Glazer: He Who Laughs Last; Todd Haley Makes Bank in Pittsburgh

OK, so he isn’t a head coach this season…

Former Chiefs coach Todd Haley is the next best thing, the offensive coordinator of the Pittsburgh Steelers. That’s one of the best jobs in the NFL outside of being a head coach. The Steelers are "money" when it comes to the post season. And the Super Bowl has been all too often a stop for this storied franchise.

"I am excited about the opportunity to come back home and work for a tremendous organization," Haley says.

Translation: The Kansas City Chiefs organization is nothing.

It’s no secret that Scott Pioli and Haley hated each other, as first reported here on KC Confidential, where I was told by a comment idiot to stop making stuff up or I could be sued. Then I explained that it was a hate war between them and Haley knew he was to be fired soon. I offered as evidence that Haley and his wife had quit Woodside and the two wives didn’t speak anymore.

Well, it all ended up true, huh haters?

This also gives credence to Haley’s telling the world his phone and others were bugged at Arrowhead and maybe beyond. The front page story that had been talked about for two weeks on 610 Sports with Nick Wright and crew to no avail. The NFL and Chiefs fan base did not react in any big way to the ARROWHEAD WATERGATE scandal.

Haley’s hiring, by one of the leagues top franchises, kinda shows that they believe Todd not Scott.

It would appear that Arrowhead these days, NOT A NICE PLACE TO WORK.

And that’s saying a lot since it totally sucked during the Carl Peterson regime as well.

Btw, the Haley bugging story was also on the KC Star‘s front page.

Many consider Haley to be an outstanding football mind and a very good coach. And this job offer and position proves point. It’s likely after two or three years of doing a great job at Pittsburgh, Haley will once again become a head coach in the NFL.

He’s young and outspoken, with new and clever ideas. He had very little talent, no quarterback and a hateful general manager from Day One in KC. Granted Todd was a bit over the top himself at times, but it seems to me that he may have been driven there by the front office.

Todd Haley WON, no question.

He is with a much sharper organization, a team with an elite quarterback in Big Ben and a likely post season squad. The Chiefs, well who knows at this point? Clearly we are not the apple of anyone’s eye around the league.


That is so sad. Jeff Fisher said NO to KC before they asked and took a job with a franchise he felt was worse than ours.

So yes, Toddy Haley got the LAST LAUGH.

He also gets over $1 million a year salary – not bad for a guy who the Chiefs fired. Trust me, he’s smiling today, big-time.
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6 Responses to Glazer: He Who Laughs Last; Todd Haley Makes Bank in Pittsburgh

  1. tiad says:

    tiad says:
    Welcome to the grandiose delusion….

  2. Orphan of the Road says:

    Not too surprising
    He has deep roots in Pittsburgh. His ability to get anything out of what Pioli handed him was impressive. Not awe inspiring though.

    When I heard Bruce Arians had “retired” I thought too bad, there is a guy who would be great for KC. His being rejected for Haley was surprising to this guy. I knew Bruce a little from his time at Temple. He had some decent teams considering North Philadelphia ranks far behind South Beach and other Big Time college football homes.

    Haley made Bowe a better player and found a running game in his midget running backs.

    Of course once you become a member of the Head Coaching Fraternity, you are almost guaranteed employment as long as you want it.

  3. FACTS says:

    glazer you are nothing but a little girl, a little pussy bitch, a big mouth raving woman. are you part kardasian? all hype and lies?

    You made predictions on football and YOU LOST, it is time to fess up and admit you are a little cunt….

    Dont ignore it, pretend it didnt happen and move on…..

    if you had “a stopped clock is right twice day” lucked into a anopther correct pick, you would be crowing to the roof….. BUT YOU LOST LITTLE GIRL…. AND YOU SAY NOTHING???…. YOU ARE A FUCKING LOSER ….. JUTS ADMIT IT…. YOU KNOW NOTHING….. YOU ARE AN IDIOT.

    You went 40% on the year… LMAO!!!! EVEN A COIN FLIP IS 50%


    MORE MERMAID…LESS glazer girl….

  4. Mr. B says:

    Glaze is giving some great insight into gambling, life, family, & much more. The guy bears his soul. He puts his real name on the articles he submits to the site. You, me, and nobody else does. What does that tell you? Put your real name up here! Glazer, with all his warts, calls the shots the way he sees them. I truly think he tells the truth. The real PUSSIES are people like you who criticize anonymously. You take the easy way out!

  5. Cliffy says:

    Bears? This has got to be one of Glazer’s alter egos. What Glazer bares is a walnut sized brain for all to see. Does that take courage or stupidity? I think the latter. Glazer’s ego writes checks his brain can’t cash.

  6. GOD says:

    GOD, please Hearne have mercy on us. Can you spare us from Glazer writing about sports. He is my dear quite frankly a boob. I as the source of life command you to withdraw his sports stuff. Leave it to Brandon. Bring back Rick. Beg Greg HALL!!!! Pay people. Anything but spare my people from this ear bleeding inducment.

    Let Craig just tell lies in other stores. Why does a comedy club owner never write or review anything that has to do with comedy?

    You are very close to feeling my wrath Hearne if you don’t take care of this. Look what I did last time when i got angry.

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