Glazer: The Annoying Hassle of Having to Become Rich a Third Time

Something all of us think about, even strive for is….BEING RICH…

What it would be like to not have to worry about all those weekly, monthly payments. To wake up instead to, "Now, what kind of fun will I enjoy today?"

If you’re like me, well, I just have never been that lucky. Like many of you, I’ve had my moments – those times in life when things were pretty darn good – it just never lasted.

FLASH CASH for me came only a couple of times; when I was 19 in Arizona and you could buy a loaded, almost-anything car for six or seven grand. I had a few months of what it felt like to be RICH. But not rich by today’s standards.

More importantly, I had a partner, Don Woodbeck, to hang out with and enjoy the moments. We lived in a huge house, traveled to warm places in the winter (hell we lived in Arizona – it was always kinda warm), had cool cars, cash, girls, almost the whole nine yards – even body guards. But by the end of my 20th year – poof – it was all gone. The government saw to that. I had to be my father’s son again and open a restaurant. I think my starting salary was about $14,000 a year.

I was average again. The pain.

When I was in Hollywood I knew lots of rich guys. Movie stars, business guys, a few women who simply were given the dough by daddy.  One thing almost all of them had in common though was they were very unhappy. WHY? I could never figure that out. Can you? 

Some were very accomplished in their fields, so it’s not like they never earned the money.

Sly Stallone may have summed it up best. "You never know if they are your friends, or paid hangers on. Sometime even your lady or wife. It can be quite lonely, even scary."

It’s true. I’ve found that the money keeps too many people around who don’t really care about you much. Most people only care about themselves. It’s human nature.

Most of us know the pitfalls of "having it all."  Yet we all keep striving to do just that. Odd isn’t it?  For those of us who’ve had it then lost it, we want to get it again. We worry about our old age and who will take care of us. Will we have enough dough for the HOME, medical so on.

With Stanford’s I had a second shot in the late 90’s and we were rolling. I remember looking out the window of my two bedroom swank pad at the Sulgrave one night. I was thinking, "Hey, I wanted Hollywood to work out better, but this is pretty damn good. DON’T BLOW IT."

But by 2004 I had to dump what was once Stanford’s, Johnny Dare’s and American Chrome. The bottom had fallen out of Westport and we got killed. Most of the money was gone so I had to start over for a third time. No fun. But you battle and sometimes hard work gets you through all of it….again.

Ah, to wake up being truly RICH. Yeah, it’s hard to find a couple good friends to hang with you as you hit the beach on some Island in February. Or cruise the Plaza on a summer’s evening in your new Lotus.

Too many of us are mad at the RICH GUY or GIRL though. We’re jealous and that’s also human. I know you always hear. "It’s better to be rich with good friends and family." And there’s a lot of truth in that. Untiil you open the mailbox and it’s the phone bill, the electric bill, the rent, doctor’s bills ,Blue Cross, car payment, MasterCard, Macy’s, Dillard’s.

That kinda takes the fun outta that family and friends deal, huh? Cuts both ways.

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22 Responses to Glazer: The Annoying Hassle of Having to Become Rich a Third Time

  1. Patrick says:

    Why havent you killed yourself yet? There are plenty of helium tanks available.

  2. Smartman says:

    Money Can’t Make You Happy
    Like Biggie Smalls said ” Mo Money Mo Problems.” Any idiot can make money….see Dane Cook or the real estate business for examples of that. The real value in life is good health, good friends and a loving family. I’ve known and know some extravagantly wealthy people. Very few of them are truly happy. The ones that seem to be the happiest are those that create jobs through their businesses or provide assistance or opportunity through philanthropic efforts. The best I’ve felt in the last couple of weeks was when I gave a person begging on the street corner $20.00. The look in her eyes when she smiled and said God Bless You gave me a cosmic boner. She was either a great actress or was genuinely touched. Either way it worked for me and I wish I could have more moments like that.

  3. BonyJoanie says:

    Lotus is kaput, dumbkoff
    NIce pick of cars, man. You now own a obsolete morphidite vehicle that has lost about two-thirds of it’s value! Better do a little research next time, that deal with Lotus was predicted long ago, but your massive ego led you straight to slaughter.

  4. Downtown Davey says:

    Not So Fast Bony
    If Glazer bought the Evora and I thnk he did, value on that baby is just a few grand under what he paid, if its a 2011. Car magazines have that one rated pretty high vs. cost. Knowing Glazer he got some kind of deal on the car. Don’t know. I believe I saw him on the highway a few weeks back getting a ticket though, that will take some value off the car I suppose.

    My best friend in high school inheritred six million dollars at age 22. His dad left it to him. We partied, traveled, then one day he quit calling me. He was a good looking guy with smarts, had a beautiful girlfriend, was popular. He moved to LA. The guy married an actress, not a big name one but a female who was in TV. He overdosed on drugs five years later and was dead. Wonder what his life might have been without the six million.

  5. Hearne Christopher says:

    It’s a lease deal, dude. Never assume, makes a…

  6. harley says:

    so he didnt have the money to buy it
    leased it…everyone in l.a. leases an expensive car so people think they have
    money..most doon’t have a pot to piss in…figures.

  7. Craig Glazer says:

    Not True Harley
    Maybe thirty years ago…today you need better credit to lease than buy…and its a smart move to lease if you can…the monthly payment is about the same however they pay state tax for you…saves you ten to twenty g’s on an expensive car…you can only lease a new car or one that is maybe two years old usually…and at the end of a lease YOU OWN IT…so it really only saves on tax and license these days…so if you buy an expensive still need to be well to do…new rules….

  8. Lance the Intern says:

    At the end of a lease, you don’t own the car — the company that leased it to you does. Now, you might be able to negotiate a purchase price, as the leasing company will either sell it to a used car lot or have it shipped to an auction house and accept the wholesale price for it.
    If they told you otherwise, you got boned.

  9. Rogger says:

    Boned Indeed!
    When all this came up a few months ago, I remember that a Porsche was being traded in. While you can certainly trade a vehicle in on a lease, count on getting fully skinned in its value.

    You can bet your ass that baby was “swallowed up” in the lease deal and will never be seen again. That alone makes the deal on a car no longer made, very sour. The lease company may pay the sales tax, but it’s prorated and figured into the monthly payments.

    Also, speaking from some experience, the terms of leases on exotic cars, even if they are discontinued brands, are quite restrictive and favor the lease company in every respect. Better hope it’s not turned in early or is turned in with more miles than agreed upon. And it better be in nicer than new condition, no gravel chips, windshield cracks, or door dings, or even unusual tire wear.

    That stuff will be billed at triple retail to the poor slob trying to turn the car back in. You can count of a full mechanical and physical inspection that would make a gynecologist blush. This type of lease very often involves a market survey to determine if the vehicle no longer meets its projected turn in value…..and watch out for that one!

  10. Craig Glazer says:

    While Some Of This Was Once True
    Guys thanks for the advice, but on the higher end cars not true…I have a little more experience than you gentlemen…I have like had six of these kinds of cars in a row….over twenty plus years….today its simple each deal is based on who, what and where…YOU do own the car now at the end of an open lease…sometimes that is a good thing…most cars in fact almost all lose money…upside down…a few, if purchased right break even or about I have done this twice….no you never make money back…well almost never..but you can avoid loss..each deal is different…I do know what I am doing, but thanks for your input….just the same…

  11. fast cars and lock-up sex says:

    So are your robbery victims flying; Lear Jets???
    So you stole money from people and bought high-priced cars with it. You win. BTW, what did you drive while in prison?

    You and Woodbeck will someday enjoy some stirring shared memories; once you are reunited amoungst the fire and brimstone, that is. But your reunion will be posponed for a short while, even after you are dead and off to hell, where comrade Don awaits. First, you have to experience the pleasure of being locked-up in a room for a good while, with everyone you beat out of money here on earth.

    If you ask nicely, perhaps the devil will loan you money for film, so you can be a “producer” again. Just be sure to cum in under budget! Fiscal responsibility is all the rage down there in what’s gonna be your eternal cage.

    Meanwhile, us meeklings will sit it out patiently until we inherit what you are so sure you have successfully stolen from us here on earth.

  12. Craig Glazer says:

    Those Guys Are Already IN Hell
    Mexican Mob guys usually are gone before a guy like me, and the few who weren’t well lets just say they were not model citizens like you hater. Oh I forgot, I don’t believe in heaven or hell like you do former dope dealer guy…clearly…thats why you are so sad for those people…look all young people in that era sold some dope to get by, but Woodbeck and I didn’t involve those guys…which were you the small fry or did you have a big brother who we had a run in with? Since Don and I did very little in this area must a been someone in Arizona. You need to write that book about how good you are or were and how bad we were, huh. By the way that was over 30 years ago, Woodbeck died in 1982..

  13. Craig Glazer says:

    By The Way Which Ones Are You Sorry For?
    The ones who we got that shot kids or raped them or which….oh just beat the cfap out of them and took their stuff before we got to them…the bad guys that is…which ones were your pals…

  14. Craig Glazer says:

    Read The Book Answers All Questions
    If you can’t afford to buy it go to library and check it out for free, then you will get all the questions answered.

  15. Mister says:

    OMG, glazer is so pathetic.
    Q-What kind of loser actually posts this type of crap?
    A- a BSING, wanna be, bragging, liar, that who.
    Seen it a 100 times before, guys like this loser glazer go down, They never learn. What an idiot.

    tip- People with real money collect cars, they do not lease them.

  16. Skeptic says:

    Cry Me a River
    Boo fricking Hoo poor you.

  17. Hearne Christopher says:

    Leasing makes sense for a lot of people. You don’t have to worry about resale, etc. That’s a somewhat dated view of leasing.

  18. Craig Glazer says:

    Oh The Books Name Is King Of Sting
    Hater or both of you, sounds like one or two with fifty names…forgot to give you book title, there it is above….odd, I am such a bad guy, jerk, liar, and yet with thousands of book proposals sent to publishers, and less than 1% get printed/bought by a major house, mine got done. I know you don’t know or want to know…but let me clue you in, their lawyers check out “true life stories” closely, when you sue many real people names, they don’t want a law suit….for ‘changing’ the facts…much work goes into this, reading news artilces, legal documents, interviews with principals other than me, including law enforcement…in the end everyone felt it was THE TRUE STORY…there you go…I think the opinoins of these folks who matter and have a legal and financial interest is just a little bit more reliable than what you want to spew…with fake names and no back up….so have at it….my book and likely film will live way beyond me and you….as the TRUTH OF THE MATTER….thanks for playing…bye.

  19. Skeptic says:

    Glazer, your comebacks are fifth grade gold!

  20. Craig Glazer says:

    How Many 5th Graders Have Hard Cover Books?
    Got’ya hater…but thanks for playing…..bye

  21. Skeptic says:

    Ohhhh! You’ve dropped to fourth grade level now. Thanks for proving my point.

  22. Anti-glaze says:

    How’s about Donna C’s boy toy? I’m sure you can rationalize stealing $60,000 (today’s dollars, if you understand the TVM concept) from him, but I don’t think he’s Mexican. Ditto for others I know you ripped off here in KC who didn’t happen to be Mexican, but did happen to be young, stupid and suburban. Of course the Almighty appointed YOU to be the one thief who had the right to commit armed robbery on members of this community to which you belonged ?

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