Hearne: Enquirer Dings Romney With Valentine’s Day ‘Love Triangle Shocker’

There’s little doubt Republican frontrunner Mitt Romney‘s campaign could use a little oomph…

But is it possible that one of the most boring presidential candidates ever was caught up in a "love triangle"? Hey, maybe. At this stage of the game, the idea of Romney getting strafed by The National Enquirer in a sex scandal story on Valentine’s Day might be considered by some as positive. Anything to knock Romney out of that boring and flavorless flip-flop box he’s been trapped in the past four years or so.

And it’s Valentine’s Day at the Enquirer, so pretty much anything goes. Including headlines like, "Exclusive Interview: Mitt Romney Love Triangle Shocker!"

Check it out.

"Presidential candi­date MITT ROMNEY has been rocked by a shock­ing ‘cheating’ scandal involving his beloved wife ANN," the story begins. "In an election year marked by horrendous mud-slinging, a just-published book dropped a bombshell directly on the Repub­lican front-runner and his wife of 42 years."

Sounds pretty tawdry, right? But are they really talking about Mitt?

Turns out a newly released book, "The Real Romney" tells the story of how Romney’s wife Ann – after agreeing in college to marry him – had a fling with some dude on the Brigham Young basketball team.

That after the Mittster took off for France to fulfill part of his missionary obligations to the Mormon church.

"Ann plunged into a new romance with (Kim) Cam­eron," the Enquirer continues. "When Mitt got the news, he was devastated, according to the book’s au­thors Michael Kranish and Scott Helman, both Boston Globe report­ers."

That book’s been out nearly a month and the Globe reporters have pretty much made the rounds of most major political talk shows. But leave it to the Enquirer to ferret out the single sexy morsal and serve it up sensationally on America’s Day of Love.

Check out the spin on this baby.

"In a sensational new development, The ENQUIRER tracked down Cameron, and he revealed that Ann – the girl he hoped to marry – never told him she had previously promised to spend her life with Mitt," the Enquirer says.

There’s more.

"Ann’s two-timing puts her ‘in the middle of a ‘cheating’ scandal,’ a top political source told The ENQUIRER," it writes. “While this happened long ago, it still be­comes an issue for a candidate running for the White House.  Because Mitt has made an issue of the solidness of his marriage, any informa­tion that shows Ann ‘cheated’ could be used by his political enemies.”

I don’t know about you guys, but while I respect the Enquirer for breaking some pretty huge stories – does the name John Edwards ring a bell? – this one seems like a pretty tall reach. Complete with over-written passages like, "The political source added that Mitt ‘was destroyed emotionally when Ann fell in love with another man." "

Remember, this was 44 years ago. And they’re calling that a Love Triangle Shocker?

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5 Responses to Hearne: Enquirer Dings Romney With Valentine’s Day ‘Love Triangle Shocker’

  1. harley says:

    this guys a loser without this scandal
    no stand on issues…bankrupt detroit…paying no income taxes…offshore tax havens to protect his earnings..
    soon to be discovered improper tax evasion…for then against abortion..for then against mandates..
    for then against affordable health care act…designed the template for obamacare in massachusettes..
    polling negative numbers among consrvative republicans…down by 11 points nationally to obama…
    horrible campaigners…cares nothing about 99 per cent…unemployed comment….makes too many
    mistakes…can’t think striaght…would raise middle income taxes while cutting 1% ers…a mormon (which
    many christians would never vote for since they believe he’s part of a cult)….bain capital shenanigans (probably
    indictments coming down)…the economy starting to really roll….and conservatives hate the gy
    I could go on and on…he’ll get repub nomination but obaman will clean the floor with this guy in a huge
    obama will have a billion dollars to rip this joker…evne with this triangle crap (this is really pushing a scandal..
    )…willard is one big loser…

  2. Merle Tagladucci says:

    I was hoping when I opened this story that the “scandal” involved Mitt and the guy pictured above in some kind of Larry Craig-under-the-bathroom-stall episode. I could even hear the Price is Right announcer in my head announcing, “Rick Santorum, come on down! YOU’RE the next contestant in the GOP race now that Mitt has been outed…”

  3. expat says:

    double standards
    They are really grasping for anything here, especially considering the amount of dirt the media had to ignore to make Obama palatable.

  4. Hearne says:

    I mostly agree…
    Romney’s so clean cut and boring that that the Enquirer had to go back more than 40 years to try and spin a puppy love, nothing story into a “love triangle”

    Complete with the quote from some clueless political hack trying to spin that it makes Romney look bad somehow.

    I just thought it was somewhat funny that they decided to drop the hammer on him on Valentine’s Day.

    Pretty weak.

  5. expat says:

    If they’re looking for a good Valentine’s Day angle they should investigate the white girlfriend Obama dumped so he would appear more authentic to black voters.

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