Mermaid: Passing of Parents a Time for Reflection

As many of you know, both my parents died in the last few months…

It was sudden, traumatic, exhausting, and extremely sad.

I’ve run the gamut of emotions from shock and disbelief to numbness and anxiety. I’ve cried myself to sleep and balled my eyes out at stoplights in the middle of the day.

I’ve dealt with the extremes of hospital life to the finality of hospice care. My life went from mostly normal to extreme chaos in a matter of days.

And through it all a funny thing seems to be happening……

As the fog begins to clear, the world looks different through new eyes. You begin to face your own mortality and realize every day really could be the last.

And from that uprising of anguish comes a certain sweetness to everything from the taste of a good cup of coffee to seeing a child laughing for no reason at all. You find a new reality where even ugly becomes beautiful and dark
becomes light.

Things that mattered before suddenly don’t seem so important.

Life hits you with new eyes like a child in a toy store. You want to relish each day with intensity and savor it as though it were the last day of your vacation.

We often find ourselves getting wrapped up in the bitterness of everyday life. People can be mean and uncaring. The economy is bad. A relationship is failing. A job lost.

We’re walking around in shoes that have been battered in some way- some more than others – and we need to take a moment, a deep breath and get through all of this together.

We need to listen when other people need to talk.

Offer our support to a stranger in need. Do something nice for someone for no reason. Open yourself just a little and realize the world isn’t all about us.

We can make this short life miserable or grand.

Wake up tomorrow with new eyes and look around. Hopefully you’ll see the sweetness of life and remember we’re only here for a little bit, so MAKE IT COUNT!



The opposite of love is not hate, it’s indifference.
The opposite of art is not ugliness, it’s indifference.
The opposite of faith is not heresy, it’s indifference.
And the opposite of life is not death, it’s indifference.
                                                                             –Elie Wiesel
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10 Responses to Mermaid: Passing of Parents a Time for Reflection

  1. Johnny says:

    I was very sad to hear of your loss Mermaid,
    I am glad you have turned this into an opportunity, good for you….. Keep on keeping on.

  2. Johnny says:

    it is really good to have you back posting here, you are the best.

  3. chuck says:

    Mermaid, that was really well said and from the heart.
    I am gonna copy and paste it, seriously.

    It will be good for my mental health.

    We are, I am sure, all very sorry for your loss and the tough year.

    My prayers are with ya.

  4. chuck says:

    What the fuck is up with that picture?

    Does she run a Nail Salon in hell?


  5. Craig Glazer says:

    Chin Up Debbie
    Debbie is one of my best friends. She is a sweet, kind and thoughtful young lady. I owe her, she came to see me in the hosptial two years ago when I was badly hurt, went out of her way…we have had our moments, arguments and so forth for nearly 20 years, but I think the world of her and want the best for her. Nice story Debbie. Yeah that last photo is ‘wrong’ Debbie was the beautiful Mermaid!

  6. Fcats says:

    So the first thing glazer thought when reading Mermaid’s story was…
    “Hey!! I better tell them about me, that is the most important thing here”

  7. Catscratch says:

    Saw you at the gym today and you are so hot and so fine. Maybe I will get the kahunas to actually say hi next time I see you.

  8. Craig Glazer says:

    Facts Person Last Warning
    I think every reader knows you hate the Glazer…thats fine, but you have been warned for the last time, about your words…the F bomb on every other sentence….one more time and you are gone, likely for good this time. Again your hate is ok, we know you are a nut job, so you may continue to be a whacky boy, just dump the five dirty words from your report, ok. Thank you Facts/Johnny/Jasper and crew we appreciate your cooperation. Be a good whacky alright. P.S. I wrote that to support my friend Debbie, not that it matters to you, it does to her.

  9. Hearne says:

    Keep it clean Fcats!
    Deleted your F Bomb comment

  10. Scott says:

    Nice job. Very well said.

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