Hearne: Don’t Look Now But Jardine’s Saga May Be Nearing End

That’s right…

Two months into one of the longest – at times silliest – and frankly saddest chapters in modern Kansas City jazz, the dudes who jumped the gun last month by telling the Pitch and Fox 4 they’d bought Jardine’s are poised at to do just that – buy Jardine’s.

Today partners Robert McCain and Joseph Fulgenzi met a drop-dead deadline for a payment owed by Jardine’s owner Beena Raja to the jazz club’s founder, Greg Halstead.

"We have, that is correct," Fulgenzi says. "We still have a couple more hoops to jump through, but it’s getting closer."

McCain and Fulgenzi must now finalize a deal on the lease with American Century, settle whatever taxes and outstanding debts may be owed and complete the aquisition of a new liquor license for the Plaza area jazz club.

The ETA on reopening Jardine’s?

"Within the next two weeks," if everything goes as hoped, Fulgenzi says.

"We’re in the last stages, we only have a couple things to do," Fulgenzi says. "We’ve actually applied for a new liquor license."

The $64 million question: can they dodge the bullet on debts incurred by Jardine’s former owner?

"I wish it were that simple," Fulgenzi says. "There’s still a lot we’re going to have to take care of. It is what it is. And we still have to live up to her lease."

To the tune of a reported $20,000 plus in back rent.

Halstead’s take on the potential new ownership group?

"I’m all for ’em, I really am," he says. "I’ve met both of ’em and they strike me as being pretty good people and I wish them all the luck in the world."

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19 Responses to Hearne: Don’t Look Now But Jardine’s Saga May Be Nearing End

  1. paulwilsonkc says:

    let me be the first to say….
    CONGRATULATIONS to them both if they close the deal. It needs to open and be what it was, I’m in total support of who ever does it, as long as they are an independent operating group and it opens fresh with no other strings tied to the past. I think everyone will rally around that.
    Again, my best to the two of you and good luck!

  2. Super Dave says:

    Good Luck
    Robert McCain and Joseph Fulgenzi I want to wish you the best on your new adventure. Hope all goes as planned and you are opened in a couple of weeks.

  3. whippy sippy says:

    New Gay Jardines….is it gonna be Gayer than neighbor Trio?

    What a faaab corner now

  4. chuck says:

    Will there be a “Key Party In Sparta” room?
    Good luck fellas.

    Hope you make money and many friends.


  5. harley says:

    thank god…this story is booooorrrrrrrrriiiiiiiiiiinnnnnngg
    glad its over. Now hearnes “gay dudes” can take over the club…get some decent music in there
    ..and tyr to reclaim it prior status.
    Unfortunately the shutdown will hurt it temporarily but with strong promotional and marketing
    it can get back up to “snuff”!
    whoever this beenie girl is…hopefully she goes back to where she came from and realizes the
    value of treating her employees the right way.
    But now that hearnes “buddies” have won out in the battle to buy this joint…and they’ve posted what
    I thought was a hdeous photo taken at glamour shots…we can now return to some intelligent
    and thought provoking articles like wrestling…or whether glaze lied abouthis picks…or
    the academy awards..or soccer…or some other highly controversial subject.
    Its getting very boriing on this site. I think its time for harley to rev up the keyboard and get
    all the people on here riled up and pissed off again. lol.

  6. chuck says:

    Okay, I looked at it again.
    I am missing something.

    Why is the photo hideous?


  7. Craig Glazer says:

    Hope Beena Will Be OK
    I wish her the best, I think she meant well. Give her some credit, she ran that place for several years in a down economy especially for Jazz and entertainment in general. I understand she may be moving out of KC. Good luck Beena.

  8. David says:

    Congratulations to Hearne for breaking the story that the story the Pitch broke a month ago is true.

  9. Hearne Christopher says:

    Coming back from the dead

  10. Hearne Christopher says:

    Good thing you have a real job as a waiter because you don’t understand much about business or journalism.

    The Pitch and Fox 4 reported they had bot Jardine’s without confirming it with ANYONE. Like the seller, for example. The landlord.

    In fact they had not bought it, but had talked to the owner Raja and indicated their interest. She continued to negotiate with other parties – since she owned it not the dudes – for the past month.

    Now if you can at least read, you’ll see that they still have not bought it. They are trying to buy it. At this point, they wrote a check to the former owner for $1,200 and hope to cut a deal with American Century and Raja and others that are owed money.

    Anything – good or bad – could still happen, but one thing is for sure. Contrary to what was reported last year, they have not bought, nor do they own Jardine’s. Ask them when you’re waiting on their table and they’ll tell you.

    This story is still not over and won’t be until about three or four more loose ends are closed off and a contract is signed. Even if they do end up buying it, it won’t make the Pitch or Fox 4 stories true because they did not buy it last year when it was reported that they had.

  11. Orphan of the Road says:

    Don’t look now but Jardine’s saga may be no closer to an end
    More lose ends than a frayed knot as opposed to your ‘fraid not reply to David.

    If Beena is negotiating then Kali couldn’t hold them and bring those “loose ends” together.

    What’s a music venue without musicians?

  12. Mr G R says:

    Maybe Jazz is a dead language
    Maybe Jazz is over with. If there arent enough “customers” to keep one jazz club going, maybe its a dead language. I dont see too many people lined up for a disco club any more. I dont see anyone standing in line to see a string quartet play mozart. Things and times change. If there is ANYONE out there willing to take the risk…open a f’n jazz club and see what happens. Otherwise can all of you shut your pie holes and move on? I swear, for every one I’ve met who says they LOVE jazz, I’ve met an asshole not willing topay for what they want. I say turn Jardine’s into anything but a jazz club. It was never a real jazz club anyway.

  13. paulwilsonkc says:

    David, I have to stand up for Hearne here…
    maybe not for ALL of his reply, but for his point. When Chelle and I talked to you two weeks ago downstairs at the club, after a FINE cigar upstairs, I might add, you knew then that she and I were deep in the process. One of the waiters was giving us tips on inside info, Carrie came over to our table, Dave Stephens was with us and we were all very MUCH talking about Chelle and I buying the place. I’m amazed I can remember that since the night ended at about 3:00am at the QUAFF…. Im way too old for that!

    At any rate, the two guys didnt do anything when the Pitch ran it, other than the fact they got some media attention the same way you and I could have if I called Chris Hernandez and said, Hey, you know ME.. David and I just swung a deal to buy Jardines, meet us at the front door in an hour and you can have the story! Thats really all that was. They hadn’t done a THING. They went to look at buying space in the Ptich and Charles stumbled over them. Im not taking a thing away from Charles, he just wrote what he was told by the new “owners”. Problem was, they were NOT the owners, not then and…. not yet… NOW.

    They made Beenas payment. So far, thats all they did. You can I, again, could have done that. We would NOT be the owners of Jardines. The only fact in that is Greg was up $1,200.00. Nothing more than that. I can go to the bank and make a car payment for you, I dont own your car.

    So, while they may pull it off, they havent yet. Im not taking a stand against you, just that the earlier “facts’, were NOT. We may run down this weekend, if so, we’ll come down and say hi. Like I said, not trying to upset you, I have no desire to do that…. its just that Hearnes version is pretty much how its gone down. And at this point, I think Im as tired of this story as anyone. Its been a lot of homework only to let the dog eat it!!

  14. Merle Tagladucci says:

    Hearne with a shout out to waiters across America.

  15. Hearne Christopher says:


  16. David Hayden says:

    Dave’s not here man
    Thanks for the lesson in Journalism 101. Unfortunately, there is apparently more than one David who reads your blog. I know enough about what is happening to know this isn’t the end of the situation. It’s just one more post for you to generate traffic with before you go back to multiple posts a day about pro wrestling… oops you are already there

  17. expat says:

    why pay?
    If all the assets were to revert to the previous owner why not let the deadline pass and then deal with him directly? From what I’ve read it sounds like he has more common sense than Beena. Yeah you’d be adding another link in the already messy liability chain but at this point it probably doesn’t make a difference considering the hash Beena made of it.

  18. Beena says:

    I will take a ticket to India smartman. want to come?

    let me know when .

  19. Jordan says:

    ETA on when we can expect our W-2? Broke college student needs refund money, stat.

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