Jack Goes Confidential: ‘Project X’–Sexy, Rude and Crude Game Changer

Director Todd Phillips of HANGOVER and OLD SCHOOL fame turns producer, creating this time a monster….

A monster party, that is.

It’s called PROJECT X and features three high school losers taking advantage of mom and dad being away to make a name for themselves by throwing a birthday party for just a few people.

But nothing could prepare them for the complete chaos of what would ensue during the most epic birthday bash ever. A game changer as word spreads fast and dreams are crushed with now 1,500 party animals turning PROJECT X into the most legendary party battlefield ever experienced by Pasadena, California.

We’re talking S.W.A.T. teams, police helicopters and fire engines all converging on the scene!

Kinda reminds me of the old KY-102 All Night Blowouts.

"This was one hell of an fucking night" is probably the truest line uttered during the film.

The hook here has the leader of the pack making a documentary of the event and conversing with the cameraman throughout most of the movie.

The downside?

Handheld camera action galore. Enough to make your head spin. So if you’re prone to motion sickness…

You’ve been warned.

The M.P.A.A. justifies the film’s hard R-rating by pointing to its, "Crude and sexual content throughout. Nudity, drugs, drinking, pervasive language, reckless behavior and mayhem."

Yeap, a rude and crude cinematic celebration of bad behavior with plenty of nubile nookie to make this hot 88 minute-long T & A party worth the price of admission.

It’s ANIMAL HOUSE meets SUPERBAD—except this one features an all NO NAME CAST.

PROJECT X waving 2-1/2 out of 5 chaotic fingers.

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5 Responses to Jack Goes Confidential: ‘Project X’–Sexy, Rude and Crude Game Changer

  1. Super Dave says:

    See them while you can
    New Meat Movies can be good without a doubt. The no name hottie babes will show it all till they get a name for themself so one best see it while they can if their acting is any good.

    Once they get famous like Jennifer you never see it all again.

  2. Merle Tagladucci says:

    Now here’s a flick that probably cost about a million to make, if that, and will probably pull in $25-$30 mil on opening weekend from all those curious 18-25’ers who’ve been seeing the trailer on tv every five minutes these past four weeks. This won’t win any awards but I bet the profit margin will be ridiculous.

  3. Merle Tagladucci says:


    Project X is #rotten. 27% @ 70 reviews. Critics say: “Stylish & trendy, but still reliant on overdone 80s teen tropes.” bit.ly/ysNmyO

  4. randyraley says:

    The KY All Night Blowouts
    Jack, when I first saw the promos, that was the first thing that went through my mind…a good idea when it started but in about in a nano second got waaaay out of hand. Those were the nights that Charles Gray would stay up all night listening to the scanner while we were out using his two way radios. Many a charred radio carcass in that building was All Night Blow Out related. He would just shake his head. What fun we had.

  5. jack p says:

    Wonder if the STATUTE OF LIMITATIONS has run out yet on the ALL NIGHT BLOW-OUTS?

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