Glazer: Love on the Rocks, Valentine’s Day 2012 in Kansas City

In recent years Valentine’s Day has become one of THE THREE go out nights of the year…

It replaced New Year’s Eve for couples shortly after the year 2000. I can attest to that at Stanford and Sons. Valentine’s week has been in our Top Three for like a decade.

But for some reason, this year it got lost!

I could feel the lack of energy towards this lover’s mash two weeks out. There just wasn’t any buzz. Like, "Hey, where you going for Valentine’s?"  And while married people and couples are almost forced to go out, at least to eat, they often say, "New Year’s is amateur night – we don’t want to get a DUI."

By the way, New Year’s Eve is a nearly dead night compared to a decade ago.

Look, this isn’t to say nobody went out, it just was very light. I realize it was a Tuesday and that hurts, of course. Last year Valentine’s Day fell on a Monday and the weekend was packed for us and many other restaurants and night spots. Even that Monday was fairly busy, given that it was a Monday.

I went to the Plaza to see if it had the upper hand.

Nope, nothing special there last night. A little busier than a normal Tuesday maybe, but not much. Seasons 5 was half empty. Gram and Dun was slow. Even the new hot spot Zocalo was light. I expected to see at least a fairly full bar and dining area there, but no. I ate there and the food was better than it has been. The staff was on top of things and all smiles. I really like the atmosphere. However there were no Valentines in sight.

Stanford’s was decent, but down a shade from last year.

Raising the question of if love starting to become a fading feeling?

I hope not, but it does seem like most holidays are increasingly being looked at like excuses for people to have to go out and buy stuff or get just get a card. Who has time for the sentiment? That includes Christmas.

Yeah, good old-fashioned sentimentality is fading fast.

Well,maybe we’re in luck – Monday is Presidents Day and that will kill for sure.

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4 Responses to Glazer: Love on the Rocks, Valentine’s Day 2012 in Kansas City

  1. Orphan of the Road says:

    Scientists have discovered
    There is no love, only hormones.

    Consumerism has swallowed the public and there is just so many things to buy for those keeping up with the Jones’, that we ham-and-eggers have found there is love and romance available the other 364-days a year.

    Many business jack up their prices for these “special” days and it has turned off more than a few people.

    Mr Hall was very sad Tuesday as many of us feel he has enough dough and skipped buying his overpriced shit.

  2. harley says:

    huge retail day…
    why do you always boo hoo holidays where family and people get together…come on…valentines
    is a great great day.
    Fell on tuesday and with everyone working many people celebrated on saturday night…and the
    plaza was busy…..some people with kids have to make do with weekend celebration…and
    one of the biggest pizza nights for pappa johns in valentines day…figure it out…

    but glaze…its valentines day…and i want action not in some restaurant…but be carefulll….very careful…
    the women dressing up for valentines day look the best of any day of the year..very sexy…and you
    can get caught with the wandering eyes if you’re not careful…
    I could care less about restauarants…or night life..or drinking joints…or bars…or the plaza on
    valentines day…i want action in the bedroom…
    Nothing better tha ngoing into victorias secret and getting the newest perfumes…and it smells great…
    the ladies all look great ande there’ssomething about that store that men love….
    you asked “who has time for the sentiment”…i’ll tell you…every man who wants action the other
    364 daysin the year better have some time for the sentiment…or else!!!!!!!!!
    go thru the plaza…the westport…wherever…on valentines day all the action is in the bedroom….
    unless you’re hearne christopher where the action was at HOOOTERS EATING CHICKENWINGS!!!!
    and who wants mexican food on valentines day? an enchilada? a taco (the kind with a shell)?
    come on glaze….one day you’ll get it…come on out to joco and lets get you a classy…hot…milf with lots
    of money and you’ll never have to serve another drink in your life..
    my dad said it right (wish i would have listened..i date the daughter whose dad owned a baseball team
    up north)…”you can marry more in 5 minutes…than you can make in 50 years….!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. kcfred says:

    I had fun
    Sorry Glaze, took my 40 year old hottie out for a wonderful dinner, had some fun then came back here and we had even more fun. It’s amazing what a bit of experience and enthusiasm can do. Love is what you make it.

  4. Johnny says:

    “at last”
    Finally…. a good, informative article from glazer.

    Thanks, please keep em coming like this.

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