Glazer: Big 12 Looks Petty for Stiffing MU Basketball Coach Frank Haith

The Big 12 Coaches named KU’s Bill Self and Iowa State’s Fred Hoiberg co-coaches of the year…

Yet here Missouri’s Frank Haith has his Tigers No. 5 in the nation with a team picked to finish fourth in the league. Not only that, they have a legit shot at a No. 1 seed in the Big Dance, as does Kansas. And he loses to Hoiberg?

How cool would that be if both KU and MU had one seeds?

That’s never happened because MU rarely has strong basketball unit. This is BY FAR their best team ever. I know they had a one seed in 1907 and got jacked, but this is still their best effort ever.

And the Big 12 gives their coach the bum’s rush. Why?

Oh, because MU’s leaving the Big 12. Like that’s Frank’s fault. Today even the Star named Haith Coach Of The Year.

Look, Self is always a great pick.

Many feel this was his best coaching year at Kansas. This was to be a rebuilding year and now they’re No. 3 in the nation and a lock for a one seed if they don’t lose in the tournament or lose their final game. Even then, they’ll still probably be a one seed.

KU has proved over the last 10 years they’re the most consistent "elite" team in America.

Eight straight Big 12 titles, a number one seed more than half the decade and one national title in 2008. MU has none of that. They have been a much better team the last couple seasons, yes. But at this point, that’s about it.

Yet for bringing MU some real national attention, a shot at the Final Four, a No. 5 ranking and maybe more Frank comes in fourth in the conference. Really?

He’s a favorite to win "National Coach of the Year," but in his own league he comes in third. How can that be?

Self is also in the running, and yes, as we have heard since football season Thomas Robinson is the favorite to win "Player Of The Year"

That’s great year for both programs.

First time KU and MU have really been this close in talent and it’s nice to see our local teams on top.

Because at this point, that’s about all we have to brag about.

Our other teams are all no shows, the Royals, Chiefs and K-State – well they did have a nice football season.

So now we’ll see if the Chiefs and Royals can step up.

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6 Responses to Glazer: Big 12 Looks Petty for Stiffing MU Basketball Coach Frank Haith

  1. Guy Who Says What Others Think says:

    Not a big deal, really.
    Haith got the AP Big 12 Coach of the Year.

  2. bob says:

    You know all about
    stiffing people but know nothing about sports. How was your Super bowl and Chiefs predictions?

  3. Johnny sparks says:

    help GLAZER
    Hall since posting today has 68 comments. Glazer 3 counting this one. Help Glazer out. Glazer write in using some of your other names. Hearne do something. Maybe bring Tracy back? some crazy ex Star people. a feud with Aaron Barnhart. Bring back Rick. Anything to help Glazer out. It looks bad. And don’t site me any BS sites that say how great you are.

  4. Lou Brown says:

    MU’s best team ever?
    The ’93-’94 squad went undefeated in the big 8 and lost in the NCAA regional final game – that was their best team ever.

  5. paulwilsonkc says:

    If harely doesnt respond to this….
    then we KNOW he’s DEAD. Or, just out with the 1%ers and doesnt even have time for MU fluffing any more. Its sad. I really dont care, but I miss the misalligned text, the rants and the ability to raise Craigs count by 14 posts and 137 inches of text.

  6. Craig Glazer says:

    Hey Hater Bob/Johnny/Jasper
    And all who qualify…you ask about my Super Bowl pick you might remember I lost but told you to take the Giants on a tease +8 and the under…there you go…more important I made a well known pick the Chiefs under 7 1/2 hello twit brains…and by the by Dallas under 10 a winner and Detroit over 6 a winner…my season picks were outstanding as always…so find a porn channel and call those fat caller ladies to have phone sex who might want to listen to your twit box butt….if you pay her…BYE

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