Hearne: KC Confidential Adds New Restaurant Critic, Column

Fasten your chinstaps, KC Confidential is about to unleash a new Food Dude

His name is Reid Jolly and for what it’s worth, the 30-something, Shawnee Mission Northwest grad’s high school mascot was a Cougar. Fittingly, Jolly comes equipped with a penchant for both Italian food and adult movie star sex.

"Uh, I’m alright with it," he says. "The more women in it the better."

As a single dude, Jolly’s mostly blogged about the good, bad and ugly of getting restaurant food to go. Something former Star restaurant critic Tim Finn almost got fired for several years back. Unlike Finn however, Jolly was up front about styrofoaming it with his readers.

Jolly’s best "to go" experience here ever: "The Elephant Bar," he says. "I love their calamari and there to go service is really good."

His worst: "Oh, Blue Koi was really weird. I had a couple bad experiences there."

For KC Confidential Jolly’s game plan is threefold.

He’ll continue to do "to go" food, complement that with in-restaurant dining and kick out  news odds and ends that we’ll call Entree News.

Tidbits like that Robert and Molly Krause of Lawrence are killing off Esquina in two days and reopening with a "Mediterranean inspired menu" February 19th. Or that Justus Drugstore is hot to cash in on its many Kansas City Star blowjobs and open a joint here in KC. Or that Starker’s chef/owner John McClure‘s brother is running the show until the family decides what to do with the upscale Plaza eatery in the wake of McClure’s suicide last fall.

There’s always something going down and not a lot of writers are willing to tell it like it is and suffer the consequences.

In the meantime, KC Confidential will spend the next several days parsing out samples pf Jolly’s greatest hits let’s call them. From his career as a fledgling blogger dude, dining on the run and letting the chips fall where they may, including his car seats.

Starting right now!

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12 Responses to Hearne: KC Confidential Adds New Restaurant Critic, Column

  1. Super Dave says:

    Get to Posting New man
    Anything to keep Glazer from feeling the need to try and write all the time. Anyway new man might even be funnier.

    Welcome to KCC Mr Jolly and please be better than Glazer.

  2. chuck says:

    Lucky Kcconfidential, what a fuckin hoot this kid is…
    I hope you guys enjoy his takes on food and life as much as I have over the last couple of years.

    Ried is a dedicated “Foody” with the journalistic and humorous chops to give us all some laughs and guidance, when it comes to where to eat, why we should go there and what we should order.

    Sometimes, when he destroys a chef, a restaurant or a meal, you kind of feel, that God would forgive a “dine and dash” from said restuarant while he too laughs up His sleeve.

    Best wishes Ried!!

  3. Johnny says:

    where is mermaid?
    I thought mermaid as doing a fine job on this….WHERE IS MERMAID?!!?? WE WANT MORE MERMAID!!!!!!

    oh…and welcome new guy…. welcome to the KCzoo

    Here is my two cents…. my opinion only…. keep a sense of humor, ignore the negative comments and focus on the restaurants, no need to tell us your life story like some losers on this site do…… stick the point…… give us the address… tell us about prices…. tell us what we need to know….. only post about places we should visit….. for the time being maybe stick with places that have been open a couple of years…. so it does not appear you are pimping the next pace to open and close within 6 months…. that is a waste of everyone’s time. have fun with it….. say as many bad things about glazer as you want… he is a loser… everyone knows it… time for him to move on…. it would make KCC much better place…. it would stop the massive amount of negative waves he produces.

  4. harley says:

    jolly…welcome to the jungle!
    this should be a great training ground for you and your new column. As you have seen the commenters here
    are rude…obnoxious…loud…unforgiving…impatient…long winded…and really tough on anyone who attempts to
    write crap.
    Then there’s me (hahahah)
    so be good…stay away from jack in the crack and the other fast food diners…take some tums with you and
    be ready for the roller coaster ride of your life.
    There is no better way to prepare to be a food critic than on kcc…good luck and as I always say…DUCK!

  5. Smartman says:

    Fresh Meat
    i’ll have mine with some fava beans and a nice chianti!

  6. Hearne says:

    Mermaid will be back for Valentine’s Day
    With what girls today want / expect / demand in a dude. I’m certain you dudes in the comments section will more than measure up

  7. legendaryhog says:

    Not to be a dick…but…
    That’s clearly a taco bell taco….really? I’ll be reviewing wendy’s in response.

  8. chef boy-r-dee says:

    harley the bi polar boy
    would like a review on the new san francisco super hero fruit and nut bars.Also any kind of finger food that can be eaten while he is jerkin, perhaps a dill or gherkin.

  9. Johnny says:

    Thank you Hearne for bringing back Mermaid, we like her A LOT…and we need all the help we can get… esp on Valentine’s day

  10. Johnny says:

    btw- If Mermaid was my gal, ONE of the things I would get her for Valentine’s day would be a chocolate truffle heart from Panache Chocolatiers on the Plaze…. making fine chocolates in Kansas City for 25 years.

  11. Smartman says:

    The only chickie that should write here is thin skinned Maria, who we seem to have run off. Mermaid is wannabe still pining away for Craig. Good thing they didn’t settle down and have kids, holy shit that woulda been a genetic Fukushima or maybe a Fuckushima would be more appropriate.

  12. gilmor602 says:

    I have worked with GREATNESS
    Congrats “Tard”! I can add you to the list of Big Names I have rubbed elbows with in my illustrious career.

    Come to The Northland sometime and hit up Ixtapa or Fat Fish Blue. We’ll kick it at the bar waiting for some ToGo fare.

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