Glazer: Scribe Forecasts Trouble Ahead for Tom Brady & Gisele on Marital Front

They’re the best looking couple in the nation, if not the world…

I’m talking about Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen. Yes, I’m putting them above Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, but have you seen Pitt lately?  Plus Tom and Gisele are younger. However, now come the hard times. Brady is down due to his second Super Bowl loss and Gisele is busy and probably gone from home a lot.

In celebrity marriages, this is the stuff that often can cause trouble.

Hey, I’m totally in agreement with what Gisele said on that elevator. "My husband can’t fucking throw the ball AND CATCH IT."  She was 100 percent correct and I’m sure that’s what Tom thinks but just can’t say.

Tom Brady played a near perfect game, save the interception.

The safety call was bogus and shouldn’t have been made on a downfield throw. It never is. Why? Because if your team is say at the other team’s 10 yard line and it’s first and 10 or goal, how often do you see a quarterback not find anyone open? So he throws the ball 20 yards into the stands or over the end zone – totally legal, no call. So it was a bad call.

Even Wes Welker let Tom down with a game winning catch that ended up a drop. So the fact Tom’s wife was heated at the moment was totally okay. Even Donald Trump thinks so, and he’s a Giants fan.

But the time for testing the now not so new marriage has arrived.

Brady is the stud to end all studs. He’s 34 and will look 34 still when he’s 44 because he’s in top shape and a guy. Men age much slower when in shape than women do. That’s just a fact. And Gisele is not much younger than Tom, so as he hits his 40’s she’s going to be right behind him.

That won’t help the marriage, because Tom will still be able to score 20 year-olds for the next 30 years.

Gisele’s looks, sadly, will fade and Tom will be very tempted to move on, kids or not.

Plus German girls can be quite mean. I should know, I lived with a German model and man was she wicked.

She was beautiful…then….not so much now.

But that was 20 years ago.

We know marriages today end in divorce over half of the time. The chances of one lasting are slim. I hear from those who know them that Gisele is a very nice person, as is Brady. So I hope it all works out, but watch your celebrity rags, I feel a storm coming on. And the odds are NOT in their favor, like Seal and Heidi Klum.

But we can always hope they’re the lucky ones.

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23 Responses to Glazer: Scribe Forecasts Trouble Ahead for Tom Brady & Gisele on Marital Front

  1. Bob says:

    You figured out that Tom and his wife might have issues all by yourself. What’s next? You predict that we will have a Republican nominee and it won’t be George Bush? Lindsey Lohan will go into rehab? Hearne will renew his National Enquirer subscribition? You will write at least a 100 more stories where you tell us how great you are? Have you thought of a job on the Dionne Warwick (look out folks…I’m sure this will lead to a story where Craig met and bedded Dionne) hotline? With these starling predictions you are a sho-in.

    And for the record Gisele with that long big nose is a mutt. What you are into Sarah Jessica Parker to? I am 100% serious. I would not date her. Damn Craig your taste in women is better then this hound. Tom Brady and his former baby mama Bridget Moynaham were much hotter.

    And as far as current athlete and model couple. Geez Craig you need to get out more and keep up with the news. Andy Roddick and Brooklyn Decker have this couple all beat to hell. You humble scribe are out of touch.

  2. kcfred says:

    Brady had a near perfect Superbowl?
    Since when? Were we watching the same game?
    He hasn’t won anything since the Pats were exposed as cheaters.
    “Glaze”, go look up the definition of “intentional grounding” and read it back to me.
    Hearne, I swear to God I know very little about sports but I could write a better column than Mr. Journalism Degree here on anything. Since when is Donald Trump’s opinion ever counted for under other than Trump?
    You’re not a “scribe” “Glaze”, you”re a hack and every time you appear here spouting shit that you know NOTHING about (healthy relationships for one), you lower the bar for what passes as……I really don’t have a name for what you write.
    This isn’t even 8th grade stuff.

  3. Cliffy says:

    Show of hands. Does anybody else think this might be Glazer’s stupidest piece ever? I know. There are probably too many to make this kind of determination but it has to be top 10.


  4. Smartman says:

    Raise Your Hand If You’re Sure
    Tough call Cliffy. Definitely a Top Ten if I eliminate all the times Craig chimes in to tell the other contributors “Good Job” like some third grade teacher. Craig has lost his mojo since he stopped threatening to kick everybody’s ass that dissed him. Wilson and TOby shredded him on the Butch Cassidy piece and yet they live.

  5. Hot Carl says:

    I’m with Bob…Giselle IS a mutt. However, that body is in tip-top shape and with a nose job she’d be fine. Glaze, make up some story about how you and Giselle did coke and you nailed her.

  6. george says:

    your zero for the month. You should do something else other than writing. Maybe try acting. hahahahahahahaha

  7. Bob says:

    I agree with
    all the comments. Especially about Wilson and TOby kicking his ass. Hot C you had me cracking up about the need for Craig to make up a story about him and Gisele. Glazer hasn’t been the same other then callng everyone a “hater” since Rick kicked his ass and took off. It just amazes me that he continues the same constant dribble. Its like watching your grandma with spit rolling out of her mouth. Course my grandma is younger then Glazer.

  8. Cliffy says:

    True, Smartman. I couldn’t bring myself to chime in on the Butch Cassidy piece … the comments were just too rich. I would have been out of my league.

  9. Orphan of the Road says:

    Raise your hands if you’re sure
    Cliffy & Smartman your detail is better than the original posts. If Glaze is The Scribe then Tony is Hemingway.

    When he writes what he truly knows he can hit for power. On-base percentage is lackluster for potential. Maybe I have been wrong and Craig is Skip Sleyster? Without a target.

    You are more apt to find me at Karen’s Kozy Kabin than Jardine’s but I’ve got an insider in Hollywood. KC guy from Northeast who works with Eastwood and the people Craig mentioned. He’s been keeping an ear to the ground and not a whisper.

  10. chuck says:

    Glaze is my son. Welcome to the grandiose delusion.

  11. TOby says:

    Call ’em like I see ’em
    Hey look I know alot of you are wondering how do I know this stuff. Well look I have been around for a while and in that time you see some things. I happen to know neither Tom nor Gisele has been to Woodside at all in the last few months. Looks like the next health club they join could be Splitsville. Its true a man cant pitch and catch at the same time not even at the tender age of 34. I tried it once during carnival in Brazil when I was staying with a Sao Paolo based model I met through Sergio Mendes. Met him when he produced music for that bond film Never Say Never Again. She was a foot model… had some AMAZING toes, she was 37 but looked 35 and a half. Women can be an unpredictable bunch, hey I know I was married to one. These days marriage is a dicy proposition, you get burned, you get back in the game. Speaking of game that publicity stunt dropping 9,000 tons of butterfingers in Boston Square for Wes Walker is not just mean its plain irresponsible, all your doing is giving cavities to the homeless.

  12. BS_Nerdlaw says:

    Giselle is not from Germany…
    She is Brazilian…….so……..congratulations on another factual masterpiece.

  13. craig glazer says:

    Good job
    We like the good fact based articles. Thank you again for the read. Hearne should be proud!

  14. Cliffy says:

    @BS_Nerdlaw … I was going to point out the same thing. While born and raised in Brazil she DOES have German heritage. I’m sure Glazer checked that. Aren’t you? (rolls eyes)

  15. Fcats says:

    Another prediction? really? what about the last 5 incorrect?
    LMAO, glazer could not pick her nose correctly. When will Hearne and KCC stop this nonsense?

    Until galzer fesses up about her horrendous NFL picking season she should be banned from KCC. period.

    btw- aint it funny that hearne allows glazer to talk shit about Tom and his wife,
    but by God nobody better say a dim word about glazer….. so freekin funny.

    Is it really against rules to ask that galazer fess up about past predictions before he makes new ones? really?

  16. harley says:

    glaze…i gotta take the commenters on this one
    this was a bad article…really bad.
    Saying someone will break up to solidify you and your lifestyle is pretty lame.
    Maybe…just maybe you’ll find someone that you would stay with forever and not cheat on
    them. Its real fun …but it can be full of problems…but sleeping with dancers and strippers
    has got to get old at your age.
    Maybe try or jdate…you have a lot to offer …but you’re wasting it.
    good luck…

  17. chuck says:

    That chuck is a fraud.
    I did not write the above post, with my name on it.

    Here is what the real chuck thinks, if anyone cares (They probably should not.)

    I very much enjoyed TOby’s humor and the subsequent comments. Funny, is funny, what can I tell ya.

    Glaze’s character flaws, peccadilloes, mortal sins and narcissistic articles, are, in fact, entertaining on many levels, imo.

    Is there an element of snake oil concomitant with every effort from the scribe? Sure.

    I just don’t think it is worthy of the antipathythat I see here. It’s kinda weird. Do I think he “Jumped The Shark” with the “Butch Cassidy” article? Sure. So what?

    The level of anger, that is directed to the guy, seems out of proportion.

    Me personally, no dissrespect, he does not threaten me. I read his stuff and enjoy his takes, and his personality.

    I sometimes think, that some of the posters, have been personally fucked over by the Glaze. Maybe he hosed your girlfriend or your wife.

    Look, I get that. I am old as shit, but once I was young, and if Glazer fucked me over, or hosed my girlfriend, and I was pissed, I would get some rebar and beat the fuck out of him, or cut him or what ever it took, for my personal catharsis. I have been ther and done that.

    If ya don’t know the guy and ya wanna fuck with him, thats cool too.

    Here is the deal.


    Well…, shit, that is weird to me.

    What I am saying, is this, a little humor (TOby hit the home run.) at the Glaze’s expense, is very cool, but the expressed hatred of a guy that yo have never met and don’t know that well, says less about fundemental attribution errors than it does about you.

    Just my opinion.

    God bless ya. 🙂

  18. glenn says:

    She’s a German who’s from Brazil
    God, the idiots on this blog! And this article brings them all right out of the cellar-so stop it.
    She’s already losing her looks – but more importantly, she lacks the class that is so evident with her better half. She has a history of saying ditzy things that get people infuriated. That said, she still looks great in a bathing suit.

    Brady’s probably secretly thinking the Gisele curse strikes again… Don’t tell me he’s not!

  19. Bruce says:

    Chuck must really enjoy the taste of prostate, glazer’s prostate. Chucky is it true you are going to have you mouth surgically attached to glazer’s ass to save money on food? So you can kiss his ass and eat dinner at the same time? Ass kissrs are lame, have been since the 2nd grade.

  20. harley says:

    anyone who wouldnt want a piece of that
    german/brazillian/hottie in that dress on the front either a limp dick…or queer…hot hot hot..
    glaze …ou would not kick her out of bed…at 30…40…or even after she startrs collecting social security.

  21. Craig Glazer says:

    She Is German
    Her family is German and she lived in Brazil, might check out her last name. She is a beauty, none of you guys who called her a ‘mutt’ could get anything close to her…really…except me….on my movie and Harley..Clint is starring in my directors film, TROUBLE WITH THE CURVE, shoots march 5 out sept 15 due to baseball season and playoffs…my director is ROB LORNEZ not Clint, Rob and Clint are the men who run the film ranch at Warners…after that film, we plan to do King of Sting, thats up to Rob, he plans on doing mine next his Clint film makes him a bigger name etc….Clint is an exec. producer on my film, not needed on set of KOS so he will likely direct another film at that time, if he wants….Curve likely will be his final lead role at age 83…we’ll see..I don’t control what happens next….everyone loves King of Sting and the script so looks good but anything can happen…believe me I’m all over it…but thanks for asking..

  22. Fcats says:

    Youre a little pussy glazer, your predictions are meaningless, because when you are wrong, you hide like a little girl.

    You are bad for this blog. You keep away quality readers with your pathetic, idiotic drive. You are the reason hearne has lost so many good writers NOBODY wants to be associated with an idot like you. Go away convict. Go on a permanent coke binge or go back to jail, or both.

  23. harley says:

    why beat up glaze…
    he’s stealth…he’s teflon…he loves the back and forth…as for gisele…i’m in with her…when the press went after
    her husband…she got pissed and stood behind him I’ll bet no reporter would ask her shit because those
    german women can be one mean bitch…
    as for king of sting…thsi town needs some exctiement…maybe the all star game…maybe ku and mu inthe
    final four…but this town is really getting zzzzzzzzzzzzz boring…
    i’m getting out for 2 weeks every month for the next 3 months…can’t stand all the excitement (lol) but
    this town is really flatlining..

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