Glazer: Eat My Dust, Scribe Tells Non Believers After Perfect NFL Picks

This is why I make the big bucks!

Your humble scribe picked BOTH NFL playoff winners this past weekend. New England with sexy Tommy, and those hard charging New York Giants. Hey, I picked them both last year too. When you got it, you got it.

My early pick for the winner of this year’s Super Bowl: NEW ENGLAND, currently at -31/2. Yeah, I like the Pats.

I know many of you all wanted the Harbaugh Bowl, sorry. By the way, you had to reread the KC Star a few times today to find either Harbaugh name even mentioned, it came up once in four articles, wow.

You saw the missed field goal? We know that feeling here (twice).

The one Jan Stenerud missed against Miami in 1972 was the end of the Chiefs era as an elite team.

They would never again matter.

Four decades later we’re still a doormat. Damn. The Giants got their field goal from Lawrence Tynes and boy did he get face time after the game. Three other former Chiefs had to be happy they were not in KC; Chris Wilson, Brian Waters and Bernard Pollard, all playing in title games.

And it was ‘cool’ that the NFL’s all-time best quarterback, Tom Brady, said, "I sucked, but our defense was great and won the game."  For Tom, it was a below average day, but he did score the go ahead touchdown himself.

And wouldn’t you know, Joe Paterno died on a day the NFL might have dedicated the games to him had the scandal not happened.

Both teams gave it everything. Really, without the strange endings, all four teams were about even. Just like I told you.

So get ready, now all the talk will be about Tom Brady. Is he the best of all time? All of that.

The Chiefs will point at San Fran and Baltimore as models of teams with strong defense and average offense, that made it close to a Super Bowl, something KC hasn’t done in a lifetime. The Chiefs are hoping to matter again for once in 40 years.

OK, they did a bit under Marty Schottenheimer with their only name players on offense being Joe Montana and Marcus Allen (Tony G came later, those are the only names people know about in KC in recent history, sorry).

It will be fun Super Bowl.

I got it all right last year, we’ll see what happens this year.

But when, oh when, will those words ever come out…"THE KANSAS CITY CHIEFS VS……IN THE SUPER BOWL, NEXT WEEK"

We’ve waited over 40 years and that’s long enough. Go Pats!
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27 Responses to Glazer: Eat My Dust, Scribe Tells Non Believers After Perfect NFL Picks

  1. Orphan of the Road says:

    Guess you forgot
    You told every one to give 7 and take the Patriots too?

    I already have the Giants and 17. I love fans.

    IMHO you would have a better article (for next year) if you just ran down the games, all of them, forgetting points and such. Historically the average bear (which would include you) does as good if not better than the “experts” in the media.

    Super Bowl is cleanup time for bookies. Folks trying to make a big score to even out the season and all the Pids, you know Stu and family, who want to bet on first flag, coin flip, first play etc.

    You did well but often the hype was nearly unbearable.

    Basically Brady and Belchick stank their way to the title

  2. Craig Glazer says:

    Points Well Taken Orphan
    Yeah, that was a bit hypie….sorry…and you are right my bonus pick was wrong, Pats did not cover the 7…good one…but we had winners and the teaser..I have to use the tease on many bet picks to win…I am picking for betting, not so much for who wins..different…as you noticed my % was over 70. very did take a hit at seasons end or would have been a record setting 80%, but got hit, so no go…even with these picks and Super Bowl win if it happens will still be under 80%…still very good…

  3. harley says:

    did you see that…did everyone see what mu has just did. Basektball is not even a major sport
    atv mu…we saw during realignment that collegiate basketball was a far second in relation to
    every university in the country…that basketball is not considered a true big time sport…that
    basektball takes a back seat to the big bucks on college football…and look what happened
    to the rankings this week..i can’t believe it…i’m still nota believer that mu isk hat good…i’m
    still holding out that mu is just lucky…or just a flukde….or just maybe they are that good!!!!
    can’t wait to see what happens in the next 2 weeks…with thier schedule they could become the
    top ranked team in america….you read that right…#1 in thenation….phenomenal with all the
    uplifting events going on at mu this year (sec/new schedule/big money/etc)…that this is the
    topping on the cake…..

  4. tiger john says:

    M I Z Z O U

  5. Hearne Christopher says:

    To be fair, I don’t really cover Columbia because it’s really not geographically a part of metro KC. Big difference between 40 miles and 125 miles. But I imagine Columbia has had its share of business closings, etc.

    And while MU hasn’t really been wildly competitive with KU in basketball, there’s no doubt that that’s not the case this year. Will be interesting to see if they can keep that up in future years and build the basketball program into something more closely resembling the Norm Stewart era.

  6. harley says:

    okay glaze…heres the bet…..if you’re a betting man….
    if mu beats ku at home feb 4…you let me write your column for one week…
    if ku beat mu at columbia i give $250 to charity of your choice…
    lets go!

  7. harley says:

    hearne come on…..
    i went into detail and you probably didn’t have an hour to read it. Read my
    analysis of the difference between lawrnece and columbia.
    Lawrence has the problem of options for shoppers to the east and west..
    joco..kc…topeka etc…
    columbia is a shopping destination along with jeff city for a large area of
    people who don’t have the options shoppers in lawrence would have.
    Columbia is growing tremendously…enrollement is exploding…revenues
    are at all time highs..while lawrence languishes under the thumb of
    budget cuts/slow retail/over 200,000 sq ft. of empty retail space/declining
    enrollment/falling revenues…
    i knwo you don’t comver columbia but while columbia is on fire…lawrence
    and ku are struggling with lots of problems that must be addressed quickly
    or lawrence will be dead except for the booze and stores selling jerseys…
    plus as the fastest growing university in the nation mu is not known for
    its basektball…so i am as shocked as anyone that they will be ranked #2
    and maybe higher next week…what an accomploishment for the tigers…
    i know its early and this team hasnt jelled yet…but winning on the #3 teams
    home court is huge…remember ku was at home and has to travel to baylor.
    Plus…basektball has nowhere near the presstige and honor that football has.
    football is king…so for mu to have a great program moving to the best conference
    in the nation…and having a #2 ranked bball team makes it literally one of the
    best overall universities in the naton right now…academics and athletics…
    mu is huge and making waves on the national radar.

  8. Craig Glazer says:

    OK With Me If It Is With Hearne
    Might be limited to two articles though….

  9. kcfred says:

    Don’t ever use the word “humble’ to describe you again.
    Scribe? When you learn to write.
    KU lost to Davidson.
    Davidson at home.
    If you have Mizzou 7th or 8th, that proves you know next to nothing.
    They owned Baylor on Saturday. To beat number 3 on their home floor and you have them 7th or 8th (….we’ll see).
    See what?
    KU is still KU at KU.
    Except when you’re Davidson.
    And you have them at number three?
    Not a scribe.

  10. Big Bib says:

    Glazer lies AGAIN!!!
    Actually Glazer in your Jan 16th post u predicted pats and 49ers. So caught in another lie. Gee i guess if you write enough stories and make different predictions on each eventualy u can say u got one right. Didn’t u also predict the chiefs just to win 4 games??? U r a loser. Oh yeah now you’ll call me bib booby u thin skin scribe.

  11. Orphan of the Road says:

    What I’d like to see next year
    I Glaze head-to-head with chuck each week. Or maybe Glaze would pick against the chicken they used to have at Wynn’s place in Atlantic City. That chicken killed Howard Eskin.

    For entertainment purposes only, naturally.

  12. Smartman says:

    HARdLEY Factual
    How in the hell is MU the fastest growing university in the nation? Can’t find a reference to that, factual or otherwise ANYWHERE. I even checked harleypedia .com.

    Basketball has less honor and prestige than football? Don’t tell John Wooden or basketball fans in North Carolina that.

    I’ll wager you ONE THOUSAND DOLLARS to your charity or mine that MU doesn’t make it to the FINAL FOUR. If they’re as good as you say they are that shouldn’t be a problem. Hell, I’m willing to make that a standing annual bet. I’ll even add that to my will, ‘ cause MU will NEVER win a national championship in basketball.

  13. chuck says:

    Orphan, Glaze–that would be fun 🙂
    I would even put up some money to go to Glaze’s favorite charity.

    I don’t know, but I would imagine Stanfords has been involved with charity work in the past, so…

    I am always ready for much deserved ridicule and a second helping of my favorite dish, Crow!


  14. Craig Glazer says:

    Hater Learn To Read
    My picks were Pats, Giants…you look like the fool you are…listen, learn write it down…bye loser

  15. Craig Glazer says:

    Hater, Checked The Article You Refer Too
    On Jan 16th I said I pick Pats and San Fran for NOW, might change….it did…I won you suck, you are a moron….listen, learn write it down loser.

  16. chad says:

    are the biggest jackoff in K.C.

  17. Craig Glazer says:

    Back At You Hater Chad and Crew
    good one

  18. xxMillerTimexx says:

    Glazer is a DOUCHE
    That is all,

    You are a hater if you disagree with that take too. Hey it works for Glazer. I am done with all BS Glazer stuff, I will not click on one more thing he writes. He was not saying crap when his picks were failing. Then he all of the sudden he is a god for his picks this weekend? I do not get it, he is a child. Well Glazer if you want to call me a ‘Hater” and want to meet me to “beat my ass” or something, you better do it on one of Lefty’s articles. I am not reading your crap any more, your shtick has gotten very old.

  19. Jim says:

    FYI – Basketball made more money for the University of Missouri than football did. Football might have more prestige, but basketball made more money.

  20. harley says:

    sorry jim mythbuster…youre wrong…
    total revenue figures are coming and you are 100% wrong. Just in ticket sales the football program generates more than
    the entire bbal progrm. Don’t forget tv/licensing/bowl allotments/donations directly tied to football/total revenues!
    you are so wrongh…and now that mu is moving to sec the difference between football and basketball revenues will be
    even greater.
    just last year mu averaged 62,000 tickets per football game…x 6 or 7 games x average ticket price and you’re way
    out of line on this….add in extrasand football is the main generator of revnue ther3e as it is at almost every other
    major college football university.

  21. Craig Glazer says:

    Miller Man
    My friend you have been an jerk since your first post on anything I ever did. Oh I am so hurt you won’t read me anymore and write more jealous hate mail with the other hater…all three of you, at least you use the same name all the time, I’ll give you that…but again all of you shmo’s use fake names and hide behind them. So how could I ever do anything to you, we DON’T KNOW WHO YOU ARE…I figured one out and he has gone silent. So you are mad cause I called the AFC and NFC correctly? OK, and said the truth about my picks…plus 70& for the year, OK.

    Maybe its time you did just that go “Miller Time” and sleep it all off….bye.

  22. Jim says:

    If I’m wrong, Harley, so is the Dept. of Education….
    Harley, check out the link. Once again, you don’t know shit!

  23. tim says:

    is the biggest jackoff in Kansas City.

  24. Big Bob Mcintosh says:

    Craig cry baby
    So first lets establish this. I WAS RIGHT!! You picked pats and 49ers on Jan 16th. And yes u have changed ur pick numerous times since then and eventually got one right. Kind of like you saying the chiefs would be 6-10,4-12, and 2-14. You figured one of those would be right and the “humble scribe” (who needs serious editing) would be accurate. Of course then the Chiefs went 7-9 and even all the numerous picks didn’t save ur stupid ass.

    When r u going to get out of this first grade stuff? Calling me boobie, loser, moron, hater and others. Whats next throwing spit balls and shooting rubber bands? Talking about my mama? And lets forget the throw down in the playground becasue you’ve yet to show up for any of these challenges.

    Do you know what a hypocrite is? You of all people shouldn’t talk about using mulitiply names!!!!!! Its like your mulitply “stories” you tell. So when is the movie coming out? Dinner with Brad and George this week? Look you are just an old hanger on that is trying to keep the youth that escaped you 30 years ago. Its gone. let it go. be a man.

    This is my real name. With my 327 pounds of gut that is still more man and honest then you have ever been. I agree with what Miller Time and all your other “fans” say about you. I loved the Jan 3rd return of Rick and his New Years blast of you.

    Here is what i’ve seen in the last year.
    *You banged some gal while her son watched. CLASSY.
    *You wrote a story about how all your friends told you to stop responding to haters and you were going to take there advice….but of course you still respond
    *Your brother died.
    *You have had numerous feuds and been called out on this site.
    *You were challenged to an on air debate and of course never responded.
    *You were busted about not knowing the difference between assault and battery.
    *You oh humble scribe have never once said u were wrong or apologized for some of your behavior.
    *Many like Miller Time have left and no longer respond or read. What does Hall have today? About double what you got. (Oh yeah here comes the Hearne replay to tell us you are “viewed” a million times and only a small % respond)
    *You continue to brag about how great you are.
    *Other realtives have passed.

    And the most AMAZING THING!!!!! You have not changed or grown one bit through any of these experiences!!!!!

    $0….Amount Hearne pays Craig to write.
    $50 for a good time at Stanfords.
    $1500 to bury your brother.
    PRICELESS the amount of money I would wager that Craig will ever grow as a man and become more then what he already is. Criag will be the same today as he was yesterday. Six months from now he will be the same as he was six years ago. Pathetic.

    He will never become the man he could of been. Truly sad because I belive you could of been a difference maker. Instead you are just an STD spreader.

  25. balbonis moleskine says:

    Glazer thinks his picks are puro fire, but in reality he’s just stepped on old man full of too much mannitol for his own good.

    I am disappointed he never showed up for the fight with the haters. Too many roids gives him a big mouth and a tiny set of nuts. 🙂

  26. Craig Glazer says:

    Really Never Showed Up? The Haters Never Show
    Where did I never show up balbonis? I was at the party at Jardines, where were you and the other cowards? We can make a new spot if you like, I’ll show up….the truth is boys, I don’t care what you little punks think, about WHAT…you make up stories in your minds about nothing….drink some milk or something….please find something to do…for your own good. thank you…bye

  27. Facts says:

    Hearne it makes you look bad to allow pussy fkn glazer to post his lies on your website.

    I used to respect you 100% hearne, but your association with glazer knocks off a lot points.

    Your allowing him to write lies is disgusting. He WAS NOT 100%…. so fkng lame… so fkg pathetic.

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