Fashion forward Obama supporters can now flaunt their fervor by sporting high-end gear such as T-shirts, tote bags, scarves – even nail polish!

The mastermind behind the “Runway to Win” project: Vogue editor Anna Wintour, who solicited top designers like Mark Jacobs, Vera Wang and others to donate their time and talent to raise money for Obama’s 2012 re-election effort.          

Not surprisingly, Republicans are crying foul, saying the effort violates campaign finance laws.

I think they’re just jealous. Especially when you consider the fashion sense – or lack thereof – amongst the four candidates still competing to faceoff against Obama in November.

Take Congressman Ron Paul: Everyone’s favorite conspiracy theorist looks like he’s using David Byrne’s tailor from the Talking Heads “Stop Making Sense” era to design his suits.  Come on Ron, you’re running for President, can’t you find anything that fits?

Speaker Newton Leroy Gingrich:  I’ve seen better fashion sense in University English Professors. How many frumpy grey suits and food stained red ties can one man own?

Senator Rick Santorum: The 2012 winner of the Missouri Primary. Really, Missouri? An arch opponent of birth control, who wears sweater vests on the campaign trail. That’s the fashion equivalent of birth control! A question for you ladies; have you ever been irresistibly drawn to a man in such frumpy attire?


Governor Mitt Romney: Brooks Brothers and holy Mormon underwear is about all he’s got going.

Look, President Obama may be running the economy into the ground and breaking his 2008 campaign promises, but he does pour into a designer suit rather smartly. And superficial as the American electorate has become, he’s probably a fashioon lock for re-election.

Political Correspondent extraordinaire- David Scott Whinery, Esquire – will submit columns on Tuesdays and Fridays – in an attempt to try make politics palatable.

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  1. Super Dave says:

    And so?
    So is the whole point to this story suppose to be we want our political leaders to look good as they fuck us over?

  2. Smartman says:

    Esquire is like the Highlights’s magazine for those lacking in emotional maturity with an above average clothing budget. At least we’ve got some higher quality pork to chew before we spit it out. Can’t wait for Craig’s first, “Good Job David”, comment.

  3. BarKeeper says:

    Esqire is Triple Gay
    So it would figure they’d swoon over the annointed one.

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