Glazer: The Price Paid & Damage Done From Being a ‘Lady’s Man’

I was watching the 1978 film, SAME TIME NEXT YEAR, with Alan Alda and Ellen Burstyn

It  was like 5 AM and I woke up early for radio and turned on the tube. It brought back memories of seeing the hit movie in the theater back in 1978. I watched as the story unfolded about a man and a woman who met at an out of way hotel one evening – both married – and began an affair that night. They continued to meet then for nearly 30 years, one weekend a year, until they were senior citizens. The night they met they were young and in love and it lasted a lifetime. Boy, what a tear jerker.


Yep, all my memories of the important ladies in my life began to flash through my mind…..

There was Mary Nootz, the blondie life guard I met at the Georgetown apartments pool at age 14. I fell madly in love with her, her blue bathing suit, our romantic nights sneaking out, what her parents would never know. Even the smell of chlorine from the water. I thought I would die and go to heaven when she let me feel her breasts. I loved her – she left me at 15 and we got back together at 17 – but it was never the same….

At Arizona State, there was Karen Kirby, a Miss ASU. Nobody was more beautiful. The night she called and asked me out I was 10 feet tall. I was her first lover. Boy, was I happy and in love. "I’m gonna marry this girl," I thought. Then she left me for a restaurant owner named Bob Sikora of the Bobby McGees restaurant chain and married him instead. We got back together in 1989, but again, it just wasn’t the same.

Then there was Terri Gatewood, a waitress at Stanford’s in the early 1980’s. She loved me deeply. Terri was all for me going to Hollywood and she came with me. I was crazy in love with Terri, the love of my life. I was 27 and she was 24 – we’d last forever – it lasted two years in LA. and she married somebody else. She came to see me in KC around 2001, but it was never the same…

Then it happened again in 2002; I met the perfect girl, Connie Parker. Blonde, blue-eyed, midwestern morals, I fell in love and we would be married. We would last forever and we were married for five years. Today she lives with another man that she loves, not me.

I’ve been a ladies man since I was 15.

Too many women, too many lost loves. Yet when I see movies like SAME TIME NEXT YEAR and hear songs like that one – YES THE LAST TIME I FELT LIKE THIS I WAS FALLING IN LOVE, FALLING AND FALLING I NEVER FELT THIS WAY BEFORE – a tear rolls down my check.

I wipe it away and think "I’m alone. I loved all those women and ended up alone" 

The price one pays for being a lady’s man is quite high. And on some lonely nights, or a holiday, it’s quite hard on one’s emotions.

HELLO I JUST STOPPED TO SAY HELLO….and it would last the rest of our lives.
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20 Responses to Glazer: The Price Paid & Damage Done From Being a ‘Lady’s Man’

  1. Downtown Davey says:

    Sweet Story Glazer
    I loved that movie. It was on late last week as well. I liked her best in the Exorist.

  2. tiny violins says:

    Boo Fuckin’ Hoo.

    as ye sow so shall ye reap.

  3. J.P.Connolly Show says:

    Love Life Is No Bowl Of Cherries, Huh
    Never saw that film, but know how you feel. My first love was so beautiful, married her at 25, went into the military, came home for leave and she left. Didn’t see her again for five years. We got divorced. Whenever I hear that old Willie Nelson song, “You Were Always On My Mind” I get a bit choked up over that girl, but thats life.

  4. balbonis moleskine says:

    Look at black barbie. You look china-eyed stoned and she is looking like somebody waiting for a check to clear.

  5. kcfred says:

    Really? Editor?

  6. Radio Man says:

    Chocolate Becky On Dare Kills Bro!!
    What does she look like? Dare seems to think she is hot. I know Barbie is a different gal. He had her on a couple days back and they torched you Glaze. It was funny man. She seems to really dig you though. White Devil report is one of my favorite gimmicks on his show. Nothing beats you and Johnny having at each other, we need you two on together more often than a couple times a week.

    Lost love, happens to all of us. As time rolls on so do feelings and the way we think, so no it just doesn’t last, but when its new and fresh, nothing is better, such is life old boy.

  7. Brian says:

    Craig Glazer, Rock Bottom, damn glad to meet you.
    Irrelevant and who cares and — you really posted this?

  8. Dog says:

    Can’t Win Can You Glazer
    Guess you and love stories are not a good thing.

  9. Mid Town Man says:

    That Dark Haired Girl Has Some Nice Legs
    Is she one of the lost loves?

  10. Smartman says:

    Foul Balls
    A Big Mac and a filet mignon are both beef but most people know the difference.

    George Clooney is a Lady’s Man. You’re just a guy that with a few exceptions bangs a bunch of skanks. So technically you’re a whore. Hank Moody can own it. Why can’t you?

  11. Craig Glazer says:

    Really, All Those Women Are Pretty Nice Ladies
    All mentioned were quite exceptional ladies smartbutt, course what would you know, how many beautiful women have you been with, uh, none. Ok. Having lived in LA and AZ and here, its safe to say that I have been lucky to have dated many beautiful girls, not skanks, well a few of those, but they were not girlfriends for long…if ever….

    This is not an area you can comment on my friend, few men you know have been with so many attractive women over the years….too many to count, but I sure remember the ones that mattered the most…how would you know about it. You wouldn’t, now would you.

    Its interesting to see how many hateful people are out there, I have to my knowledge never wronged any of you haters, or know hardly any of you at all…..simple jealousy and boredom have driven you to hate a man you don’t know and have never spent any time with…but like I said I read this too often…”Payton Manning…I hate him..he sucks” what? About a man they never met, just hate cause he is so much better at something than they are….simple as that…huh.

  12. balbonis moleskine says:

    when overmatched, air it out.
    Honestly dude, we just can’t respect you after you backed out from that fight with the commenters.

    Could have been an internet legend, now yer just another bum who we enjoy needling who has a too-tight facelift and bad plugs. I would have thought all those ‘roids wouldn’t have made you such a chicken…..oh well. You wouldn’t want to deviate that septum, it’s already in bad enough shape.

  13. randyraley says:

    Thanks Craig
    I have now received the inspiration for writing my book. Seriously. Thanks. The first page is the hardest and I found my starting point.
    Don’t worry, Jack, I’m changing the names.

  14. Craig Glazer says:

    Balbonis OK You Win When Shall We Meet Coward
    Punk nobody and I mean nobody who read this thinks for a second a coward like you or any other hater hider behind a fake name would ever in a million years face me…I think we’ve covered this several times. I have never had a face lift or plugs, any proof of that which there is nothing I would kneel down to you hider coward loser….that aside, what have you or any of you hater EVER done of note? Anything we would care about? You all like to attack me, but none of you could carry my jock strap on anything that matters….so continue to sound off, many readers enjoy laughing at you no me…see when I go out about town nobody and I mean nobody ever says anything but respectful words to me…ever…anywhere…and p.s. I usually travel alone,….I don’t need any help….just a tip….fake name hater….bye.

  15. harley says:

    glaze…these guys are jamming you
    they write this shit to get under your skin. Its for fun and entertainment. don’t pay attention to these
    guys…they’ll go away…and if they don’t we’ll track them down.
    jessica is looking nice…did you know laura little from the fudge shop? She was hot in the
    day…just wondered if she was in your past stab le.
    glaze…saw where in st. louis they had a parade for the returining vets from iraq…why not one in
    westport sometime for the would be great to do.

  16. harley says:

    glaze…been working hard for last 2 weeks..
    but after that I’m wiped out exthausted…trainers got 1000 ideas on what i need to do..none agree.
    how do i get back my energy after working out…any ideas?

  17. Jeff says:

    Man, this is sad
    How can a grown man act like this?

  18. Craig Glazer says:

    Harley Maybe Low T
    I you try it and millions have, do the injections not the pills..much stronger…legal as well. Everyone I have sent to see the doctor has either loved it or not gone ahead with it for whatever reason. About 7 out of 10 went with it and are glad they did.

  19. Striped Ken says:

    Man U Ugly
    I know you deliberately goose the few regular readers of this blog for the semi clever responses, Craig, but there IS an “IS” here.

    I was glancing at a recent picture of your late brother Jack, you, some strange gal, and a seemingly hashed out wierdo, and the first thing that caught my attention was what you looked like…. A greasy, perfume-to-cover-BO-even-when-straight-out-of-the-shower, bad wigged, perhaps male, (I use”male” with hesitance) human(?) that grosses out any woman who is at least a half step atop the street.


    Brown Ken

  20. Craig Glazer says:

    Well Stupid Ken Says It All, You Are Stupid
    Always kind to bring in my brother Jack who was killed,and never did you any harm…buddy when you knock me as a player you are attacking maybe the all time number one over 45 ladies guy in this city….me…so really…pick on some loser your own size, small.

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