New Jack City: ‘Mercedes Murder’ a Shot at German Americans?

It’s still a little tough for a German to get a fair shake in this country…

Subtle shades of bigotry and discrimination are very much alive today. The latest example being the recent homicide in Detroit where socialite / marketing exec Jane Bashara was found murdered in her car, with husband Bob Bashar‘s now a person of interest in case.

Yeap, they found her in her car, but just not in any car, mind you. It was a German-made Mercedes-Benz. Hence some national and local news media calling it, the MERCEDES MURDER.  Stereotyping by association or plutocratic, teutonic racism?

What if the victim had been found in her KIA—would there have been a slight against Koreans?

Would it have been called the Kia Killing?

Or if it had been a Detroit built FORD? Or God forbid, she’d have been found jammed into a trendy little FIAT.

Would the news media have even taken notice?

But no, it had to be in a MERCEDES with a nod to us beaten down Germans and immigrants.

Can you imagine if it had been reported that the lady had been of African-American descent and was found alongside a bucket of half consumed Church’s Fried Chicken?

They would have called it a hate crime and lynched the news hounds.

Ok, so maybe I’m reading too much into the reporting of the MERCEDES MURDER, but as a German I’m tired of putting up with the Sgt. Schultz radio voiceovers during Oktoberfest. Can you blame me?

Just asking.
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12 Responses to New Jack City: ‘Mercedes Murder’ a Shot at German Americans?

  1. Super Dave says:

    Good Point Jack
    The so called reporters of news or anything for that matter have no souls. Then the story gets to the editor and he plants a title on stories that is sure to sell papers. The editor for sure has no soul since he sold his to be the editor. Now is someone is made to look bad from a story is no concen to them just as long aa the story looks good gets readers or sell papers.

    I have many German friends and family as well so I know what good people they are.

  2. Smartman says:

    Jack, WTF? There were what, 112 homicides in KC last year. Can’t you find one of those to write about? If you’re coppin’ a hard on over some bullshit editorial license in the 313 you’ve got some sensitivity issues. You krauts deserve a bad rap with all that Hitler stuff. Notice how most of the white racist groups are the Hitler Youth or Aryan Nation……all ties back to the homeland and you gestapoheads.

    I’ll give you credit for Hogan’s Heroes and The Scorpions, not much else. Stick auf die uberprufung filme und bunching von reisen, or something to that effect.

  3. chuck says:

    I hear their are some farms for sale in South Africa where you could retire and spend your golden years.

    The economy is thriving, the populace accepting and there is a rich history of Germans who built and sustained a nation that was essentially a tribalistic, Hobisian nightmare before their arrival.

    I am Norwegian, so I havn’t done all the research, but I always hear about how peaceful and serene the country is.

    Norway, by the way, will be my destination. The most popular name for newborns in Norway is now, Muhammad.


  4. jack p says:

    Hey smartman…..
    …WRONG REGIME! I grew up under communism in East Germany—the German Democratic Republic. Aryan Nation and Hitler Youth were already history by then.

    I DO have some strong feelings on illegal immigration though. After all I did it LEGALLY! But we’ll hold that for a future ‘New Jack City.’

  5. expat says:

    If KCC is really that desperate for murders to report on how about this bit of news that was ignored by the Pitch, KC Crime Scene, etc. (surprising the Star reported on it considering their policy of not reporting on Black crime):

  6. chuck says:

    The triple murder at 38th and Paseo
    was covered in the news as a non drug related crime.

    Interviews were done on TV with relatives and Chief Forte mentioned that this was a non drug related crime in his interview with Steve Kraske.

    I went down there and talked with the neighbors.

    It was a drug related crime.

    Telling the truth about crime, who commits the crime, where, when and why, should be the first responsibility of the news media.

    expat is right.

    Agendas, and a popular view of how the media wants the world to be, as opposed to how the world actually is, triumphs the truth and we are all diminished and suffer accordingly.

  7. expat says:

    chuck you and I have a similar world view.

    Was at my favorite German restaurant last night discussing Germany-bashing with the owner… Germans shouldn’t worry about what other people say about them because the quality of Germany’s people will always speak for itself. Unless it fills up with Turks in which case it will no longer be Germany.

  8. harley says:

    come on jack…use the race card again?
    You’re worried about a news story mentioning germans getting murdered in a mercedes?
    The german people have no right to complain about discrimination…do they?
    Where were all the nazis and germans after the holocaust. I didn’t hear them apologizing for participating in the
    innocent murder of 7 million jews/catholics/polish/russians and other religious and national groups. Not one
    single apology. Show where the german people apologized for allowing the holocaust to happen. Then show me
    one trial in germany for the actions of the nazis and their conspirators. I can’t remember one.
    When they were searching for nazis how well did the nazi german people help…not a bit. How many nazi’s
    died for their crimes. How about the entire german nation? What did they do to repent for the innocent murder
    of 7 million people. They knew it was going on…they smelled it..they heard it…they saw it..and they stood
    by and did nothing.
    What about the germans in the army? The ones who participated in the slaughter of 7 million people?
    You’re a german…tell us how you felt about the holocaust. Tell us what you did to make amends for your
    people and their war crimes…and tell us what the german people did for those families who were obiliterated
    by germans committing war crimes.
    and you come on here and write how outraged you are that they tie some germans to a murder in
    a mercedes.
    You “germans are beaten down”? Whats that about? Where and when have germans been
    discriminated against in the u.s. Educate me. show me the blatant discrimination of germans in
    amercia…”oh you’re name is heidi…i can’t hire you”…
    want to know about discrimination…what about the 7 million people the germans butchered. the german
    people stood and watched it happen. Now those killed were discriminated against…to the utmost.
    And now those same nazis claim it didn’t happen. No …all a figment of everyone’s imaginiation.
    And you’re worried about a small story calling a murder the “mercedes murder”…get real buddy…you;re
    part of the worst war crimes in human history and you’re worried about some small local story about a murder.
    Maybe once the german people get the blood off their hands you can scream discrimination.

  9. jack p says:

    Wrong Generation
    Guten Nachmittag, Harley. sorry but I wasn’t part of that generation. I was raised under the communist regime of East Germany—the German Democratic Republic. Of course that bunch wasn’t much to brag about either….

    And to EXPAT, you were talking about enjoying your favorite German restaurant last night? Was it the RHINELAND in Independence? That’s the only left in the metro—at least as far as I know.

  10. harley says:

    so jack…wheres all this supposed discrimination
    is it because of colonel clink…or hogans heros…or the incredible bad aura of the nazis who
    ran east germany…where’s all this discrimination of german amercians that you screamed
    so loud about…where is it.. I t must be the discrimination against blonde women you speak of.
    Achtung…schnell dumkupf! sorry for screwing up your motherlands language!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. expat says:

    Jack as my handle suggests I don’t live in the US but if you ever make it to Asia I will hook you up.

  12. jack p says:

    spanning the glove
    So Expat did you used to live in the US? Where do you reside nowadays? Obviously they’ve got good German restaurants in your current stomping grounds.
    You’ve really got me curious 🙂

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