Sounds Good: Red Bull Thre3style DJ Battle@Beaumont, Stephen Malkmus@Granada

Valentine’s Day has come and gone, and hopefully you made it through unscathed…

Hopefully you got through that awkward night where you had to pretend you actually have "feelings" and that you care about something other than shoving food down your hole, guzzling brewdogs, and the occasional strange.  

You made it! 

So now forget about all that b.s. you told your sweetie and regain a bit of your manhood by watching some local DJs fight to the death at the Beaumont this Saturday.  I heard that they do it with knives like they did in the music video for Bad by tying their hands together… and then dancing around a bit.

Saturday, February 18th

Red Bull Thre3Style DJ Battle at the Beaumont in KC 

This DJ battle features several top notch KC area DJs competing against each other to advance to the national finals in Orlando, Florida. The performers include Bobby Keys, Brent Tactic, Magnum, CEO, SKU, B-Stee, Who and JT Quick, who will each throw down a 15 minute set. Closing out the show is DJ P with a special set, who will also be one of the judges for the competition. He recently won the BET reality show Master of the Mix, and received a huge novelty check worth $250K for his troubles. P is known for his use of vinyl, as opposed to a lot of the laptops and digital programs that a lot of DJs use these days.

The theme for this event is “party rockin’” so it won’t just be a bunch of cutting and scratching, which, let’s be honest, can get a little monotonous at times.  Hosting the party is Fox 4 movie dude, Shawn Edwards

Find out more about the event here:

Sunday, February 19th

Stephen Malkmus and the Jicks at the Granada in Lawrence

Malkmus was a founding member of the seminal indie alt-rock band Pavement, who achieved a cult following in the ‘90s.  The band’s well publicized ugly breakup in 1999 culminated with Malkmus refusing to sing any lyrics at the Coachella Festival, and then letting other members of the band find out they were finished by posting a note on their website.

But time heals all, right?  Plus, money is cool. 

So in 2010 Pavement reunited for a tour in support of a “best of” album that was well received.  Right after Pavement imploded in 1999, Malkmus started up his other band, the Jicks. They’ve released about five albums to relative critical praise and have a new one, Mirror Traffic, that was produced by Beck and sounds like a bit of a throwback to the Pavement days.  

No doubt this show will be packed, even on a Sunday night. 

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