Glazer: Scribe Plunks Down His 8 Bucks, Picks Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Winners

What started as a few pages of pretty girls in swimming suits a few decades back is now is the biggest selling Sports Illustrated issue of the year…

The entire mag is dedicated to beautiful women in small pieces of clothing.

I find it odd that a sports rag’s biggie of the year is always semi-nude ladies. Why not just buy Playboy and see everything? In fact, many of the girls over the years from S.I. end up nude in Playboy or other zines.

Hey, I’m guilty too. I was in my favorite Quick Trip the other day, S.I. had just come out, I saw the cover and laid down the 8 bucks.

This issue promotes Kate Upton as the new Super Hottie. She gets jacked – but not by much – by Genevieve Morton, another blonde. Then there’s the busty Nina Agdal. Well, most of them are pretty busty, huh?

So if you are tiring of Peyton Manning stories and want to get ready for summer in February….run to your favorite Quick Trip or CVS and snag the nearly 200 pages of these swimsuit beauties. Don’t be shy. A little winter fun never hurts.

It’s a good one, I promise.

And there’s already a debate in the media about whether Kate is too fat to be the cover girl.

That’s right, fat!

She has more of a stripper type body some media "experts" are saying. And VICTORIA SECRET said she looks too skanky for them!


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6 Responses to Glazer: Scribe Plunks Down His 8 Bucks, Picks Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Winners

  1. Johnny says:

    what a douchebag
    “scribe” is secret word for HOMO… only a homo would call himself scribe… gayest shit ever



  2. Janice Woods says:

    Uh, Craig
    I thought your column about me was kinda cute, but then I read this. Do you write anything that doesn’t mention boobs – like you did mine when we were only in the fifth grade? Most guys our age have developed into adults, but you are proof that it’s possible to grow old without growing up. Too bad. You can now consider me UNsubSCRIBE.

  3. Oh My says:

    Scribe Plunks Down His 8 Bucks,
    You could have just clicked on and seen literally hundreds of pictures of the same chicks in bikinis.

  4. chuck says:

    In my dreams, that fat Kate Upton chick
    is telling me that every time she sees me, she could drown a toddler in her underware.

    Fat?? Really??

  5. mermaid says:

    I’m coming back! Just been busy with new endeavors! Stay tuned for some good stuff! 😉

  6. Kerouac says:

    ‘What’ mystery
    “Why not just buy Playboy and see everything?”

    – ever heard of foreplay? [ rimshot / cymbal crash! ]


    Sorry, couldn’t resist; other end the spectrum, puritanical slant: being tormented is good for the soul.

    Am reminded of Wilt Chamberlain’s quote “it’s better to make love to the same woman 1000 times than to 1000 different women”. Of course, if you believe Wilt’s words then you must quibble with his method: he claims to have needed 20000 experiences to reach his conclusion, give or take 100 squared… but then who can keep count, right CG?

    My formative (early teenage) years, remember the anticipation arrival new issue of Playboy, hidden (if not well enough) in dad’s night stand drawer. Then it all started over again next month, and, with each thereaft. The only momentary wavering of mine I trace back to Miss December 1968, who very nearly corrupted me: no artifical enhancement, no air brush, no need. Retreating the safety my ‘One Million Years BC’ poster a loin-clothed Raquel Welch, color returned to my face, presently.

    I don’t know man, I’ve been around since the 1950’s and for me the allure (Veronica Lake’s peekaboo hairstyle, the torpedo/bullet bra, sweater girls, false eyelashes, garter belt & hose, heels and the rest in unison create a look that makes me float on air (think that old cartoon where the character is carried wafting along mid-air, pursuit the deliciousness he desires – but, think not so much Wimpy his hamburger or Yogi Bear picnic goodies, rather Al Pacino ‘Scent of a Woman’, and beyond.)

    I look at it this way: having seen my share female birthday suits, the women I remain most curious about are those ever unwrapped, mystery retained. The chase, the attention, the seduction, gift wrap’s descent, reward… worth the wait.

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