Glazer: Against All the Odds, Scribe Goes with Brady & New England in Super Bowl

Man oh man, this is as tough a call as it gets…

This year’s Super Bowl, with the Patriots fielding all-time best quarterback in Tom Brady and the New York Giants with the better team.That’s right, without argument the Giants are better everywhere, except tight end and maybe at quarterback. The Giants defense is better, its running game is better, its receivers are faster, younger and better.

At quarterback, it’s maybe a tie.

Eli Manning is 31 Brady is 34. Eli is much more mobile. Remember when the Chiefs broke Brady’s leg? It’s never been quite the same since.

Yet the New England Patriots, who lost to New York earlier this year at New England, are a 3 point favorite.


Oh yeah, and the Giants beat Green Bay on the road at Green Bay, 37-20. Green Bay, who everyone including me picked to win it all! So why on earth are the Pats the favorites? Why?

Still as of today – and this could change – I’m picking New England.

Remember when a younger, less experienced Giants team beat the undefeated Patriots in the 2007 Super Bowl?

So why again are the Pats the favorite?

My answer is we love Tom Brady. He’s handsome, he’s a winner, he’s our boy. Even though his year was saved by one receiver, Rob Gronkowski. But Rob has a messed up ankle, which is not good. The Pats’ Wes Welker and Deon Branch are not as fast or deadly as the Giants young guys, Victor Cruz and Hakeem Nicks. And the Giants have a new kid named Mario Manningham that’s on fire as well.

So it doesn’t look good for Brady.

Sure the astro turf will speed up Branch and Welker, but it puts the fire under the Giants young guys as well.

No, it looks uphill for the New England Patriots. Most of us don’t want Brady to leave the game and join Peyton Manning with a 3-2 Super Bowl record. If you’re like me, we think this maybe is the last Super Bowl for Brady. The Pats are aging and so is Tom.

It all points to the Giants.

Yet why oh why do I still see a New England Win? Help me out here guys, what do you think?

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14 Responses to Glazer: Against All the Odds, Scribe Goes with Brady & New England in Super Bowl

  1. PB says:

    As a Giants fan, I was hoping you’d pick the other way as this pretty much insures victory for the G-Men now.

  2. Craig Glazer says:

    PB You Mean Like When I Picked Pats and Giants To Win
    Funny how that works, I picked both winners in AFC and NFC games, but you are saying now my pick is poison…where are all the load mouths from two weeks ago…last year….the Chiefs under bet….so on…nowhere to be found, cause GOOD IS GOOD and I am that baby..I will admit the Pats is now uphill and I am thinking about it til Sunday for final pick…we’ll see…

  3. chuck says:

    Giants win by 7
    I go to Coaches and collect my money.

  4. PB says:

    Didn’t See
    Your Championship game picks, but no great shakes there, Pats were at home and favored and Niners just weren’t quite ready for primetime. Don’t recall any Chiefs bet either, but do seem to remember you and damn near the entire city pretty much abandoning ship like an Italian cruise captain on them after those first two blowout losses. Anyway, no need to get so defensive, just flipping some shit at your expense.

  5. Pats Fan says:

    Dude, the Giants D was ranked 27th in the league this year, not too much better than the Pats at 31. The Pats rushing offense averaged 110 yards a game this year putting them at #17 in the league compared to the Giants with 89 rushing yards a game, which put them dead last at #32. In regards to Tom Brady’s mobility, he has always been a pocket passer. He rushed for 106 yards this year and 111 yards last year, two of his highest rushing totals in his career and rushed for 3 touchdowns this year which was his highest total.
    I agree (and hope) the Pats will win so I am not slamming on your pick, but your research and knowledge are flawed again.

  6. Craig Glazer says:

    Pats Fan Not So Fast
    Dude I never said they had worse numbers, but in the last few games, Giants have improved, Pats other than the Denver game not as much…..nobody doubts that, so Giants are not looking 9-7 and Pats are not looking 13-3…thats all…hey I think Pats can shine Sunday…so don’t jam me for research not mentioned here, I did not do rankings just the current temps. thats all….for the hater, uh yeah I had the Chiefs for the season under 7 1/2 everyone in KC knew that from radio and online and everywhere, I had three teams season picks and got them all right, Dallas, Detroit and KC …. look its easy to bang out complaints when you don’t make weekly picks and often put money where your picks are….I do…and do well….people don’t often give me credit for being right, just jump when I miss a few…who doesn’t…its a fact that my picks for this year and last have been tops …. no argument except from whacked haters…not you Pats Fan…or PB…

  7. PB says:

    Not Slamming Your
    Team either, Pats Fan, but those regular season numbers are deceiving and also pretty meaningless at this point of the season. Giants defense is way better than it’s regular season numbers would indicate as they’re finally somewhat healthy after struggling thru a shitload of significant injuries all season long. The proof is their handling of one good (Atl) and one outstanding (GB) offense during the playoffs. Even the running game is improved as I believe they ran for over 100 yds. in each of the last 5 regular season games and 160+ against Atl. in that 1st round playoff game. Conversely, Pats defense has also been better this postseason when games are played closer to the vest than during the regular season as blowout wins probably skewed some of their numbers during prevent type setups against teams playing catchup.

    I’m hoping for a Giants win, but regardless, this should be a really good Super Bowl with some history at stake for both teams and their coaches and players. Good luck, (but not too much) to ya, Pats Fan! And yeah, Glazer is flawed in more ways than just picking football. 🙂

  8. Pats Fan says:

    Agree the Giants have stepped things up. My friends and relatives back in NE said that, like the team, everyone feels good about going into this game, but there is still a little bit of nervous energy. Losing to the Giants again would be awful. Defensively though, you have to agree that the Pats have played much better than they did during the regular season as well. You’ve got two teams playing their best right now. Should be a good one and I hope you are picking correctly.

  9. Craig Glazer says:

    This One Looks Tough, Very Tough
    We all know a blowout can always happen….but this one is as hard to call as any I’ve ever seen…..the pedigree and magic of Tom Brady vs. a well put together Giants team led by maybe the new big name quarterback in the NFL, if Eli wins it, he is sure Hall of Famer, Brady already is a first ballet guy….Eli is the surprise of the NFL right now…no doubt, I give that guy a ton of credit…he is now outstanding and a top three not five quarterback passing up Big Ben and his brother who is likely done…so its Eli, Tom and Drew now….wow…not in that order oh yeah Aaron so its four guys…all pretty even now…

  10. Johnny says:

    “where are all the load mouths from two weeks ago”
    Are you really asking that you little pussy boy? Are you whining that people got sick of you telling lies?

    here is where they are…
    They are rolling their eyes and laughing at you that you act like you had a good year when in reality you went 40% for the year…and about 15% for the last 7 weeks…….. YET…. HERE YOU ARE STILL MAKING PREDICTIONS… you are the stupidiest douchebag of all time.

    YOU ARE A WHINER…. You whine if people complain……. you whine if people dont complain….. you are pathetic.

  11. Craig Glazer says:

    Johnny You Are Back, Great!
    So how do you really feel fake name guy? Bye.

  12. Johnny says:

    heh, of course, No defense, eh idiot boy?
    You know you are full of crap, and that you failed miserably in the last 7 weeks we kept track.

    If you are going to brag, then be a man and admit when you fail….. stop being a little pussy bitch. Use spreads whcih we all can see without signing up for a website. Post your exact results….not your lies… post the truth, you miserable scum bag.

    I appeal to the people who visit here, and to hearne, that if idiot boy glazer wants to try to tell his lies next year, then he needs to be tracked, held accountable….. from the first week.

    If hearne is unwilling to do it, then an outside 3rd party should do it, but someone need to keep his lies in check… or he needs to shut the fuck up.

  13. bob says:

    U GOT IT!!!
    This will cement your reputation as an idiot!!!

  14. bob says:

    and I was RIGHT AGAIN
    Glazer showed he was an idiot or to use his favority phrase…MORON. Thank You for playing BYE

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