Glazer: With Dow at 13,000 Scribe Awakens to Wonderful, Republicanless World

The Dow closed yesterday above 13,000 for the first time since May 19, 2008…

Is this the signal that the economy is finally on the way back? Maybe.

In any case, president in Barack Obama now seems unbeatable to win a second term. The Republicans reality TV shows have been fun with all the goofy debates and crazy candidates. Mitt Romney inched a couple steps closer yesterday to becoming the nominee by defeating Rick Santorum and Newt Gingrich in Michigan and Arizona.

And in a way, the Republicans have made politics on TV fun.

But by keeping it close with all of the controversies they’ve damaged their brand and Romney’s ability and credibility to take on Obama. So it appears now at least that the prez is a lock to win in November.

Yes, oil is up near $109 a barrel and gold is closing back in on $1,800 an once, but even housing is starting to improve a bit. So slowly the wheels are turning to the plus side. Very slowly.

Meanwhile back in KC, we had an LA type winter and it’s basically over. Almost no snow.

Did that help the local economy?

As someone in the entertainment business I can answer, just slightly. Weekdays and weeknights were still quiet but weekends were up somewhat around town. Especially in Westport, Legends and out South.

So hey, there’s a reason to smile and have some hope.

More jobs are coming they say, and maybe things really are getting better finally.

At least they’re not getting worse, right?

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41 Responses to Glazer: With Dow at 13,000 Scribe Awakens to Wonderful, Republicanless World

  1. Orphan of the Road says:

    Puppies, kittens and unicorns ahead
    We have the same people who caused the financial problems in charge, with more power and little supervision. We have an administration who gave the criminals a pass on being held accountable for their crimes. And a loyal opposition who surprisingly says little about the monetary crimes committed and the lack of prosecution.

    I’m so happy I can’t quit crying…

  2. Smartman says:

    Out of your league again. OMG Obama Must Go! Stocks are over valued. Real unemployment is at 15%. The list goes on. The next election will not be based on who you want but what you want; more on less government involvement and intrusion in your life and business.

    If Obama gets reelected the chances for real civil unrest are pretty damn good. I’m ready. 10,000 rounds of ammo and two months worth of food, water and medicine. Got 100 gallons of fuel stored in my evac location too. It’s time to water the tree of liberty with the blood of tyrants and patriots. I may die in the battle but not before I take out at least 100 commie libs.

    Chuck, I’ve got a .50 caliber sniper rifle. You’re welcome to join me in the liberation!

  3. paulwilsonkc says:

    Smartman, Im no where NEAR an obama fan…
    but given how the Republicans are killing their own in 29 debates, trying to make each other look like idiots, Obama wins, easily. Add to that, the apathetic society we live in, who’sapathetic vote will go his way, and you’ve got yourself 4 more years. I will bet huge sums of money on that. Well, not Glazer huge…. but he will be elected for a second run at it.

    And then, in my humble opinion, you’ll see the REAL Obama. With nothing left to lose or hide, he will come out of the closet with things we can’t imagine, today. And, for the first time in years, we might see what we never have in our lifetimes. No, not Craig on a real date with a real girl, but civil unrest of Biblical proportions.

    Just my opinion, but in the words of a friend, I’m just a guy with a small brain and a big mouth.

  4. harley says:

    why obama wins big
    1. he’ll get 70% of hispanic vote unless rubio runsas vp
    2. single young women will vote in droves for obama based on republicans offensive comments
    about birth control
    3. black vote as big or bigger than 2008…theres more blacks of voting age now than in 2008.
    4. obama wins big in michigan and ohio…romney is out after saying let the auto industry die
    5. traditonal red states like arizona are in play…hispanic vote…
    6. obama takes pennsylvania…big state but obama has the unions busting fgor him
    7. public workers will do anything to keep obama in office.
    8. bain capital…about to have legal problems…stay tuned
    9. romneys taxes…obama people know romney paid no taxes over 3 year period…won’t sit well
    with americans who paid their taxes.
    10. 1 billion dollars focused on about 8 states if not fewer….romney has somany screw ups
    that obama couldn’t get them all out inpublic
    11. obamacare: romneys assistants helped the obama administration dev elope health care act..
    that should be a real dagger in romney and once he gets nomination the world will know
    that he is the godfather of the program
    12. obama around august or september has no choice but to bomb iran if the israelis havent
    already done it…that pretty much seals the deal right there…approval ratings go to 70-80% and its
    all over.
    high gas prices…if he controls gas prices thru the summer he’s olay…if they go high high he might have
    some problems

  5. harley says:

    last chance for repubs
    this is it…last chance for repubs to take back white house for many many years.
    with hispanic population growing as a fast rate they will determine elections from
    2016 on…
    state like florida…illinois…georgia…texas…in 2016 they’ll be in play or easy victories
    for dems. Only 2 people can stem the tide…jeb bush and marco rubio…
    other than that its lights out.
    Hillary will run iin 2016 and only one person can beat her…jeb bush…
    unless obama really screws stuff up as he becomes lame duck.

  6. harley says:

    wrong glaze about business
    many businesses are booming in kc…don’t know where you go…ran into kyle kelley and he said they
    had the biggest january ever… your observations are incorrect…
    consult me before making false claims….

  7. paulwilsonkc says:

    Harley, thats what we NEED
    a President pushed over the top at the voting hands of illegals, out of date Unions and those wanting to stay on the public dole….. says a lot about us as a country.

  8. The Shawnster says:

    Glazer is correct. Obama will win, there will be no civil unrest (pathetic fear-mongering), and the GOP will likely be finished as a major party. Check the changing demographics of the country. If the clown car that is today’s GOP cannot get it together to win 2012, they never will. I find it ironic how some misinformed commentators on this thread think that an Obama win means more intrusion in your life and business while completly ignoring the fact that a GOP win would mean more intrusion in your bedroom and sex life. These GOP idiots want to take the country back to 1612, when a woman knew her rightful place. Good riddence to them and their mindless minions.

  9. Craig Glazer says:

    Calm Down People
    First off, I remember as a kid this one “If Dick Nixon is elected I’m moving outa the country”…..”If Clinton wins there will be civil unrest” on and on…happens every time out….NOTHING WILL REALLY CHANGE…OBAMA CAN NOT BE BEATEN SORRY…HE WINS…things will slowly get better…he has done a very good job so far….guys we were almost in a real depression, so give the man a little credit…just a little….psssst….I think in the end he will do down as one of our GREATEST PRESIDENTS OF ALL TIME…..I am not a big fan, but I get it…..pssst..Harley I mentioned Westport was doing well didn’t I….and yes it was the best January in a few years for Kelly’s and others, but the last few years were horrible…so yeah…and it will grow…so I agree with much of what you guys say..but smartman really a revolt…come on now…psst the Republican Party will survive and win again one day…after Hilary is president in five years and serves 8….wow….

  10. Smartman says:

    No Fear Here
    Just look at Greece. That’s us baby with half-black-Barry in charge for another 4 years. Even though the union thugs and Hispanics may vote democrat when the lead is flying and the air smells like sulphur and cordite they’ll be fighting with us right wingers. So that leaves the NEA and SEIU to field an army for the lefties.

    The Republican pipeline of leaders is much better than the dems. Christie, Rubio, Ryan, Jindall, Bush the Third, Daniels……

    In politics, November is light years away. Anything can happen. Polls are all over the place. This election is very simple. Do you want more or less government intrusion in your life and business. Look at all the great civilizations and why they collapsed. We are at 33AD in this country. We are more polarized than ever. The pot will boil over. Blood will fill the streets. We, the angry white males, will make this country great again. You can thank us later.

  11. Orphan of the Road says:

    The Beast-With-Two-Heads
    It is our two parties who are striving to be THE PARTY of special interest monies. The Republicans float stupid ideas and the Democrats shout, we can make them stupider.

    I had family who sat in that room during the hot June in 1776, those imperfect men who pledged their lives, their fortunes and their sacred honor to bring about this great experiment in representative democracy.

    I see a Republican party which has elevated wealth to a deity-status, worshiped more than virtues of earlier patrons. The Democrats suck at the government teat using welfare as a way to distribute funds to their patrons while the War on Poverty churns out more casualties every year.

    Both parties feel they can live your life better than you ever could manage on your own. Both politics and religion offer many the opportunity to have others do their thinking.

    Seeing as how the military is primarily minority-based, I don’t see the Wolverines of Johnson County inflicting any damage on the American Empire.

  12. Super Dave says:

    And so?
    The Democrats seem to be basically nicer people, but they have demonstrated time and again that they have the management skills of celery. They’re the kind of people who’d stop to help you change a flat, but would somehow manage to set your car on fire. I would be reluctant to entrust them with a Cuisinart, let alone the economy. The Republicans, on the other hand, would know how to fix your tire, but they wouldn’t bother to stop because they’d want to be on time for Ugly Pants Night at the country club.

  13. harley says:

    wilson…wrong again…
    there is no proof to one thing you said.. sorry….wrong again

  14. expat says:

    It doesn’t matter who wins.
    Both parties have too much at stake in the current system to really change anything. The current system was in equilibrium for a long time but now it is not: there won’t be a near-term revolution based on politics but once the money runs out and public services stop, EBT cards stop getting paid, etc., there will be civil unrest and a government crackdown. Most Americans have value systems that were formed in a world where energy and money were nearly free but that world is over: there’s only free love when you don’t have to compete with your neighbors for resources. The sooner the system collapses and everyone adjusts the better but I expect to see many more years of creeping anarcho-tyranny and desperate central bank shenanigans before the whole thing finally rolls over.

  15. chuck says:

    Time for propaganda of the deed, & this from brutha chuck-
    Contempt, defiance, slight regard and a categorical rejection of the overt and covert Federal Government initiatives, which in conjunction with the Main Stream Media now destroy the country my family fought and died for over the last 5 generations.

    Our current cyclical distraction with the actual political process, validates that same process. The preoccupation with these activites, and the players associated with these activities provides momentum for the status quo.

    30 Years ago, that process, that preoccupation was part and parcel of a national conversaton that after some contrarian rhetoric and a visit to the polls, was the penultimate effort prior to the progress that was generally effected by those elected officials after election day. Sure, there were terrible mistakes nationally and internationally, but Ronald Reagan and Tip O’Neil were good friends and at the end of the day, most of the time, from both sides of the aisle, there was often compromise and progress from Democrats and Republicans.

    Even back then, on the American body politic, an excrescence was growing, a cultural anomaly which could be ignored and perhaps trivialized by increasing prosperity. The culture of entitlement, and expectation necrotically evolved into a malevolent bedrock of hate that overpowered the 4th estate and paved the way for the Federal Government to begin the assassination of our history, ethos and long held values.

    American social engineering initiatives, immigration policies (Especially with relation to Islamic countries.) economic plans, coupled with ill advised forays into foreign wars have broken the back of the American ship of State home and abroad. There is plenty of guilty DNA to be found on both sides of the aisle, that is NOT what is important.

    Lets go to the video.!

    Go ahead, watch this shit and whistle through the grave yard.

    Freedom of speech? Sure but not if your a veteran, only if your Muslim.!

    Things have changed and for the worse.

    This type of activity, in addition to the unbelievable violence against innocent Americans, is seen in all American cities every single day.

    The absolute abrogation of the 4th estate’s previoulsy held resposibilities with relation to public safety , are now reduced to poitically correct news articles, by newspapers, which loudly proclaim that they will NOT reveal teh race of violent perps if they are black. See the Chicago Trib, the New York times and the LA Times. Unbelievable.

    In the coming decades, it is my belief that this epoch will be remembered as the 4th estate’s most disgraceful, shameful and cowardly years in this nation’s history.

    This ongoing attack on the American nation, will not be solved in this election, and in fact, I believe smartman is right, this will come to blood.

    This short term period of optomism is a patina covering the festering and virulent cancer that is the Culture War.

    Get ready for some wet work, sooner or later.

  16. expat says:

    The Dow is over 13000 but it’s an empty achievement: there is no volume behind it and the dollars it’s denominated in are losing their value faster than the stock market can rally. The unemployment rate is down because they’ve discounted millions of people who are unemployed for longer than six months and no longer ‘in the job market’. When you dig beneath the numbers and look at what is actually going on it’s not a rosy picture at all: that’s just the face they put on it to fool people like Glazer and my parents into handing over their retirement dollars to the welfare state for mismanagement. Regardless, America’s problem isn’t economic or political it’s spiritual, but won’t be solved by a trip to the Starbucks at your local McMegaChurch or by paying a smelly hippy $100 per yoga pose.

  17. Super Dave says:

    Obama broken down
    O one
    B big
    A ass
    M mistake
    A america

  18. chuck says:

    The “Occupy” movement is co opted.

    Hey, more power to the people.

  19. chuck says:

    And finally, this google map of hate crime in Philly,-75.19043&spn=0.12626,0.219727&z=12&source=embed

    Which, by the way, was banned, as I was, for posting that url on Jim Fitzpatrick’s blog, in addition to this link from THE PHILLADELPHIA INQUIRERER. The article, once again, was from the same fish wrap that Jimmy was talking about.

    Really weird.

    First, after reading an article about the Phillidelphia Inquirer and its financial difficulties, concomittant with the take over of folks who Jimmysays thinks will not be honest and fair arbiters of the news, in other words, telling the unvarnished truth, I was blocked from posting a url by the very same Phillidelphia Inquirer which called its own city, “KILLADELPHIA!”

    I thought that the citizens of Phillidelphia had more to worry about, than who was BSing them about events in the city, and, in fact should be worrying about the violence which consumed the city last summer, and will not doubt consume it again this year.

    I love Jimmy and his blog, but this is what I think.

    I think it is pernicious and counter productive, if you are looking for solutions to what is obviously life and death problems, to politely igonore those same problems for the sake of political correctness.

    I think the main stream media, ignores, mitigates and absolves hate crimes against certain select ethnic groups, for what, they, in their holier than thou, subjectively exalted status, feel is necessary to bring the playing field to an even keel.

    The sell by date on that modus operandi is 25 years overdue and the stench of same, fills American nostrils and populates American emergency rooms near and far.

    But, that is probably just me.

  20. OMG says:

    Jesus Christ, for the first time ever, Glazer is the sane one in this thread.

  21. Tom Coffman says:

    You are all crazy people
    Obama wins. Duh.

    Other than Carter (go figure, but really, look at how the world was THEN), there has not been a one term president following a two-term president from the other party that has been voted out, since “Union” was recognized as a party.

    We go 8 one side, then 8 the other, then 8 one side, then a Bush only gets four years. That’s how it works. Sorry, Jenna!

    And the economy is doing the same thing it did for Clinton. Get ready for free laptops if you come work for us in, oh, about ten months. And 13K? We’re at 15 by year’s end. Apple at 1K, easy.

    You pussies are going to shoot people over this? Cordite? Really? Big man word there, tough guy. How’s that Hummer treating you at the gas pump? You’re going to WALK around with a gun and try and find a “libtard” to “waste?” This is JOCO, fucktard. Take it to KCK, and good luck once you get there!

  22. harley says:

    chuck…do you have any original writings
    or thoughts…everything you have is lifted from another piece…isn’t that plagarism?
    And glaze…fyi …you’re wrong..spoke with some owners in westport…problem has not been
    the economy over the last few years…problem has been the perception of the area
    and what the press dealt. Now that the pub is gone its really hopping. One owner told
    me that had the pub not been there…westport would have expanded and been a premiere
    entertainment district …even without kcmo and kordish’s help…..
    your biz might be off…but the resto f the world is starting to boom….
    and chuck and smartman….go spit shine the swatikas on your front door…it’s getting a
    little rusty. Muslim growth in the u.s….come on buddy….you’ll get more reliable information
    in the comic section or reading hearne’s columns ….

  23. devils advocate says:

    My Semi-Young-Guy Perspective
    I have a feeling that i am somewhat younger than many of the commenters on this post. I was born in 1980 (Reagan was Elected the month before i was born) My perspective is this…republicans are always looming on the horizon like sharks ready to pull us back into the terrible depths that we have been trying to get out of. Whenever democrats have been in charge, since i have been coherent, it seems like the economy gets better, and people are happier as a whole. When Clinton was Pres, things seemed better, When Bush Senior and Junior were there, we were at war. And when Reagan was Pres, I watched two of my hard working (and sadly Republican) Grandfathers lose their small Generations owned Family farms. Those farms were their lives, both of them died very shortly after losing what they loved. But they were young family men when “I Like Ike” was the president. Also they both served in WWII and thought of Eisenhower as a god. (him being from a small Kansas farming community also helped) Their perspective was one of hard work=prosperity and happiness. Also, their children…(my parents) could chose a field that they thought was interesting and would suit them and fulfill them…their career paths would make them money, and it was something they had a passion for. I work in post secondary education now, and we are bombarded with the facts that we are in a Pseudo-depression. Our young people are now choosing the fields that are least likely to be without work. Many studies have shown that the careers that breed creativity, freethinking, that stimulate the mind, are shrinking at an alarming rate. Many experts have told me that depression rates will rise, and happiness in the workplace in general is going to plummet dramatically. This is all because people are in fear of losing their jobs, and they dont feel it is safe to take risks. This all seems to me to be stemmed from a Republican/Rich Guy mindset. I found it encouraging that a different looking/type of person was elected president when Obama won (HOORAY A BLACK GUY) but i found it very sad and unsettling when i (I am a white guy) would hear or have other white guys come to me (when no non-white people were around) and say some terrible racist (EVERY racial slur in the book) things about all other races. That is what scares me about the republican mindset. I should say our government in general, IT IS NOTHING MORE THAT A RACIST ELITIST GOOD-OLD-BOY-NETWORK!!! This is NOT a capitalist society. We are in a class system. The rich white guys want it to stop there. As long as we are run by WHITE people who are winning in a free market, all is okay. When the OTHER races get involved then they feel threatened. The two party system also is a joke. How can someones mind be made up completely, just by the party they are registered with. Before the other side even speaks, they already have their opinion formed. The debates and primaries are a complete waste of time.

  24. harley says:

    expat…every claim you make is pure b.s.
    not a single truth in that comment. You are just regurgitating republican points….every single point
    is wrong and unfounded….next time do some research befroe you make incorrect comments.

  25. harley says:

    smartman…..white angry males are angry
    because they’re being taken down from their high posts. angry white males…why are they
    ‘angry….if you’re a successful white male like i am…i’m not angry. In fact i’m quite happy.
    If you people like smartman haven’t made it in life i can see you being angry…you’re
    angry because life passed you by. White males like smartman are angry because
    they’re on the bottom of the ladder and need someone to blame…someone besides themselves.
    White males have had all the advantages in this nation since it’s brith. We’re you denied entrance
    to college because a black man got in before you? Are you not making enough money so you
    need to blame a mexican or a black man.
    Stop the b.s….guys like smartman are angry because they never did anything and they need someone
    as a target to blame for their own shortcoming.

  26. expat says:

    harley you have it backwards
    The Republicans have just as much at stake in keeping the real numbers and issues hidden as the Democrats do, unfortunately it’s the single thing they agree on. If you research how the government numbers are made and why they changed it’s because they are propaganda, plain and simple. Ask yourself why they don’t report M3 any more or why housing was removed from CPI in favor of Owner Equivalent Rent. I’d feel a lot more comfortable with Obama if he’d correct some of those problems in the name of transparency (and throw some Banksters in jail) but nothing has happened. Anyway I’m writing in Eliot Spitzer this year…

  27. chuck says:

    harley/jojo–lifted from what piece?
    What plagerism?

    What other piece?

    This quote from our revered and erudite would be gadfly, is telling, “and chuck and smartman….go spit shine the swatikas on your front door…”. Of course, if the truth is unassailable, then ad hominum attacks are forthcoming.

    Shrill pseudo anecdotal bullshit, flung from Harley’s tire swing is the klaxon call for the Jiffy Pop popcorn popinjays in this room to emerge from under their tin foil hats and mouth the talking points of others. There is plagerism at it’s worst.

  28. chuck says:

    BTW Harley, you irredeemably unimprovable, yet
    clarification in the face of salt of the earth stupidity is the least I can offer. Think of it as your own personal affirmative action program, this indefatigable effort by all, to bring you up to speed and level the playing field so you can
    comminicate with your betters.

    I personally, as I have stated (And, is probably evident to all but you and the fruit flies circling the 2 week old Lunchables on the floor under your computer.) do not think the political process is relavant anymore and that both parties in this wrecked ship of state are captained by a ruined band of power seeking, money grubbing shills who obfuscate and mitigate the very real problems and threats directed at most Americans by our own government and 4th estate.

  29. harley says:

    more excuses from white angry males
    whats next…the sun spots affected my life….blame everything but yourself…blame everyone
    but your shortcomings. All of america wants to blame someone else. Blame the political
    process (which is absolutely nuts)…blame everyone in the world but yourself.
    If you life is weak…change it. chuck you’re on this site at 4am and 5 am in the morning..
    if you have problems…stop wasting time talking to the 5 or 6 people who write here
    and change it…
    what problems do angry white males have…they’ve been discriminated against…
    paying too much taxes (although mitt doesn’t pay any)… GO around and blame others
    and you’ll end up exactly where you ARE RIGHT NOW.
    62 AND COMPLAINING? COME ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    blame the media…don’t read the newspapers…turn off your cartoons>….
    the only thing angry white males have to be mad about is that
    they have to blame someone…
    as they say we’ve all been excused!

  30. harley says:

    chuck…here at 2am…get some rest buddy
    take it easy…its gonna be okay>>>>>>

  31. Smartman says:

    The real reason I am angry Harley is that this country has been hijacked by individuals and organizations who have abandoned the values of our Founding Fathers. An adherence to Faith and a belief in God. A belief in personal responsibility and accountability. The opportunity to control one’s destiny through hard work and rugged individualism.

    I begrudge no one based on their skin color. I begrudge people based on their ignorance and stupidity. I’m sure there are angry black, brown and yellow men and women who feel the way I do. Too much of anything is bad for you, including freedom. We have gang raped and sodomized the character and integrity of this nation and left them for dead. It’s time for a new, NEW DEAL. It’s time to abandon The Great Society and work on making this country great again. Wreckless spending and unmitigated social reforms and agendas weaken every link in our chain.

    This country will rise from the ashes. If that means those ashes must be soaked in blood so be it. Are you prepared to fight and die for your beliefs like Jesus was? Like the early Christians were? Like modern day Muslims are? Like the gang bangers in South Central are? Like our men and women in the Military are? Will you shed your blood for the benefit of total strangers. I think not. You are a coward! If you are let me know a time and place that I can smite you down Old Testament style. Cause you Harley are part of the problem, not part of the solution.

    The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom. Proverbs 9:10

  32. Jim says:

    Religion and Politics
    Once you take the position that there is a nickel’s worth of difference between Republicans and Democrats, you’ve lost that argument. Once you take the position that one religion is better than another, you’ve lost that argument as well. Politicians are all the same. They do WHATEVER it takes to get elected again. Period. Religious zealots want to dictate who you love and who you can marry. Catholics want to take the moral high ground on birth control, but turn a blind eye to Father Perv fucking the alter boy before Mass. Elected officials do nothing but give lip service to the American people while serving their real masters, corporate America. If you continue to vote for the SAME person over and over again, you are the problem. The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and over again and expecting a different result. Americans are insane. You get EXACTLY the government to deserve. Politicians and religous leaders are scam artists. Every. Last. One. Of. Them. Wake up, you stupid fucking sheep!

  33. Craig Glazer says:

    Some Great Comments Folks
    Who knew? Chuck you and Harley need to do a standup show together! Open Mic is Tues! Bring Paul

  34. harley says:

    chuck….smartman…load your bb guns…pull out your
    super soakers…here s what you can do to save the nation..
    go after the medicare fraudsters…60 billion dollars a year…
    go after the tax evaders…they reported that 380 billion is uncollected
    from 2006-7..
    do kthat and we’re out of debt and in the red every year….
    go get em barney and fred…you guys are real tough guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    so glaze booked up…..headed to belieze…you guys get a break from my
    elaborate posts for 10 days!

  35. Craig Glazer says:

    Be Careful Down There Harley/JoJo
    Did tme wiht a couple guys from Belieze…big weed country…sure you know…stay high…

  36. paulwilsonkc says:

    Craig, that was actually funny!!
    Maybe not funny enough for open mic night… but funny all the same!!

  37. Kerouac says:

    This/he too shall pass
    “president in Barack Obama now seems unbeatable to win a second term”

    – might not have to beat him, so to speak…

    Sheriff Joe Arpaio & his cohorts down in Arizona are doing (yet more) digging the hope evidentiary proof will come to the fore Obuma is in fact a born ‘foreigner’, and thus ineligible to hold the highest office in the land.

    Elsewhere online, read of the expressed sentiment a person (hopefully) wondering out loud whether “Lee Harvey” has a brother, the desire for these darkest of black days in US history come to an end by (to borrow from Malcolm X) “any means possible”.

    Tough crowd, tough crowd…

  38. big bob says:

    Doesn’t surprise me
    u took it down Hearne. i knew the Hall numbers would upset you.

  39. mark smith says:

    By Belieze I’m pretty sure harley means
    another round of shock therapy at the drool factory.

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