Star Search: Mirror, Mirror on the Wall…Who Will Rule KC’s Arts Scene?

The $64 million question at the Kansas City Star: Who will lord over KC’s arts and entertainment scene?

The guessing game is now on as to who will succeed the newspaper’s features editor, Mary Lou Nolan, my old boss. It’s a big job – riding herd over the FYI and A&E (Arts & Entertainment) sections and Star Magazine.

Or as the mostly male editors at the newspaper tend to regard it, the "womens sections."

When I started at the Star in the early 1990s, one of the first things new editor Art Brisbane did was usher out the two male editors that had been running the section and installing a three woman chain of command. Times have changed however and with the attrition of the past several years there are far fewer women candidates in the pipeline capable of replacing Nolan.

The more obvious editor suspects / candidates are dudes – Steve Paul, Keith Robison and David Frese.

One wild card that could be a frontrunner: INK editor Laurie Mansfield.

Other possible women candidates include highly regarded food section editor Jill Silva and equally competent Star Magazine star Cindy Hoedel.

Interestingly, the announcement of Nolan’s passing came on the heels of the Star staffing cuts Monday.

News reporter Joe Lambe was the lone news reporter axed, sports had just lost KU beat reporter J. Brady McCullough and Nolan’s departure from features made it more-or-less a one cadaver per section affair (not counting business).

Raising the question of whether Nolan took the buyout rather than drop the hammer on somebone else in FYI.

Stay tuned.
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3 Responses to Star Search: Mirror, Mirror on the Wall…Who Will Rule KC’s Arts Scene?

  1. Super Dave says:

    Hire the scribe who else
    They should hire Glazer he knows it all, knows everyone, and has slept with the rest.

  2. Johnny says:

    turned upside down
    Well, it is offiicial, hearne and glazer have swapped places,
    with galzer writing reasonable articles stopped talking about his past…
    and now hearne is dwelling on his past and telling tales….. what a wacky world.

    Hearne: “Leeme tell ya sumthin….. back when I was a mere whipper snapper, in the good old days of the KC Star, boy howdy….. limme tell you how it were,…. why……. well……. we had to walk to work, it was a long 5 miles, usuall in a driving snowstorm or torretnial down popur…. or a flood or locusts ….. or sumthin……. anyhow….. we had daa walk….. uphill….. both ways….. and limme tell ya nuther thing…… this ole editor of mine…… why she was just……. she……… was……..wa……….w…….zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz”

    I just call it like I see it…. in my unhumble opinion.

    btw- You are running low on peanuts up here in the peanut gallery, can you please refill the dispenser.

  3. eddieroot says:

    If yer askin’ me…
    Dawn is tan, rested & ready.

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