Whinery: Beware the School Lunch Police

Just when you thought the “Nanny State” couldn’t get any bigger…

Are you ready for your child’s sack lunch to come under scrutiny? By a government inspector, that is. And you wonder why the government is bankrupt.

North Carolina deemed that a lunch consisting of a turkey & cheese on wheat sandwich, a banana, apple juice and potato chips did not meet the “nutritional requirements.” 

Incidentally, this was exactly the same lunch I packed for a six year old today.

So what was the Inspector’s recommendation?

Why chicken nuggets, of course.

Along with milk and canned fruits and vegetables. Did you know, by the way, that McDonald’s Chicken Nuggets have Silly Putty as one of the ingredients? Can’t imagine anything healthier than that!

According to Federal Government Guidelines- a “healthy” school lunch must consist of milk, two servings of fruit or vegetables, bread or grains and meat. Everything must be uniform in the U.S.S.A. of today…

Want to raise you kid as a Vegan or Vegetarian? Not in this Country. How about Jewish dietary guidelines, where meat and milk cannot be eaten in the same meal? So much for the freedom to raise your children according to your religious tenets.

And what if your kid is a Celiac and can’t eat wheat? Or is lactose intolerant? Prepare to be interrogated!

Keep in mind, the same Federal Government so concerned with the health of your child it recently tried to get pizza classified as a vegetable for school lunches. That’s right. And where does it all end?

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3 Responses to Whinery: Beware the School Lunch Police

  1. Orphan of the Road says:

    “In 2011, Congress passed a bill that barred the USDA from changing its nutritional guidelines for school lunches. The proposed changes[6] would have limited the amount of potatoes allowed in lunches, required more green vegetables, and declared a half-cup of tomato paste to count as a serving of vegetables, rather than the current standard of 2 tablespoons. This meant that the tomato paste in pizza could continue to be counted as a vegetable in school lunches. The move resulted in widespread mockery, with headlines saying Congress declared pizza to be a vegetable. It was also criticized heavily, since the change was lobbied for by food companies such as ConAgra, and was a substantial blow to efforts to make school lunches healthier.” Wikipedia

    When I was a kid, and dirt was new, we had real people cooking real food in our cafeterias. I was a lunch bag kid until mom got sick. The food came from the USDA and the commodity program. It was put in place to make wholesome food available to children, especially poor children.

    School lunches tried, in that 50s-60s way, to ensure poor children would receive one nutritious meal a day. Today’s school lunch is the unintended result of good intentions.

    Today Price Chopper is the cafeteria lady.

    Sometime back when a school in LA gave a contract to McDonalds for providing meals parents screamed bloody murder. What were they to do for dinner if McDonalds was lunch?

    If you wish to raise your child as a vegan (old Indian word for bad hunter) or with a strict Kosher diet that is on you. I was raised on wild game and home-grown produce and my parents had no illusion is was the gubermint’s responsibility to provide such fare.

    You might explore why the Heartland is a corn-and-soybean ghetto which is supported by tax dollars while the USA is now a net importer of food.

  2. Markus Aurelius says:

    10th Amendment where are you?
    “The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.”

    Nowhere in the constitution does it grant Congress or the Executive Branch the power to regulate local schools, let alone school lunches. We have a pretty good governing document if we’d just follow it.

  3. Wha? says:

    In what world…
    …does it make sense to expect the government to provide lunches to cover all possible variations of lunch requests? Schools aren’t inspecting lunches brought from home. Just because they don’t think the lunch you packed your kid isn’t healthy enough to serve the masses doesn’t mean you can’t still send that lunch with your kid.

    And please provide your source to support your claim that Silly Putty is an ingredient in McNuggets. Your thesis just makes you sound like you form your opinions without all the facts. Fear mongerers survive by people people like you.

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