Hearne: Jason Whitlock Gets His You-Know-What in a Racism/Sexism Ringer

From the penthouse to the you-know-what house in two short years…

When former Star sports columnist Jason Whitlock imploded his way out of KC two years back, he went out in style. Kinda. By taking a huge public dump on the local newspaper and outing his boss – Star editor Mike Fannin – for allegedly dipping his pen in the company ink.

Nevermind that few at the Star likely disagreed with him.

As the details about Fannin and the Star grew more sordid, 610 Sports host Nick Wright pulled the plug on Whitlock and listeners were left to their imaginations as to what Fannin may have enacted that January night.

Whitlock’s trashing of his former employer wasn’t a first – nor even a second.

The Fat Man had already burned bridges with former employers, WHB, ESPN and Entercom.

Just the behind-the-scenes stories I’d heard about Whitlock would have been enough to make the Star fire about any other employee – present company included – but Star editors and publishers relished Whitlock’s ability to pimp readers and stitch together WWE-like sports soaps.

The kinda stuff that sells newspapers, they said.

But now that Whitlock’s gone – and continuing to write for Fox Sports online – aside from calling in to try and match wits with Wright on 610, the Big Fella’s all but dropped from sight. As if he’s waiting for another Don Imus racial moment to buy another ticket on Oprah.

Whitlock’s ticket arrived this past week.

In the form of an "unfunny" Tweet he issued last Friday that he was forced to apologize for. About rising NBA star Jeremy Lin after Lin scored a sensational 38 points against the Lakers that night.

"Some lucky lady in NYC is gonna feel a couple inches of pain tonight," Whitlock Tweeted.

Get it, the Asian dude may have scored lots of points against the brothers, but he only had two inches where romance was concerned.

Yahoo SportsKelly Dwyer‘s take on Whitlock’s gaffe:

"Tell me, have you ever read a Jason Whitlock column on the NBA? Do you even think to go to him when NBA news breaks? Jason Whitlock knows this. He’s also an unfunny boor with a massive ego, and the combination of those factors plus his NBA irrelevancy leads to Twitter comments like this."


"There are funny jokes, and then there are unfunny jokes that mix with needless racial stereotyping and the laziness that comes from not even bothering to look up the fact that the Knicks would be flying to Minneapolis directly after Friday’s game," Dwyer continues. "On Sunday, after much criticism and derision, Whitlock came through with an apology of sorts."

Whitlock’s apology:

"The couple-inches-of-pain tweet overshadowed my sincere celebration of Lin’s performance and the irony that the stereotype applies to pot-bellied, overweight male sports writers, too," Whitlock wrote Monday. "As the Asian American Journalist Association pointed out, I debased a feel-good sports moment. For that, I’m truly sorry."

The apology was in response to the Asian American Journalists Association calling Whitlock out for racism.

"Dear Mr. Whitlock," it begins. "Where do we begin?

"Let’s start by saying that your tweet in the midst of the Jeremy Lin hoopla was inappropriate on so many levels. Certainly, it doesn’t hold up to the conduct of responsible journalists, those in sports or otherwise, who adhere to standards of fairness, civility and good taste. Nor does it meet the standards of Fox Sports, with which you are associated.

"Outrage doesn’t begin to describe the reaction of the Asian American Journalists Association (AAJA) to your unnecessary and demeaning tweet of Feb. 10 after the New York Knicks played the Los Angeles Lakers: ‘Some lucky lady in NYC is gonna feel a couple of inches of pain tonight.’

"Let’s not pretend we don’t know to what you were referring. The attempt at humor – and we hope that is all it was – fell flat. It also exposed how some media companies fail to adequately monitor the antics of their high-profile representatives. Standards need to be applied – by you and by Fox Sports.

"The offensive tweet debased one of sports’ feel-good moments, not just among Asian Americans but for so many others who are part of your audience.

"Where do we go from here? How about an apology, Mr. Whitlock."

Dwyer’s take on Whitlock’s apology:

"Whitlock’s not going anywhere, though some called for and even expected his dismissal from FOX over the weekend. The Asian American Journalists Association was more than correct in looking past the "not funny" aspect of Whitlock’s noise and calling out his blatant stereotyping…Whitlock, per usual, will be dutifully ignored by NBA fans until he says another stupid thing about the league."

Dwyer wasn’t alone is nailing Whitlock for racism but other journalists busted him for sexism as well.

"Whitlock, who often takes on what he sees as racism in sport, does not seem to get the contradiction of speaking out about racism when it applies to black people, but feeling totally comfortable expressing racist sentiments about Asians, writes Pat Griffin of opposingviews.com. "Whitlock, in addition to using an ugly stereotype for Asian men, seems to think that inflicting sexual pain on women is an appropriate way of celebrating a great athletic performance…Whitlock’s comment is offensive to Asian men and all women. Why haven’t more men who object to Whitlock’s racism also criticized his sexism?"

Readers of Whitlock’s columns and followers of his exploits at strip club won’t be shocked by the sexism charges.

To top it all off, Sportsgrid.com’s Dan Fogarty even put together a column headlined, "Here Are Some Jokes About Jason Whitlock Having a Small Penis"

So once again Whitlock has managed to jam his way into the national limelight. However this time in a manner that may cost him.

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22 Responses to Hearne: Jason Whitlock Gets His You-Know-What in a Racism/Sexism Ringer

  1. HARLEY says:

    who do you think is
    more interesting…glaze or whitlock?
    who do you think gets more poontang? glaze or whitlock?
    who do you think gets more national publicity…we all know thats whitlock
    who would you want to have a beer with…i say whitlock…with glaze you have to fight off
    the glare from his sunglasses.
    who is more3 controversial…thats easy…whitlock because he gets heat from all over the nation..
    glaze just get crap from a few commenters on kcc….not even close there.

  2. bschloz says:

    Tweet Tweet
    I thought Whitlock said his tweets don’t count?
    Lin is just a great story. When have we ever seen a journeyman all the sudden emerge like this?

    @Harley… I’ll take the other side of that Poon Tang bet.

  3. chuck says:

    The 4th estate’s “Protected Class”
    Calling Jimmy The “Greek”.

    Whitlock’s comments with regard to a popular Asian Stereotype are funny. Sorry, it’s funny shit and I would venture a guess that most people laughed. I would guess, that most Asians laughed, jmo.

    The nanosecond Whitlock’s tweet hit the air waves and a so called “racial slur” (Quell Horreur!! Cover the children’s ears!!) was discerned by the soldiers in the Politically Correct Media’s Meta-System those brave warriors burned more rubber than a “Fast and Furious” movie getting to keyboards all over America.

    “He ain’t white, HE’S ASIAN!!!! FIRE AT WILL!!!!”

    Whitlock, crippled by the weight of his own ego and aspirations of humor, produces a written by product less polished than necessary to flourish in journalistic waters more salubrious to those unctuous, conventional and predictable talking heads with the brains of Jessica Rabbit at ESPN.

    Cue the supercilious, splenetic pontifications from extemporaneously ordained experts (A black linebacker from the 90’s, a white quarterback who will be on set with the sole purpose of being on camera and nodding in the afirmative, and perhaps a teleconference with Patrick Chung or Yao Ming, who probably has casters on his cock.) with regard to the appropriate amount of wailing and gnashing of teeth which should accompany this grievous sin.

    Ya know who loves this shit? Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson and the usual roll call of apologists, civil rights jefes and mountebanks who continue to bilk this nation out of blood and treasure by way of the ammunition supplied by the over reaction to harmless comments like Whitlock just made.

    Will Whitlock be ruined like Jimmy the Greek, or Don Imus for his trangressions? No. He wears the “Protected Class” carapace, which is impervious to the level of opprobrium gauranteed a white commenter in a similar situation.

    This racial tempest in a tea cup brouhaha is an affirmation of the special rules, the privlege, (You can go to jail for a hate crime if you are white. http://www.thenewsstar.com/article/20120208/NEWS01/120208007 , astonishingly enough, violent hate crimes all over America are determined by the ethnicity of the perp, as opposed the facts of said crimes. Who knew?) the written and unwritten part of our American social contract which forgives and levels the playing field for the sins of selected members of that same American society.

    The incessant reconstitution of these Politikally Korrect rules, by self appointed thought police in the Main Stream Media, divide and polarize American society by way of the content of color as opposed to the content of character (I will beat that dead horse until it actually means something again.).

    More exceptions to the rules—–See Floyd Mayweather’s comments on “Linsanity” http://www.sfgate.com/cgi-bin/article.cgi?f=/n/a/2012/02/13/sports/s173919S14.DTL&tsp=1 . These comments by the best black boxer in the world, over the last several years (Floyd also flings some racial slurs and shit from his tire swing at Manny Pacquiao, although imo, it is motivated by the fear of actually having to some day fight a guy whom he knows will kick his ass.) would be recieved some what differently if they eminated from a champion white boxer. There was a good one, back in the Triassic Period I believe.

    Now, here in America and in England where these folks here DON’T go to jail –


    — yet Emma Brown DOES go to jail


    illustrate the growing and onerous burden borne by those unfortunate folks who are caught in an unespected situation, telling the truth.

    “In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth, is a revolutionary act.”


  4. Chuck has a small penis says:

    Yah, I don’t think anyone is calling for Whitlock to go to jail. Just that’s he’s a racist idiot.

  5. kcfred says:

    Race is Where This Started
    Why wasn’t Jeremy Linn “discovered” until now?
    Why didn’t the “scouts” scout him?
    Why didn’t he get a schorlarship to Stanford which was right down the road?
    He’s asian. He isn’t black.
    THAT’s why no one paid any attention to him, even after a stellar career at Harvard.
    Asian kids are smart, they can’t “ball”.
    It was a “racial” thing why he wasn’t discovered earlier.
    Pretty sad when why stereotype, eh?

  6. Hearne says:

    Here’s the deal…
    People can and do say many things among friends in the real world. In private, in other words. Like comments section here.

    However, most educated, responsible people who have high profile jobs in the media know better than to lay down something like Whitlock did. It’s not a question of whether your buddies think it’s funny. That’s not the measure.

    It’s about being a responsible adult and not making sophomoric jokes that after 20 years in the media you should know better than to make – that is if you want to keep your job.

  7. Orphan of the Road says:

    It is OK to discriminate against Asians
    Just look at his alma mater, Harvard, and the other Ivies.

    kcfred, Stanford probably had already reached its quota on Asian students.

    Chuck brought up Mayweather’s comments which were considerably worse than Whitlock’s poor attempt at humor.

    Whitlock has been a fraud and a hypocrite for a long time. He always used to diss on chubby white girls yet he usually had some skanky blond hanging all over him. Standing with William Jackson’s wife one year at Chiefs’ training camp we saw Whitlock coming down the path with a lady who looked like she had been on Independence Avenue earlier.

  8. paulwilsonkc says:

    Hearne, you stepped over the credibility line here
    you know good and well the two girls in that picture were bought and paid for by Glazer for his date later that night and simply on loan to The Big Load. You don’t bother, in your piece, to give him an ounce of credit for it! Where’s your journalistic ingetrity. GIVE CREDIT where its due! Glazer has at least $50.00 invested in this story in those two rent-a-chicks alone! (thats excluding any alledged value from any alledged meth)

    And speaking of Imus, my personal mentor, where are the Jessie Jacksons, the Rev Al’s? Where’s the same outcry from that camp, the race baiters, that keep that turmoil in play all the time? Silent. Why? It

  9. chuck says:

    No, here is the deal…
    Hearne, you apparently took this quote seriously enought to post it.

    “…”Whitlock, in addition to using an ugly stereotype for Asian men, seems to think that inflicting sexual pain on women is an appropriate way of celebrating a great athletic performance…Whitlock

  10. Orphan of the Road says:

    If you got the money honey, I’ve got the time
    I have known several guys who bought penis extenders (fancy cars) and the only piece of ass they ever got was when the toilet paper ripped.

    Jessie & Al are waiting for sign from God, oh wait they are waiting for a payday. My bad.

    You don’t have to use Chris Rock as an example. Hell, I hate crackers (original definition not the one used by Scarlet O’Hara’s crowd) too and if they all died today I wouldn’t morn them in the least.

    Racism is alive and well in all ethnic groups. Some control their tongues better than others but their actions speak volumes.

    IMHO we are more segregated as a society today than back in my youth where I saw the Colored Only water fountains and the Niggers Be Out of Town by Sundown at the city limits of Mexico, Mo.

    When the good reverends Al and Jessie and others speak out about the racism of the Washington Redskins, then I might give them the time of day. Would they tolerate a NY Niggers team? Pittsburgh Pickaninnies?

    Racism isn’t born, folks, it’s taught. I have a two-year-old son. You know what he hates? Naps! End of list.
    Denis Leary

    As Peter Noone sang, this door swings both ways…

  11. paulwilsonkc says:

    Orphan, you are correct
    Im originally from Carthage, MO. Zip Code EIEIO. My father grew up in “colored town”. One of the first vacations I remember was him taking me “to the South” where he took me out in the fields to talk to share croppers. He took me to see drinking fountains that said “whites” and “coloreds” all in an effort to tell me thats NOT how people were supposed to live.

    You’re right, it does swing both ways, but when Chris uses the term “crackers”, he’s not using it in the properly defined way for what it really meant in its day, he just means whites in general. I’m white. I know its his act and I get a laugh from his material. I dont scream racisim. But Jesse, Al, et al, biggest racists of all.

  12. Orphan of the Road says:

    Do you remember an amusement park near Springfield called Slave Town?

    Chris uses a broad brush for his comedy, it is comparable to Swift’s suggestion during the Irish Famine that the Irish eat their children.

    My grandfather was once called out by a neighbor for paying blacks the same as white’s on his farm but not hiring him. He said he knew he would get a day’s work from the black men. My father worked for Sheffield Steel and was told he had to end a friendship with a black man and his family or lose his job (during the Depression).

    Shit chuck, Whitlock inflicts pain on a woman just by talking to her.

  13. chuck says:

    I didn’t think of that…

    Yeah, that is probably right.

  14. Smartman says:

    Gorilla Warfare
    Don’t think for a moment that retaliation isn’t under way. Since the tweet millions of negroes have eaten food at Chinese, Thai, Japanese or other Oriental restaurants that has been infused with feces and ejaculate from humans and animals, spit and rolled nasal mucus.

  15. Hot Carl says:

    The sad part of all this is that it’s the funniest thing Whitlock has ever written. His B.A. Homer articles make this Asian racial slur look positively Shakespearean.

  16. expat says:

    chuck the word you’re looking for…
    …is Anarcho Tyranny.

  17. chuck says:

    @ expat–many thanks, that is spot on.

  18. Fcats says:

    hearne fail
    It is a fail that you even report this fucking story. I posted something just to test you, and sure enough you failed.

    THERE IS/WAS NO GOOD REASON TO EVEN HAVE THIS STORY HERE…… again you are double standarding, picking and choosing what you deem ok and not OK….. like it is OK to fuck with a good man like Timm Finn, but by golly dont mess with…. ah anyway….

    You are guilty as anyone, cut your moralistic crap. dont post stupid stories like this, you know what they attract, unless you juts love wagging your finger……

  19. PB says:

    Really? Just a pretty harmless joke on a racial stereotype, big effing deal. I guess if I found it the least bit funny, I’m also racist. Maybe if we allowed ourselves to joke about this kind of stupid stuff, we’d be better off as a united society.

    As for Lin being passed over…while reverse racism (preconceived notions about some white and/or Asian players especially at the PG position) may have been a factor in regards to perhaps limiting his opportunities, it’s not like he was completely ignored by NBA scouts. Since there are only TWO rounds in the NBA draft that picks from a worldwide pool of players, many players have to earn their way into the league via the undrafted free agent route. Lin played some as a rookie for Golden State who actually thought pretty highly of him and only let him go to free up some $ so they could go after free agent DeAndre Jordan, who ironically, ended up resigning with the Clippers anyway. Two other teams (Rockets & Knicks) felt the need to add him to their rosters so to act like he was black-balled (oops, is that term racist?!!!) because of his Asian descent is not only presumptuous, but just plain wrong.

    Pro sports might just be the most equitable occupation in all of America. It’s completely results-driven and if you can perform, teams will find you and play you. The thought process that there is some plethora of NBA-ready Asian and white kids out there being held back just because of their color is even dumber than a Rick Santorum soundbite.

  20. expat says:

    The number of comments on this article are now higher than the NBA’s viewership.

  21. paulwilsonkc says:

    Fcat, heres the point in from my point of view
    That giant talking head Jason screams racism at every turn. It makes up 70% of his act. Much like Craig talking about how cool he is and how many hot women he has. If either Craig or Jason had to drop Racism or Personal Cool-ness from their writings, they would be devoid of content.

    Racism clearly matters to Jason, but only when its BLACK racism. Therein lies the point. Hypocricital when it comes to other races, slurs or insults. Now, if you would have said “Look at that PICTURE, Jason and those sleezy babes…. one of them or BOTH are going to get 14 inches of PAIN tonight, because we KNOW what all THOSE GUYS are like!!!”, Jason would have been the first one to sign on with a RACIST COMMENT because I was depicting all black men in a stereo typical racist manner.

    14 inches of pain = RACIST. 2 inches of pain…. funny.

    I happen to find what he said kind of funny, but I own my share of bad taste. And NO, I dont mean in the manner of inflicting PAIN on females, I mean just the comment in general. I didnt see it as racist. I wouldn’t have called it that. But when it comes from the person who screams RACIST all the time, its a paradox. Or at least one dox.

  22. Smokey Joe says:

    Jason Whitlock paid me $200 to write his controversial Jeremy Lin Tweet.

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