiefs

    Home: Denver Broncos, Oakland Raiders, San Diego Chargers, Baltimore Ravens, Cincinnati Bengals, Indianapolis Colts, Atlanta Falcons, Carolina Panthers

    Away: Denver Broncos, Oakland Raiders, San Diego Chargers, Cleveland Browns, Pittsburgh Steelers, Buffalo Bills, New Orleans Saints, Tampa Bay Buccaneers

    Maybe 12. The Ravens and Steelers both take serious steps back this year (Cincinnati wins that division.).

    We win 12 games, its home cooking all the way to the AFC Championship.

    Obviolsly, this is just my opinion, but the only other team I see running away with it’s division is San Francisco.

    If Manning really wants to win, he comes to KC. Pioli will NOT jack with him. He will be de facto Offensive Head Coach, and even Jim Mora thinks we make the playoffs and have a decent shot at Lombardi’s hardware.

  8. paulwilsonkc says:

    I dont know anything about sports
    but I have friends in the business. They tell me Manning will visit the Chiefs and Red Skins, most likely land with the Red Skins. Take that for what its worth, I dont know the pro’s or cons of either.

  9. Bob says:

    we need to keep Bowe. Thanks for stating the obvious oh humble one. Next article will be about Obama running for reelection and sun will come up tomorrow. Thanks for playing

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