Donnelly/ Grogan: AWOLNATION @ The Beaumont in KC, January 22, 2012

If any of you guys were brave enough to make it out to the Beaumont on Sunday, you would have seen KCC photog Katie Grogan elbowing her way through sweaty dudes in the chops to hold her position up near the front.


And you would have seen AWOLNATION, a band that is gaining some real momentum among the alt-rock crowd, with its electronic infused party thrash that’s getting copious airplay on stations like 96.5 the Buzz and the like.


Word is they tore the roof off the Beaumont Club in front of a near sold out crowd.  But don’t take my word for it, I wasn’t there.  Hear’s how Katie put it, and check out a few of her shots of the band after the jump…


"Awolnation’s sold out show at The Beaumont Club Sunday was nothing but pure energy and excitement," Grogan says. "As soon as the guys hit the stage the crowd went insane and it didn’t stop until the show was over. This was my first time seeing Awol and I didn’t expect it to be this energetic.

"You can watch as many videos of them as you want, but you’ll never quite get how intense their live show is until you actually witness it. Towards the end of Awol’s set, when they started their song "Sail," the place exploded. I actually had to relocate myself to the back the crowd got to crazy.

"All the bands that played Sunday were extremely personable and expressed their appreciation to the crowd, which means a lot to me. You can really tell that they’re passionate about what they do and they aren’t just in it for the money or fame."

photography by katie grogan

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