Glazer: Time Warner Boots KU – K-State Basketball Broadcast

If you’re anything like me, you wondered, "Did my cat chew the damn cable again?"

Last night we got to watch the exciting first half of the KU / K-State basketball game get dumped. No picture. No sound, nothing. What!

Yeah, it was crappy out – we our first real snow – a slushy mess with clouds and yuk. Not to worry, we had time to race home to watch a somewhat big basketball game at 8 PM. Make a small wager on the home school. Me, I love KU basketball and MU football. So I was on Kansas -4 and under 135 1/2 –  got it?

So I sit back, get a nice cold drink, turn on the set and…sorry, NOTHING!

I checked my cable box and cords, called a pal – Hey, is Channel 33 down on your set? It is? Great. Now we’re all screwed. Surely it will come on in a few minutes, right? Thirty minutes in I’m watching the scores change on my computer – oh by the way on – figures.

Well, by half time or so it was back on. I never called Time Warner, but thousands of other fans sure did. Of course no help.

By the way Kansas won a close one, 59-53. The Jayhawks continue to prove they are a national power.

However, they seem to be one man short of being the best team in the nation.

How cool would it be to have both Kansas and Missouri number one seeds?

Better yet, both in Final Four. It could happen. Nah.

Well, we all found out that we’d paid our cable bills. Hey, we get late fees and mean notices if we’re late. But what do you think the odds are Time Warner will do anything for screwing up?

No way. Figures.

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5 Responses to Glazer: Time Warner Boots KU – K-State Basketball Broadcast

  1. harley says:

    all the ku fans were silent…
    not a single word this morning about all the bad calls NOT CALLED AGAINST THE HAWKS!!!!
    You see…ku fans are so full of bull that when a single call goes against them they want to declare war..
    when 7 or more calls go against their opponent…they sit back and laugh.
    KU’S PROBLEM…TAKE out robinson and they’re cooked…
    MU’S PROBLEM…no inside game against good opponents…when their outside shooting dies
    so will the tigers….the only way they survive to elite eight is if denmn and english catch fire…
    but once their outside game goes cold…lights out.

  2. Amarillo Dim says:

    You’ve got to be pretty hard up to bet on college basketball. Or dumb. Or, most likely, some of both.

  3. Marty says:

    Are you sure it was a Time Warner issue? We could not see it on our DishTV either….

  4. frank martin says:

    who cares?
    we played like %^&*&*

  5. Hot Carl says:

    Didn’t miss a second of it on DirecTV. Cable is one of the biggest scams going.

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