Hearne: MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow Coming to the Uptown for Earth Day

The fastest rising star in cable news is Kansas City bound…

Love her or hate her, there’s no denying MSNBC host Rachel Maddow is a force to be reckoned with. Since taking over the 8 p.m. slot four years ago her ratings have soared and she’s crossed swords with the likes of Bill O’Reilly and Lou Dobbs – and even been compared to legendary newsman Walter Cronkite.

Here’s the deal.

Unlike most successful, lightning rod news-talk hosts, the openly gay Maddow has the grey matter to back up her arguments and point of view. As she does in her new book Drift, about "how the decision-making process of the American military has become divorced from the democratic process making it far too easy and streamlined to use force worldwide," says Slate Magazine.

Now this just in, Rainy Day Books in Fairway is bringing Maddow’s book signing roadshow to town Sunday April 22nd.

Rainy Day head Vivien Jennings will join Maddow in a conversation on the Uptown’s main stage at 2 p.m.

Which just happens to be Earth Day.

Maddow’s appearance and book signing is just part of the Uptown’s Earth Day celebration.

"We’re also having a big garage sale in the shopping center parking lot across the street," says main man Larry Sells. "It’s an Earth Day Garage Sale, so for $25 you can have a place to sell your stuff and help out the earth."

As for Maddow’s contribution to the holiday, "What better way to help preserve the earth that to get rid of these questionable wars – these illegal invasions of other countries," Sells says. "And Rachel Maddow is is one of the people who speaks most eloquently about not using the military to promote corporate greed around the globe."

One question I’d like to see Jennings ask: for Maddow’s take on Fox News blockhead Lou Dobbs classless calling her a "tea-bagging queen."

Not to be confused with a "tea party queen."

Tickets – which include an autographed copy of Maddow’s book – are available at Ticketmaster or by calling the Uptown at 816 753-8665

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9 Responses to Hearne: MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow Coming to the Uptown for Earth Day

  1. gully says:

    Uptown email
    I got an email from the Uptown, sayiung something like “Maddow, Marilyn Manson tickets available, and I was wiondering who was going to open, but then I figured out it wasn’t the same date.

  2. Smartman says:

    Maddow As Hell
    The only thing she has in common with Walter Cronkite is she likes girls. The recent Jeopardy contest where none of the contestants knew who she was puts her in context. Just another loud mouth lefty on a network watched by wanna be Marxists who don’t have the balls to shed blood for their cause. She thinks she’s got bona fides like Christiane Amanpour but she’s more of a knucklehead like Sarah Palin. Maybe Larry can get the Scissor Sisters to “open” for her.

  3. chuck says:

    Full disclosure. Bill O’Reilly is number 1
    She is number 14, to put that in perspective, Bill O’Reilly’s second show of the evening (A re-run of his first show earlier that night.) is number 9.

    “I am number 4” is a really bad movie. I am number 14 is some overblown hype.

    Here is the URL. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2011/11/30/cable-news-ratings-top-30_n_1121970.html#s508817&title=14_The_Rachel

    Maybe she breaks the top ten if you “tease” it.

  4. chuck says:

    Walter Cronkite? Seriously, Walter Cronkite??????
    “A Conversation with Rachel Maddow” will rehash the “Narrative” of victimology, identity politics, multiculturalism and the culture of complaint, while dismissing the opposition with healthy dose of white guilt and standard Bill Maher catch phrases like “Institutional Racism”, and paens to Hollywood heros like Sean Penn and Whitney Houston.

    Maddow is, in spite of her far left politics, an interesting bedfellow with Pat Buchanan when it comes to foriegn policy and foriegn wars.

    Here at home, fighting the good fight in the “Culture War”, or more aptly put, the destruction of the formally great American ethos, she is an ardent, well spoken, polished apparatchik with the smooth, reasonable and considered rhetorical approach that lends imagined veracity in place of emotional appeal and actual truth by way of delivery. Hence, the Cronkite comparrisons. Rachel Maddow, is to TV Journalism, what Kim Kardashian is to entertainment. Captivating on a superficial level for just a moment as you walk through the living room, diminished upon closer inspection from your sofa.

    Walter Cronkite has left the building folks. As the lights go out once again all over Europe and the destruction of America continues unabated from within, there are no real journalists that Americans now trust. Buchanan’s “Balkinization of America” is reflected in the shrill discourse of the 4th estate blended in with the vitriolic cacophony of argument in the 50 states.

    Our ongoing American entropy is accompanied not by a steady voice which transcends the confusion and diverse opinion to parse the truth at the end of the day, but the elevation of personality, identity and op ed aspirations that are more scatalogical than sacred, divined it would seem by the king or queen of last year’s prom.

    Cronkite is dead. What is left for thinking Americans, is certainly not Rachel Maddow, Bill Maher or Bill O’Reilly. It is the internet. It is left to us, now all grown up, to sift through the endless bullshit and find the truth in the news by way of the sweat of our brows over a keyboard.

    Its a lonely field to plow, and those intrepid would be souls with the temerity to delve deep enough, and then speak, will suffer no few slings and arrows for your efforts. It is far easier to go to see Rachel Maddow than actually form an opinion you yourself discerned from the front and back pages of newspaper sites, youtube videos and opinion pieces from all over the world. But, that greatest generation (In spite of what Rachel Maddow will tell you.), including Walter Cronkite left us in pretty good company and pretty good shape. There is nothing as free as the internet. It is where I found out that Al Gore didn’t invent the internet and that Rachel Maddow is no Walter Cronkite. You can believe, only in yourself.

    You are unqualified, untrained and dismissed by those folks who think you…, well, they think you can’t think. You can. You don’t need Rachel Maddow, or Walter Cronkite, or a Guru. Its the internet baby, tune in, turn on and then drop out of the crowd. Forget the predictable, pedantic, pedestrain talking heads, who use faux decency as a rhetorical weapon to further their own interests.

    Think of the main stream news, as a constant external dialogue, a journalistic voir dire where the facts must be checked on line, to deterrmine the truth.

    Walter Cronkite is dead.

    Rachel Maddow is a personality.

    Believe in yourself.

  5. mark smith says:

    If Maddow is Cronkite then anniston is liz taylor
    Im surprised you would make that stretch Hearne. Maddow is just a g rated version of bill maher. She is the yang to Rush’s ying. She pushes white guilt like crack. The country would be a better place if we could just get rid of all the white men running things. Thats her creed. Delivered in a mannish haircut and comfortable shoes. Cronkite delivered the news Madcow spins it.

  6. Hearne says:

    I’m not making that stretch, others have…
    In regard to ratings, O’Reilly has been at it far longer and clearly enjoys a ratings advantage over Maddow that he likes to boast about.


    I thought that way Maddow responded to O’Reilly’s ratings chest thumping was pretty funny.

    “We’re actually outrated by all kinds of shows,” Maddow said. “’Deadliest Catch,’ that’s about fishing. We get killed by a show called ‘The Closer’ about which I know nothing about except it kills us in the ratings, and we get smaller ratings than WWE wrestling…. Of course, all of those shows also kill Mr. O’Reilly’s show in the ratings as well as everything else on Fox, as do Sponge Bob, reruns of NCIS, and Hannah Montana, Forever, which is totally understandable. They are all more watched than The O’Reilly Factor which is totally irrelevant.”

  7. chuck says:

    Ok, those comments are funny.
    She looks like Dermot Mulroney in drag. Remember “The Wedding Date”?

    I mean that in a good way.

  8. RickM says:

    So Revealing
    It’s hilarious reading the comments from all of these white males who’re obviously threatened by someone like Maddow. They can’t handle her ascendency in the cable wars and resent the fact that she can’t be dismissed as another lefty hack. She does her homework and it shows with every broadcast. In short, Rachel knows your talking points better than you and can easily counter them in a pointed, yet entertaining way.

    I do agree, though, that the Cronkite comparison is off-base. He was from a different era.

  9. chuck says:

    Of course she can be dismissed as another lefty hack.

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