Today: Glen Campbell’s ‘Goodbye Tour’ to Hit Uptown April 26th

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One of the legendary performers of our time – Glen Campbell – will touch down in Kansas City on Thursday April 26th. Not at the Sprint Center, but rather in the intimate confines of the Uptown Theater.

The 75 year-old Campbell – who turns 76 four days prior to the show –  has been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s and is currently on a "Goodbye Tour" with his three children joining him in his backup band.

Campbell rocked this year’s Grammy awards last month with a rousing version of his hit "Rhinestone Cowboy" and was honored with a lifetime achievement award.

As for Campbell’s remembering the lyrics, his wife Kim Woollen described music as a "natural memory aid" for him.

“We’re finding out, we think it really does help his memory and help keep him from declining,” Woollen has said. “So it’s really good for him and all the love he gets from all the fans is really encouraging, so that’s why we want to do it as long as we can, because it’s healthy for all of us. Music is good medicine.”

"Sometimes he’ll get confused and lose track of the lyrics and he relies heavily on a TelePrompTer, but he still has fun," 25-year old Ashley Campbell told a television reporter in Jackson, Mississippi yesterday.

"It’s not all bad actually because sometimes he doesn’t remember the solo that he would always do, but he’ll just pull it out somewhere. Like these long forgotten licks that his fingers still remember, but he never would have thought to do before. It’s kinda fun you never know what he’s going to play," added Campbell’s 27-year-old son Shannon.

Reports indicate audiences are receiving Campbell’s "bittersweet" tour warmly.

"Considering the circumstances, Campbell turned in a solid performance in a city he called home for nearly 20 years, rarely losing his place in the lyrics, recovering quickly when he did, and turning in one amazing guitar solo after another as he navigated the often complex arrangements," a reviewer for the Arizona Republic said of Campbell’s Feb 19 show in Phoenix.

Tickets go on sale Friday at Ticketmaser.

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  1. harley says:

    great performer
    saw glen campbell AND WAYNE NEWTON TOGETHER in las vegas when i was 12….they are incredible
    entertainmers…too bad he’s losing his memory….buty what a way to go out….

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