New Jack City: Continental or United at KCI–Who’s On First?

Sometimes the ease of KCI’s three separate terminals can be an expensive and operational nightmare…

We saw it after 9/11 when, unlike other airports, KCI had to deal with multiple security check stations. Not only by the terminals but by the gates. These staffed multi-location security checks have since then been combined by the airlines.

But not so fast!

Things could get confusing starting this weekend for UNITED AIRLINES customers as that carrier fully intigrates its system and operations with CONTINENTAL AIRLINES—except here in Kansas City where the two carriers operate out of separate terminals and will continue to do so for the time being. UNITED out of Terminal A and the now ex-CONTINENTAL out of its old Terminal C gates.

Will there be problems?

Not really, but people see and hear  and believe what they want to believe.

Say you booked a CONTINENTAL flight to Newark a couple of months ago and you’re leaving next Wednesday.
Well, that flight is now a UNITED flight with a recoded UNITED flight number.

Except now it doesn’t leave from UNITED’s location in Terminal A.

Check in and departure for the Newark flight will still happen at Terminal C—the old CONTINENTAL location.

But if you mistakenly get off the shuttle bus at Terminal A ready to check in at the UNITED counter, guess what?
You’ll be hauling your bags back out to the curb and have to shuttle two terminals down to # 3.

All this until the combined carrier finally consolidates its K.C. operations into Terminal A this summer.


Here are the basics to remember.

All flights and destinations that were original UNITED AIRLINES flights prior to this weekend will continue to operate out of Terminal A. That includes UNITED flights to Chicago, Denver, San Francisco and Washington, D.C.

Old CONTINENTAL AIRLINES flights beginning this weekend will also operate as UNITED flights but will keep its operations at Terminal C until summer. Those destinations include Newark, Houston and Cleveland.

And finally, going away will be combined UNITED-CONTINENTAL flights will be listed at

For up to the minute KCI gate, terminal or flight status questions the best bet is to check

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2 Responses to New Jack City: Continental or United at KCI–Who’s On First?

  1. jon says:

    say what?
    Typical KC cluster f. Sounds to me like the city council was somehow invovled with this airport mess.. Why didn’t they work out these operational problems before combining the two airlines. They had plenty of notice. Unbelievable.

  2. zac says:

    Next thing they’ll take control of KCI away from the city and turn it over to the state just like the school system.

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