Glazer: Stood Up by Joe Namath After Bimbo Schmooze

When they mention the best quarterbacks, you just don’t hear these names anymore, Len Dawson, John Hadl, Bob Griese and most shocking Joe Namath – Broadway Joe…

I saw Namath’s new HBO Special a few nights back and it was well done. Namath narrates the program and the guy still looks pretty sharp, even handsome for a 68 year old man with bad knees. There was a time when he ruled the sports world along with Muhammad Ali. Both are heroes of mine. You all know I did a couple movies with Ali and got to know him.

Joe Willie, well, that’s another story.

It was 1980, the year the Royals would make the World Series. One of my best pals was Phil Freeland, he would eventually be part owner of Woodside, back then he managed Brookridge Country Club in Overland Park. Phil’s dad and Don Tanner owned the club.

Years earlier I had lived in the apartments behind the golf course. We had just opened Stanford’s South on 95th and Metcalf and I was the area manager of both Stanford’s and the new Stanford’s East, near the Plaza. Brookridge had a "penthouse."  It was located facing the golf course, had a large living room, TV room, and a couple nice bedrooms. Tanner and his pals would stay there on occasion. Phil and I used it for party time.

One weekend Phil came to me and said, "Craig, you won’t believe it but one of the Chiefs has Joe Namath coming in town this week for a night or two and I told him you could hook them both up with two super hot waitresses or just hotties." 

Phil went on to say that if I did that we could hang out with Broadway Joe.

Phil was thinking of these two hot blondes – Jill and Julie  – who he’d met.  Both were 9’s and just over 20. I thought, ‘Gee, why does Joe need my help? He can score easily enough.’ And Phil explained that Joe wanted it kept quiet and just make it a simple have the girls show up and off we’d go.

It ended up being a weeknight, so as we know, our city is little sleepy on weeknights. I set it up. Boy, was I excited, Broadway Joe, damn.

Now this was a year before I moved to LA, so meeting someone like Namath was an even bigger deal to me then than it would be later. I even picked up the girls to make sure they didn’t screw things up.

I took them to the "penthouse" and I saw Joe Willie and the Chiefs player (a married, star running back) get out of their car and go inside but I hadn’t yet met Joe. The girls went inside without me and Phil said, "Let them all talk first and make sure everyone is happy." 

I was told they were going to party at Crown Center and w’d all meet up there. OK. Phil and I went out by ourselves, drank a bit, watched the clock and at around 10 PM we went to Crown Center as planned. Phil Called the room, no answer. We waited a couple hours but never reached Joe, the girls or anyone.


I was pissed, but there was nothing I could do but just go home. My night out with Broadway Joe went up in smoke. I had done my end, man, what a rip off, huh?

The Chiefs player later said how sorry he was to me and that Joe just didn’t want anyone around that he didn’t know. Except the girls, of course. I was told how pleased Joe was at their being HOT. Great.

Years later, after I had done three Champions Forever films, I was set to produce: CHAMPIONS FOREVER THE QUARTERBACKS. With all the greats of the Boomer generation. I met with Ken Stabler and was set to meet Namath in LA.

The guy never showed. Figures.

The movie didn’t get made – not because of Namath – the coolest guy in football history.

Oh well, can’t win them all.

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20 Responses to Glazer: Stood Up by Joe Namath After Bimbo Schmooze

  1. Doormat says:

    Time Flys
    Those were fun days. Brother she was cute.

  2. Bob mcintosh says:

    Will this work on Glazer
    I see the ad about critter and pest control. I consider Glazer a pest. And I know woman who have gotten critters from him. If we call 913-962-9200 will they get rid of Glazer for us???

  3. PB says:

    Sorry You Missed Him
    But c’mon, how can you fault a guy for blowing you and your buddy off for two hotties? Just means to me that he was living up to the persona, which should be what we want from our heroes. Was never a big fan of him as a player when as a Bronx boy, I grew up a Giants fan and preferred Fran Tarkenton, but even as a adolescent, I always thought his off-the-field character was cooler than shit with the fur coats, models and rockstar look about him. For a youngster in NYC, he and Joe Pepitone were the absolute shit!

  4. bob mcintosh says:

    Hey glaze
    I see your entire article and my comments calling u out about lying about your picks and other offenses has been deleted. Ahh…don’t blame you oh humble one with the oversized ego and undersized everything else.

  5. bob mcintosh says:

    might the deletion have
    something to do with me pointing oput your small digits and Hall’s larger ones. Ha ha. figures on sensitve one

  6. TOby says:

    back in the day
    Me and my fellas at Arizona State were rolling in some pretty big time stuff. At the time I was a small fry but even then I knew Namath, Marino, Val Kilmer, just to name a few. I was dating this one bird boy she was an 8 maybe even a 9. Fresh perm, lots of glitter absolutely no inhibitions. Boy did we have some times in my pal Victors hotel. A few years later after I intigrated in to the California scene I was hotwiring vending machines to get loose change. hey that change adds up pretty quick after a while! I would go to the bowling alley and hustle cats for everything they were worth… usually about 25 bucks sometimes a couple of keys in trade. Those were the days. Women were known as chicks back then not scary and large and in charge like now a days. Couple of times I ran into Don Shula at the casinos. I used to hang with Martin Short back in the days. I game him his first big break at my club. Hey time flies when it was only yesterday I was young and not so hairy. Anyway the point of this ramble is yet another top notch post Glaze. Man you make my day with these things. Haters are gonna hate. But you were there man, you lived it. god bless america.

  7. chuck says:

    Namath’s prediction to the press
    that the Jets would win the Superbowl, was, at the time, a huge deal that, after they won, could be compared to the Babe, pointing out to right field and predicting a home run on the next pitch.

    My favorite Namath move, was that fuckin movie, “CC and Company”. What a hoot (Ann Margaret, was still way hot.).

    At one point, CC (For CC Ryder by the fuckin ANIMALS!! Yeah!!) Ryder, is broke, so he goes into a grocery store, picks up some bread, puts it in the cart, picks up some mayonaise, puts it in the cart, picks up some lettuce, puts it in the cart, picks up some baloney, yep, puts it in the cart, then walks around the grocery store, making sandwhiches and eating them. In 1970, that is very funny stuff.

    What can I tell ya.

    CC RYDER!!!

  8. chuck says:

    Sorry I am such a moron.
    Joe Namath is CC Ryder in the movie. He had the lead part. He smiled through the whole movie, even when he is kickin ass.

  9. Hearne Christopher says:

    Have you checked out our numbers on Alexa the past few months and compared? Apparently not.

  10. Craig Glazer says:

    Good Stuff Chuck/Toby
    He was a cool guy no doubt. Yeah Ann Margret, wow in the day she was so sexy….saw her in bye bye Birdy at Star Light decades ago..with Gary Lewis playing Birdy….man she was major hottie, even with Jack Nicholson in that film Carnal Knowledge big boobies for sure…don’t see too many like her these days in films.

  11. Craig Glazer says:

    Granted we have like ten writers, and others have just one, like Greg Hall. Greg is a great guy, and a good writer but his numbers are over 5 million, thats his ranking in the world, we are at 390,000 in the world with 40 or 50 million sites out there…we trail only the KC Star and Pitch in KC, not bad other top sites are Tonyskansascity,, KMBZ and well those are the big boys….in time we may be even number two behind the KC Star…hey thanks haters for checking us out and giving us such nice numbers…bye.

  12. harley says:’re using a horrible site
    you don;t know analytics…neither does hearne. The sites you used along with compete and semrush
    are not even used when real computer people need analytics and information about site traffic
    and movement. Get a real authority. You are not in the top 3 in kansas city…no way.
    Have hearne puill his google analytics information and post it on here…there are thousands
    of site in kc that pull many many more.
    Stick to pussy and your love life…you are no computer wizard and you and hearne look like
    fools when you qoute such unathoritative sites. Over 5 you know how many site
    glaze there are in the web…hundreds of millions…so over 5 million aint bad.
    stop lying…put your google analytics info on here for all to see and i will prove you and
    your boss are phonies. Sorry…qouting that site you use is bogus…get real.

  13. Hearne Christopher says:

    Thousands of sites in KC?

    For a guy who has many intelligent and interesting things to say as you often do, H Man, when you say something as incorrect as that it dilutes your credibility elsewhere.

    Craig is incorrect, KCC is not in third place. The Star obviously is in first, but the Pitch and local TV stations are also ahead of us. We did pass KMBZ News Radio a couple months back by a substantial margin.

    But c’mon, thousands? Just for the fun of it, take a gander at Bottom Line and Greg Hall on Alexa and tell me what you think. Yes, it’s not 100 percent, but to an extent, it’s all relative.

  14. harley says:

    stick to wrestling…old washed up women running old bars…dead people…
    Talking about site traffic is not your bag. Yes..there are thousands of sites…in kc…
    and all you need to do is figure it out.
    simple to prove yourself. You’re lying about your reads. I estimate maybe
    7-8k unique visitors a month…not much…many small small companies
    reach that. How do I know. I use developers and software people all over the
    world for my work. Alexa is not a great site because it doesn’t show the number
    of visitors..only ranks you in the entire universe of sites. Go to google and post
    your google analytics numbers on this site. That is probably the only real authoritative
    way to analyze and prove your claims. I say you’re being untruthful in your amounts.
    Do it, Maybe you will prove us wrong..but my estimation is going to be pretty
    close. If you’re talking about news sites…yes there are thousands that are
    read in kc…usa today/huff post/tpm/thousands tht people long onto. So don’t be
    so stupid as the realize kcc is just a drip inthe bucket.
    Prove me wrong andI’ll admit it. Get somone who knows the real way to guage
    traffic. Pull up your google analytics numbers which we can verify if you;re
    lying or being honest.
    You have been accused of lying on here…as has glaze. I guess glaze doesn’t
    have the knowledge about computers that you do. But get real. The challenge
    is on. Post those numbers and lets see who is right.
    Put up or shut up with your traffic.

  15. Craig Glazer says:

    Harley He Is Right And Gave The Address Online
    Hearne is right Harley…I was wrong about being number 3, I forgot the four TV stations are up there as well, so yeah we are likely 8 or 9…there are not thousands of local sites, at least not that matter or have many readers…go to the sight he gave and check it out..its true…and the media knows it as well….I used to think we had about 15,000 readers, but we do have over 300,000 a month…granted some are repeats from a week before etc…wo really maybe 75,000 to 100,000 readers who check in daily, weekly or monthly….I gotta tell you Harley when I am out in public, I get stoppy mostly about being on radio especially Johnny Dare and 98,9, but second most comments are “hey read you on kcconfidential….enjoy it” then they tell me about a story they liked or didn’t like…

  16. harley says:

    glaze…stick to pussy….
    there are thousands of sites people go to for news…so stop opening up and making a fool of yourself.
    I urged your pal to pull up his google analytics site (which all the tv stations/media sites/etc.) us to
    give numbers (not some hokey b.s. site like the ones he quotes)…and you made a critical error
    when you said “repeats”…so tell your buddy hearne to put up or shut up…post the google
    analytics page from his site and lets see the truth. You don’t have 300,000 readers a month..tht
    would be 1 in every 5 people in the market…hearne lost all his readers when he was fired
    from the star…
    so glaze…get your buddy to put up some’re a bettor…i say he’s either lying or trying to
    be untruthful about the numbers…you know nothing about websites…and if you say there are
    only maybe 10 news sites (although this is hardly a news site…hardly one that intellectuals
    go to for information…this is a comical site that is for entertainment and spoofing.
    You are hardly an expert in sports…hearne cuts and pastes his artiles…he’s outof the loop on most
    things in kc…he lost his stature after the star fiasco…and there’s not one intelligent article written
    on here (oh sorry…hearnes colelction of stories on wrestling ) that qualifies it as anything but
    a fun site for bullshit.
    Get hearne to do it…or i can get a code….we caught hearne this time. Prove us wrong and
    we’ll admit the mistake..sorry glaze… go back to jessica…black barbie and leave the intellecutal
    stuff to people who know what they’re talking about.

  17. Stephan Hawking says:

    Thanks Harley for takin up my slack.
    “…leave the intellectual stuff to people who know what they are talking about.”

    A big change in plans—“The Mensa Foundation is proud to announce the keynote speaker for Colloquium 2012.2: Warren Spector, Vice President and Creative Director for Disney Interactive Studios’ Junction Point.”

    Fuck that guy, get Harley in here to talk about all that “intellectual stuff”.

    Harley, you couldn’t jump start my fuckin wheelchair with an owners manual and a Nascar Team.

    The next time you wanna criticize someone for their lack of erudition, you might wanna think of your condition, that genetic disease called, “Bag of Hammers Stupid.”

  18. harley says:

    another dumb fuck…another idiot…
    okay mr. hawking whoever you are…tell me why my post is incorrect. Tell me why using intelligent conversation
    not some useless garbage …give some sites..information…stats…readings…some data to prove what i
    said is incorrect.
    Instead you come out with some bullshit crap that shows how really dumb you are. If you want to contend I’m
    wrong…then come out and say it with smart points.
    I contend that the information these jokers are using to blow up their site is pure b.s. Prove me wrong.
    show me where i am not right. Give me an intelleignet comment with reliable information to disprove what
    I say instead of just beinga complete idiot whoever you are. come on mr. hawking?
    and if you choose to continue to act like a fucking punk…show us how smart you are or just shut the fuck up.
    Pretty simple…you have no intellect and you have no rational argument to prove me wrong …(and noone has
    proven me wrong) so instead of the b.s. that you wrote…get some real adult information and lets have
    an adult talk about the topic…till then…shut the fuck up….or face the wrath!
    And hearne…again ….get your google analytic sheet up on thsi site..prove me wrong and I’ll be
    the first to admit i was wrong..til then hearne you’re full of crap too.

  19. Notta Liar says:

    Repeat After Me, Glazer
    My name is Glazer, I am NOT a producer, but I AM a liar……

    My name is Glazer, I NEVER WAS a producer, I was a Hollywood gopher-nobody, and even on my deathbed I’ll be a liar….

  20. mark smith says:

    I was wondering how long until harley went back to being

    It didnt take long. Why it seems like just a couple of weeks ago he was signing off one final time, like Walter Cronkite. Humble as a shaolin monk, repentant as an unfaithful wife caught smoking the butchers ham hock. Now he is back up and running, a full head of steam. Who was it that tore harley out of the frame last time? I don’t recall, but I trust they are sharpening the knives up to fillet his ass again. Cannot wait.

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