Glazer: Scribe Lays Down Last Minute Super Bowl Bettors Guide

I have been going back and forth on my final pick…

If you’re a fan of Tom Brady, well, it’s just so damn hard to bet against him isn’t it guys? Like I said in my last column, everything points to the New York Giants as the winner today. They have the better team, no question. With the New England‘s tight end super star the RONSTER damaged, there’s even less chance for Brady to find a winning target.


Now that would be a story, huh, Chad Johnson wins it all for the Pats. Even if he ends up the MVP of the game, Chad wull be looking for a job somewhere else next season.

So, having said all that twice, I will stick to my NEW ENGLAND WINS prediction.

However, I’m not going to bet crazy on this one. It’s just to hard a game to pick. But it’s the Super Bowl, so let me give you two good ways to go.

ONE: If you are tied to the Pats, do this….New England on a parlay: -2 1/2 and under 54. Hey, you win 2 1/2 times money. So if you don’t need to bet big to win big it’s kinda chancy but could happen.

TWO: GIANTS on a tease over the Pats…..Giants 8 1/2 and under 60…this is the PRO bet…most likely call…


Like this example New England 24..New York 22…see you win both ways…

OK so I like the cool guys…Brady, Rodgers, Peyton Manning – I like to see winners win – they have earned it over long careers. But hey, Eli Manning is looking to join that group today.

My final pick:  New England -2 1/2 over the Giants.

HAVE A FUN DAY…I’ll be at Woodside for its Super Bowl party. I’m, not going big bucks on this one, so I’ll just enjoy the ride. Go Pats!

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7 Responses to Glazer: Scribe Lays Down Last Minute Super Bowl Bettors Guide

  1. chuck says:

    What? Me? A degenerate gambler???
    Giants win by 7

    chuck 02:51:26 PM – Thu. Feb 2. 2012

    I go to Coaches and collect my money.


  2. Jake says:

    An expected end to glazer’s losing picks.

    glazer is a L O S E R….. A G A I N…. what else is new?

    Now watch as he acts like he …. blah blah blah…. BS BS BS…. tries to spin it in a way he won…..

    In the end, glazer is a loser, he knows it, and it is why he over compensates by posting lies and BS.

    Poor lil fella, we might almost feel sorry for him, if he wasnt such an asshole who
    deserves to lose it all, and go down (and out) hard. Karma is a bitch, eh glazer loserboy?

  3. chuck says:

    The Chiefs just got a shot at Peyton Manning. The nerve damage in his arm, according to talking heads is still a problem, but if he can play, and I bet he can, he will take a good look at the Chiefs.

    Baldwin, Breaston, Bowe, a decent running game and some upgrades on the offensive line, mean the Chiefs run away with the AFC West and P Manning at QB.

    Eli has two, Payton has one.

    He has one or two more shots. The AFC West is the weakest in the NFL.

    A Bye and a playoff game at home, and the Chiefs, if they spend up to the cap and go hard in free agency for a better Offensive Line, could have a shot at the whole shootin match.

    If we get a healthy Peyton, then the AFC Championship will be between the Bengals and the Chiefs.

    (Remember, the Bengals have 2 first rounders and 2 second rounders this year with the Carson Palmer trade, and the Steelers are shot, so are the Ravens. Father Time, JMO.)

  4. chuck says:

    Jake, he said it would be close, and he
    wasn’t betting heavy.

    He is probably NOT crying into his Activia over this game.

  5. Guy Who Says What Others Think says:

    Brady is no Joe Montana
    Brady has now lost 2 Super Bowls. Montana lost ZERO.

  6. Jake says:

    Chuck please remove your tongue from glazer’s ass
    Chuck please remove your tongue from glazers ass.

    IF loserboy’s predictions had been correct, he would be here today CROWING TO THE TOP OF THE ROOF !!!! about how fucking smart he is…. but alas….. as usual…. when he is wrong…. nothing… zip…. nada….. he acts like WHAT? HUH? WHAT BET?

    ……and… that is the problem….. if he would take the losses like a man…thne Iwould not be so critaical of his bragging when he get it right……. but he doesnt do that…… he is a little girl who hides when he is wrong…. he goes on a coke bender….. pretends it didnt happen…and he will be back here on Wednesday talking some more BS as if none of this happened…

    We are on to his schtick….it is hollow….. like his head…..
    I wish hearne could see through the fog and boot glazer from this site… at least limit his atricles to one a week

  7. Bob says:

    Jake is right!!!
    Where oh where is the humble scribe hiding? Jake is right if he had won he would of wrote a whole blog about it. But like the coward he is no desire to eat humble pie. Never wants to write when he is a loser. Just like he tells us all the stories about the hot women but never mentions the dildo he has to use to finish them off. If he responds it will be some BS about fake names. Which is ironic in that he is the biggest fake in the area.

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