Lets get one thing straight…

I’m not a Ron Paul supporter and will probably join the thousands of Americans who write-in Mickey Mouse for President when casting my ballot this November. That being said- I find Mr. Paul to be a most interesting candidate.

I saw Paul’s speech at Union Station Saturday night and it was a barn burner.

He identifies a lot of the issues that Americans are disturbed by and which are fueling the Tea Party & Occupy Wall Street protest movements.

Here are three major issues I’d like to address:

The Erosion of Civil Liberties– Our Constitutional Law Professor President recently signed into law legislation which would hold Americans indefinitely after being accused of “terrorist activities” (whatever that might be). You would also not have a right to an attorney, to post bail, see the evidence against you or be able to confront your accuser.

As a criminal defense lawyer, I find this to be OUTRAGEOUS!

The Endless Wars-We’ve been in – Iraq and Afghanistan. I know, the President has “ended” the war in Iraq- but do we have all our troops out? No. And Afghanistan, do you realize the last army to conquer the Afghans was Alexander the Great’s over 2400 years ago? And now the most powerful military the World has ever seen is currently being beat by a “religious, sandal wearing mafia.”

Its ridiculous and needs to end.

Out of Control Government Spending– Next year’s Federal Budget is almost FOUR TRILLION DOLLARS! That’s one out of every four dollars the American People generate in income every year. And when added up with all the money spent by State and Local Governments, over half of the gross national product of the USA is being consumed by Government.

And for what?

Look around Kansas City with its broken school system and rotting infrastructure. All this money is being spent and there is precious little to show for it.

Would things be any different under a President Paul?

Who knows? However one thing is for certain, he couldn’t possibly be any worse than the current occupant of the White House.

Could he?

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3 Responses to Whinery: RON PAUL FOR PRESIDENT?

  1. chuck says:

    No, he couldn’t.
    Although I do like some Habeas Corpus on the menu.

  2. Super Dave says:

    Barn Burner?
    All I saw was a man standing up there saying just what that crowd wanted to hear him say. Sort of llike what Obama did and all you suckers fell for that.

  3. Markus Aurelius says:

    If enough voters had the balls to vote for who they really
    would like to vote for (instead of getting sucked into the MSM’s dismissal of Paul as a viable candidate) based upon the issues, Ron Paul would be president. The latest polls in Iowa had Paul as the only Rep. candidate ahead of Obama in the Nov election at a % that exceeded the margin or error. I’ll give Paul credit – at least he’s consistent. Everyone else (on both sides) is just spouting the party line fiscally-inconsistent, morally-inconsistent, constitutionally-inconsistent crap that they believe is the opposite of what the other side stands for. Santorum actually said last night that he was morally opposed to planned parenthood but voted for it and that he was against NCLB but voted for it because politics is a team sport. That’s about the most accurate, yet disgusting, garbage we’ve come to expect and accept from our elected officials. Ron Paul doesn’t get support based on style or his age or his voice or his looks or his delivery – he gets support because of his ideas and opinions.

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