New Jack City: Do-Gooders Outraged at Super Bowl ‘F You’

The Parents Television Council – protectors of everything wholesome over the airwaves – was appalled at the indecency and filth experienced during Sunday’s Super Bowl halftime show.

Specifically rapper M.I.A. flipping off America while performing with Madonna at center stage.

PTC president Tim Winter didn’t mince words when he got the finger during the NBC telecast.

His shock and indignation was clearly spelled out in a just-released statement to the press regarding M.I.A.’s middle finger malfunction.

And it’s worth sharing.

"NBC fumbled and the NFL lied because a performer known as M.I.A. felt it necessary to flip off millions of families," it reads. "It is unfortunate that a spectacular sporting event was overshadowed once again by broadcasting the selfish acts of a desperate performer.

"Last week the NFL formally told PTC—and the American public—that the Super Bowl halftime show would be ‘appropriate.’ Most families would agree that the middle finger aimed directly at them is not appropriate, especially during the most-watched television event of the year.

"The mechanism NBC had in place to catch this type of material completely failed, and the network cannot say it was caught off guard. It has been eight years since the Janet Jackson striptease, and both NBC and the NFL knew full well what might happen.

"They chose a lineup full of performers who have based their careers on shock, profanity and titillation. Instead of preventing indecent material, they enabled it. M.I.A. used a middle finger shamelessly to bring controversial attention to herself, while effectively telling an audience filled with children, ‘F-You.’

"A simple apology rings hollow after yet another slap in the face to families, especially when NBC has argued before the U.S. Supreme Court that it should be allowed to air all manner of indecent material at any time of day, even when children are watching.

"Either the NFL and NBC will take immediate steps to hold those accountable for this offensive material in front of a hundred million Americans, or they will feebly sit back and do nothing. The nation—and PTC—is watching."

Wow! And I missed it. Must’ve flipped by too fast.
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5 Responses to New Jack City: Do-Gooders Outraged at Super Bowl ‘F You’

  1. Josh says:

    Publicty stunt
    What a concocted crock of crap. I have never heard of this whats-her-name before and I hope I never do again.

    America 2012, land of the hyped lie.

  2. Super Dave says:

    Much Ado About Nothing
    Most including myself who was watching it missed it. But now that one or two people who seen it have gone world wide with the word and the people who didn’t see a damn thing will be screaming to lynch someone. So in short a huge thing will be made over what what really wasn’t seen by any real number counts people wise. The little crack ho wanted some attention she got it and we still could care less about her.

  3. xxMillerTimexx says:

    Wow, that is the world today
    Great now next year there will be a boring as hell band from yester year for the next 10 years because of a finger. Get your halftime plans for next year ready because you are not going to want to miss the inevitable duet of Neil Young and that fat chick from Fleetwood Mac.

  4. paulwilsonkc says:

    I didnt see it either and watched the whole show
    But once again it proves… you can take da girl outta da hood…… but….

    Maybe I was too focused on whether or not Madonna was actually going to MOVE or continue to act like she was on the handicapped section of the dance floor at Touche’s!!

  5. Biloxi William says:

    A Skanky Crack Ho
    This methhead worthless piece of floating feces should have never been on the stage in the first place. Whatever she got paid was far too much.

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