Glazer: Biggest Comedy Show of the Year to Hit KC Next Week; Jim Jefferies

Geoffery James Nugent was born in Sydney, New Wales, Australia 35 years ago…

He later moved to Manchester, England. Shortly after he and his girlfriend were violently burglarized at their apartment. She was tied up and beaten (attempted rape); he was hit over the head with a machete. The two men were later arrested and got 12 years in prison.

And Jim became a comic…

He changed his name to Jim Jefferies.

And he went on to beome the hottest comic in England. He starred on the BBC, was the smash hit of the Edinburgh Comedy Festival and was discovered there by an agent at Creative Artists, the number one talent agency in the world out of LA.

Today Jeffries is on the verge of becoming the No. 1 hottest and best comic in the world.

He did a No. 1 HBO special last year called, "I SWEAR TO GOD"  He did a Showtime special this year called "ALCOHOLOCAUST" And much more. Jim and partner Eddie Iifft have a top notch and highly rated podcast called "Talkin Shit" out of L.A.

And on March 8-10 you can see this comedy genius at Stanford’s.

Thursday at 8 p.m. and Friday and Saturday at 7:45 and 9:45 p.m.

Jim is not just a star, he’s brilliant.

He’s the next big thing in comedy. It has taken him a little longer because of his tough language and hard line takes on God, America, Women, his use of drugs and sex. Boy, is he honest.


His Saturday shows are almost sold out now, but Friday and Thursday have tickets. I’m serious. I watch all his shows – all of them – when he’s at Stanford’s, he’s that good.

Stanfords has launched more entertainment careers that matter than ALL OF THE OTHER KANSAS CITY venues combined and then some.

There’s Lewis Black, Dan Whitney (Larry the Cable Guy), Jeff Foxworthy (started as a feature in Westport), Bill Hicks, Eddie Griffin (busboy/waiter/ then comic), Rob Riggle (doorman), Ellen DeGeneres(first show was with us), even Roseanne got her first A club show at Stanford’s as a feature with Tom Arnold. The list has dozens more.

Now we are proud to say we have done the first full weeks in America with Jim Jefferies (started in 08) and also T.J. Miller (who now has his own TV show and is a comedy film star)….

We’re proud of them and what we’ve achieved in KC and the entertainment world.

We plan to continue. Jim is a cross between Richard Pryor and George Carlin – with an English accent -sorry Jim, Australian accent.

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32 Responses to Glazer: Biggest Comedy Show of the Year to Hit KC Next Week; Jim Jefferies

  1. Craig Glazer says:

    Ellen Correction
    She did her first ‘theatre’ show for us, at the Folly…not her first club shows..

  2. balbonis moleskine, currently wearing Eddie Murphy's suit from Raw says:

    Craig, I heard Stanford’s radio spot on Jim Jeffords performance.

    Ive never heard you on the radio before. Is that you doing the voice over?

    As for Jeffords he has been funny so far, but his act can be knocked as being shock value (God’s an asshole, I want to punch women in the face, etc.). It remains to be seen whether he can parlay the blue act into something like a sitcom on a cable network, or an R-rated movie script.

  3. balbonis moleskine says:

    i forgot to add….
    Forgot: Congrats on landing this guy. He really is red hot right now. Im sure it will be a riot.

    I’d be interested in the Thursday show but Im in one of those “not quite sure if Im going to get there on time from work” type of situations. Is there an opener? What time will JJ hit the stage?

  4. Craig Glazer says:

    Yes Thats My Voice
    Surprised that was the first time you heard me, I do four morning shows wed-fri..two usually w/ Johnny Dare and then Mix, Q and Alice on Fridays…and others sometimes…check it out, funny stuff…and yeah commercials now for 20 years on Stanfords…

    The show will start just after 8PM two other comics first Jim at around 830 or 840 he will do at least 60 plus for his career, its hot now, he has a pilot for a TV show that may get picked up…and he already does TV specials, even if he doesn’t do a TV series he is already highly paid…10 to 20 grand a week…he will be at theatres soon, he already does some in the West and East…

  5. T says:

    Craig, I can’t wait!
    And I’m bringing 3 of my idiot friends with me. xoxo

  6. Smartman says:

    The Ombudsman Says
    Danial Tosh with two shows at the Music Hall on April 22 would trump Jeffries with 5 shows at Stanford’s as being the biggest comedy show of the year.

  7. Craig Glazer says:

    No Doubt But…
    Tosh is no longer doiing clubs in fact rarely does he tour…of course like all the other stars today and I mean all…they either started with Stanfords or came here on their way up….like Daniel did in the late 90’s and early 2000’s making four appearances over a few years at Stanfords in Westport…see as people rise up, we have them…usually first or near there…why? Nationally its a feather in your cap to play one of the clubs that MATTER…ours, Caroline’s in New York and a couple Improv’s but not the KC one…LA and Arizona…there are five A+ clubs we are one of them and the oldest and most famous…the Comedy Club in LA is older and owned by the Shore’s but is more of a showcase to LA agents club….Improv in LA is the same, but it changed hands in the 90’s to Robert Hartman…from Bud Freeman…so we are the second oldest owned by the same group in the world…that matters…So yeah Daniel is a hot act and would crush at the club..but he is gone from clubs…his payday is 30 grand or more a night…Jim is great but a different type comic…he too will go to theatres soon and unless he does us a favor and this one kinda is…not be back…remember we launched Larry and he did come back a time or two but for 50 g’s a week, tough to make a buck on that payday for a club…

    I get a kick outa people….hey did you ever have Lewis Black? Larry? Daniel Tosh? Lisa? Uh, yeah all of them many times, when you weren’t caring I suppose…Comedy clubs and being a star there is the last step towards getting TV shows, films and theatres…when that happens only a true friend like Lewis or Jim will come back even once…as Chong has…remember he did the Music Hall two years ago with Cheech but did one more show this past summer for us, cause we are true friends…its rare they do that..Lewis opend the Legends club in 07(first star there) as a favor…he got 25,000 for one night, a Sunday, sold out…at that time he got 40-60 a night at big venues…

  8. Craig Glazer says:

    I remember about a year or more ago we brought in Rob Schnieder and got comments saying he was not a star and a has been…really he had a hit film a month latter and now a network TV show…with Cheech…we do kinda know what we are doing…

  9. paulwilsonkc says:

    There are 5 a+ clubs and we are one of them?
    Craig, I think Standford has done an outstanding job for many, many years, but I’d hardly say KC rates top 5 in much of anything! You’d even get a fight over BBQ! We have some GREAT music venues, but we dont have a Blues Alley, for example. And while I’d agree you own Kansas CIty comedy, I dont we are top 5 in that market.

    USA Todays

  10. Craig Glazer says:

    My Bad Top Three
    Really…some of the clubs you mentioned are closed or broke…funny farm, please, second cities are all but gone…Ice House is a pit, Rivera is bankrupt and in remodel…Atlanta changed hands a million times…Zanies while a hit has few big names ever, I go there when in Chicago…even they will admitt we are bigger in every attendance…but thanks for checking…we recently were ranked top five and I think we are top three…thats why guys like Schineder and Mencia played here not Improv though we passed on Rob his second time in…didn’t feel he was gonna do as well and he went to Improv…some clubs names are good some are closed or near closed or never were big only Laugh Factory and Comedy Store in LA are compared and yeah they have more big names cause of LA and showcases…New York has a couple like Carolines I named…maybe two more..thats all..Vegas has NO big clubs all the big acts are in the main showroom, I go there their clubs are also pitts unless in big Lewis Black etc…or the small room at the Palms, which has Jim times..

    I also stand by this line “Stanfords has launched more stars then any KC venue ever or the rest put together’ a fact…care to explain differently? Who would it be and please don’t give me the jazz b.s. we launched maybe three or four guys..thats all and p.s. nobody but KC people think we are known for Jazz just bar b que…hah…sorry, New Orleans gets that award not KC…again if you watch TV you hear about Stanfords alot, more than almost any others but the Improv cause they have many locations…not one main one…except LA which also changed hands in the 90’s…and Stanfords has ‘me’ the best known by far club owner no argument, nationally..

  11. tommy says:

    Jim can’t be brilliant if
    he associates with a never was like you. And there is about 10-12 shows that are much BIOGGER then this. This is like you talking about your dick size and then bringing your dildo to make up for it. Good luck. thanks for playing….with yourself

  12. bob says:

    knock out
    Greg Hall 121 comments
    Glazer 12 and half are his own.
    Hall says he left KCC because money dried up.
    Glazer loser and keeps losing.

  13. paulwilsonkc says:

    Craig, I said you own KC comedy, no question about it…
    ….and while I wouldn

  14. Bob says:

    Wake up PAUL
    No one rated Stanfords a top five or top three club. Its called self promotion. Gee you actually BELIEVE what the King Of Sting says???

  15. Craig Glazer says:

    Yeah Right…
    ok hater Johnny/Jasper/and crew first learn to spell…lets put it this way my dick has more fans than you times 100, hows that…

  16. Bob says:

    Wake up PAUL
    No one rated Stanfords a top five or top three club. Its called self promotion. Gee you actually BELIEVE what the King Of Sting says???

    I suppose you believe this is the COMEDY SHOW OF THE YEAR ALSO??? GEEZ

  17. Bob says:

    spelling lessons. isn’t that rich? It takes Hearne an hour to correct his dribble.

  18. MR Correction says:

    Tommy your are wrong!!!!!
    Glazer has no wee-wee. He has a vagina. Don’t you hear people call him pu*sy all the time. Thank me later Craig for getting your count up. I know you always need help getting it up.

  19. Craig Glazer says:

    Really Haters…Hah…
    I have done more that matters taking a poop then you all…so has Jim enough said…get a life and get something done haters…love ya..

  20. paulwilsonkc says:

    Im not being a hater….
    and hatin’ on you wasn’t my intent. But when you’re done taking a poop, can you site who listed Standford’s as a Top 5 club? ‘d like to read that. Sorry, Im just a research dork.

    And since we’re on the poop topic, I heard if Harley took a good poop, he’d only weigh 5 pounds!!

    Hey, thanks!! I’ll be here allll week, drive home safely and tip your wait staff!! Good night, Kansas City!

  21. paulwilsonkc says:

    This is either the worlds loooongest pooooop
    or we can’t find the source for the “Top 5 Club” rating.

    Not hatin, just waitn.

  22. Big Bob says:

    You’ll be waiting…………….
    a lifetime Paul. wake up and smell the rioses. He is not releasing Sh*t he is full of Sh*t. This is the same guy that never has acknowledged his Super Bowl pick was wrong, his Chiefs prediction for three years was wrong, and he had is allegedly this big undercover guy but didn’t know the difference between assault and battery. King Of Sting king of Sh*t.

    And poop. Who over 13 uses that term?

    This is why as much as Hearne will argue otherwise this site keeps attracting less and less. Oh well Hearne go down with the boat and Glazer as your lead man. Pay some talent my man!!!

  23. paulwilsonkc says:

    Big Bob….. KCC ratings have increased by a factor of 10
    as a direct result of my comments. And Im doing it for free. Its now up to 200K unique views per day, allllllll thanks to ME.

    Im now rated one of the Yop 2 blog posters in ALL of blog-dom. If you dont beleive me, go to:

    You can also check:

    Mat Drudge calls me daily to ask what he should do next. Tony of Kansas City asked me to deliver pizza to his moms basement and write under his name. Craig Glazer asked me to host and MC for the biggest comedy night of the YEAR at Standfords.

    You get a feel for who I am now?

    Yeah…. I thought so. If you dont believe me, well… its clear…. your’e just full of POOP!

  24. Craig Glazer says:

    Great Paul
    Glad to hear it, you want to do comedy come to open mic on Tues and show us what you can do….bring anyone you want. 8 PM the club to get on the list…913 400 7500

  25. Craig Glazer says:

    P.S. By the Way…It’s the biggest Show In A Club This Year
    Just to make it clear…as far as crowds and how many of course Sprint had Jeff Dunham and the puppets…9,000 people, Tosh will have two sold out shows…those are not club acts now…Jim is the biggest in a club this year…and likely the best overall comic out there…Dunham is fun, but not a real stand-up he is a ‘show…Tosh is also great but he now makes his money on TV not stand up…so he likely is not writing new stuff all the time….its a payday thats all..Jim is still working towards being THE guy….that was the point…I think and so do many like me that matter, he is the best…today….it is a matter of opinion of course…remember Hearne writes the headline not me and he often changes meaning…well intended, but it gives the story a different angle than I often meant for it to be thats all.

  26. paulwilsonkc says:

    Thanks for the invite….. and now….
    if you could wrangle up that Top 5 source for Standford’s rating, I’d like to read it. Big Bob, you’re just a hater… he’s going to provide it!

  27. paulwilsonkc says:

    (Gosh… I just got to thinking…. Im going to owe
    apologies to ALL you guys if Glazer doesnt cough up the source for his Top 5 in the nation rating……. here I’ve been standing up for him, thinking he would provide it….. and there just may be no basis for my faith in him doing so…… this could get embarassing….)

  28. Bob says:

    you are going to end up with poop all over your face. It is embarassing. there is no Santa and no real king of sting with a top three club. Sorry. thanks for playing

  29. paulwilsonkc says:

    Bob, big bob, Smartman, T, tommy…
    I hope you noticed the picture of my tongue firmly lodged inside my cheek…… if not, I will forward it.

  30. paulwilsonkc says:

    Wednesday morning, poop faced
    I’m sorry guys, I thought for sure I’d end up with a verifieable reference…. but I guess I failed. I offered by 3 resources of 10 references each, all nationally known, hoping to see where Standfords was a Top 5 rated club. I just guess there wont be any proof coming my way. So, either its not in the Top 5 in the nation…. or we should just assume it is, cause Craig said so. Some people really CAN just speak something into existance, I guess.

  31. Bob says:

    Craig and us THANK YOU
    HEY PAUL!!!

    Thank you for being one of the first to show that Glazer is a fraud. Us few readers left appreciate it!!!

    Craig thanks you for being one of the few left that posts to help get his count over 10. 12 posts by you and 6 by Glazer. Throw in a few by me and maybe he’ll hit this mark again someday.

  32. paulwilsonkc says:

    Bob, Im too broken to reply…..
    if you need me, I’ll be in the corner, in the fetal position, sobbing. I didnt need to tell you that, but I am the real deal and I do want to raise the post count, even if for untoward reasons.

    Could you pass me a kleenex, this has been a hard day, chocked full of disappointments and let downs. I’ve cried till Im dehydrated.

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