Glazer: Scribe Challenges Readers to Name KC’s Most Hated, Win Dinner & Comedy

Some of the top "MOST HATED ATHLETES" are also the best known in the world…

Most of the Top 10 are huge stars in the game they play or played in, and sometimes being on this list can be a good thing. But I suppose it’s not one these guys particularly want to read.

Number One: Easy, Michael Vick. We all know why, the dog fighting and torture of small animals. I agree with this one. Jim Rome didn’t. Rome had Vick on a few weeks back and said, "I think the guy is reformed." Me, I’m an animal lover and if Vick was ripping my little dogs teeth out with pliers, I’d have to put one in him. A bullet. Major jerk.

Number Two: Tiger Woods. The guy was on the "Most Popular" list four years ago. In fact No. 1. He’s lost tons of dough for screwing a few chicks outside of his marriage. Maybe it’s because they worked at Perkins. I do feel a bit bad for him. He’s the poster boy for cheating on your wife and that’s not fair. I was not too impressed that Woods is also on the list for WORST CELEBRITY TIPPERS at No 2. Carry some cash Tiger, for Christ sake.

Number Three: Plexico Burres. This for shooting HIMSELF in the leg. He did his time and got back to his game, football. The man is quiet and also doesn’t deserve the hate.

Number Four: Lebron James. Lebron went from the most popular list to the hater list, which was also somewhat unfair. The guy is one of the NBA’s best ever and let his ego get a bit off the radar. Now he can’t get back into the good guy group and that’s too bad.

Number Five: T.O. Terrell Owens: The guy’s career is over. He was a very special player at one time, but TO was never on the we-love-you list. Guess it was just one reality show too many.

Number Six: Kobe Bryant. Not a surprise. No way is Kobe Mr. Nice Guy – on or off the court. He also has that little rape case hanging over his head from 99 years ago. By the way, "not guilty," she was a ho. Kobe also was on the most popular list at one time.

There are a few others you may recognize like Barry Bonds for obvious reasons and my favorite hated athlete on the list for no good reason, Kris Humphries for getting played by Kim Kardashian. Who did we forget, Ndamukong Suh? Watch who you step on, Suh!

What almost all these guys have in common save Kris Humphries, they were once on the most popular lists.

Seems to be a pattern, we like you, we love you, we hate you. Sounds like marriage, huh?

Wonder what KC’s most hated list would look like? I mean besides me.

Email your Top 10 list of KC’s most hated to (or list in comments section) and win dinner for two at Westport Flea Market or Quinton’s in KC and drinks and comedy at Stanford’s.
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9 Responses to Glazer: Scribe Challenges Readers to Name KC’s Most Hated, Win Dinner & Comedy

  1. balbonis screenplay as bought by the CAA deathstar says:

    i can spel

    plaxico burress

  2. Hot Carl says:

    Craig, you would finish well behind an ass hat like Kevin Kietzman in a “KC’s Most Hated” top ten.

  3. PB says:

    KC’s Current Top 10 Most Hated
    Current list immediately eliminates the gold standard, John Elway. Here’s my KC-specific list, no particular order but I’ll number them for reference sake.

    1.Tim Tebow – Bronco AND the Godboy stuff
    2. Derek Jeter – Yankee and jealous of his charmed life
    3. Johnny Damon – Still boo the man 10 years after his depature
    4. Matt Cassell – Unless he somehow pulls an Eli-like career turnaround, Chiefs Fan will always resent him
    5. Ray Lewis – I think every football fan in every city outside of Baltimore hates him
    6. Philip Rivers – Another football player that’s pretty much universally hated and him being a Charger ups the KC ire
    7. Zack Greinke – See Damon. They don’t like you around here if you force your way out of the purgatory known as the Royals
    8. Barry Richardson – He probably deserves the town’s hatred more than anyone else on this list
    9. AJ Pierzynski – Total dickhead that plays for a division rival, nuff said
    10. Tyson Jackson – Perhaps not hated, but he’s the athlete that is the embodiment of all of our Scott Pioli reservations/frustrations

  4. Fcats says:

    When will hearne learn that glazer attracts negative wave and bad vibes to an otrher wise happy blog.

    Why would anyone want to discuss hate, except an unhappy, miserable drug addict who wants evryone to be like him?

    Hearne the sooner you cut ties this loser glazer, the sooner you can move forward in a positive manner. It doesnt matter if he attracts comments… it is the quality of the comments look at the comments he attracts….too many negative one….it keeps readers away…..

    It is like cutting off the slutty commercial that may seem profitable, so that a TV station can get some respect. As long as you have slime like galzer writing here, this place will have a stigma, a smell, an odor….. a bad odor. He loves to spread the hate, incite the hate….. he is bad for business.

    Think about it hearne……. who has left you blog…… and why? …… NO ONE wants to be associated with glazer.

  5. boring says:


  6. chuck says:

    I would empty the gun in Vick & reload while you took your
    shot Glaze.

    Vick personifies the sub culture of misogyny, ignorance and violence that has permeated not only the American sports millieu, but the entire American landscape.

    Glad I am Glaze, that we are able to work out our “hate” muscles today, with an expected reward for same. Hate is a much maligned and dissrespected virtue. Hate is good. Evil, evil people and evil cultures are only confronted and defeated by way of hate, never compromise. I am a proud hater through and through to a cellular level.

    But hating on thugs, like Ray Lewis and Mike Vick, although justified and logical, is hating the foot soldiers in the vanguard of our American suicide.

    I hate ESPN. Fuck ESPN.

    ESPN promotes and glorifies thuggish behaviour on a minute to minute basis and only steps away from the crime scene when that same behaviour becomes so outrageous (Murder trials, shootings, animal torture and rape.) that it finally draws the ire of what is left of reasonable thinking Americans.

    While working yeterday in a bar, I was forced to listen to Skip Bayless and his crew spend 30 minutes discussing a tweet from Lebron James concerning a dunk by Blake Griffin. It seems some one was “Disrespected”. 30 minutes.

    This group, in charge at Versailles in 1919, keep us out of war in 1939. Their still talking.

    What the fuck kinda job is that? 3 people pulling down phone numbers, dissecting the veracity, ramifications and possible future outcomes generated by a tweet from a guy who would probably face plant a lemonade stand.

    The level of entertainment now accepted by many Americans has descended to Virgil like depths as we abandon hope to a heavy bass back beat accompanied by 1st grade rhymes and “tweets” that will some day, I am sure be considered erudition akin to the Latin First Declension.

    Thug athletes, Kobe Bryant, Ben Rapelesberger, Alan Iverson, Mike Vick and thousands of other shitheels made famous and glorified still (Jim Rome is to sports’s 4th estate, what sliders are to fine cuisine.) by ESPN (We are never denied the visual Ray Lewis’ entrance into an NFL stadium.) and major affilliates.

    Incessantly force fed this kool aid, this potent poisen quite o’ercrows our spirit.

    I hate ESPN.

  7. chuck says:

    Hey Reed,
    I’ll tell Joe your coming. Will you get my hamburger to go?

  8. Merle Tagladucci says:

    Most hated in KC? Tough call. Spitballing here…

    1. Lin Elliott
    2. Missouri Tigers
    3. Scott Pioli
    4. David & Dan Glass
    5. Elvis Grbac
    6. The Ghost of Carl Peterson
    7. Tyus Edney
    8. Roy Williams
    9. Ali Farokhmanesh
    10. Kevin Kietzman & Nick Wright (tie)

  9. harley says:

    why the negative article…
    talk about something positive…so many great people in this city doing great things and yu want to
    point out who’s hated…come on glaze…
    the most liked people in kc…
    len dawson…larry moore…frank white…billy butler…the morning team on 93.3…dick wilson…john holt…
    ollie gates…tom watson….dennis moore (politics aside)…mr. and mrs. helzberg…kaufman family…bill self
    ( can you believe i said that…a mu alum… but even the4 most opinionated mu people really have a great
    respect and like for this guy…except on feb. 25 (lol) ….
    if i want hate and anger i can watch fox news and msnbc…way too much bad blood being channelled…

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