Today: Record Breaking Winter Weather Continues, But for How Long?

Will the Winter of 2011 / 2012 be a record breaker?

It’s looking that way so far, says KSHB TV waether wonk Gary Lezak.

"To date, we’ve had .4 of an inch of snow," Lezak says. "And the lowest snowfall ever was 4.5 inches in the winter of 1922-1923. So we’ve got 4.1 inches just to get to the lowest season ever, but there’s no sign of that now."

Hence the bear market on show shovels, snow blowers, driveway ice melting chemicals – even winter coats!

However, that could change.

It’s getting late but "I still think it’s going to happen, but the next three weeks are critical," Lezak says. "I think there are two or three storm systems coming between now and February 10th."

Stay tuned…
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2 Responses to Today: Record Breaking Winter Weather Continues, But for How Long?

  1. bschloz says:

    Nat Gas trading at 10 yr lows… $UNG $CHK

  2. Super Dave says:

    looks to be a dry winter by all but Lezak
    Lezak about two weeks ago was blowing and going that this system this weekend was going to be a measureable snowfall for us. And today he is trying to drum up attention to it still. Just this morning he whines “This storm is strengthening as it passes us this evening. A few showers, maybe even a thunderstorm, and a chance of a snowflake this evening. An interesting weather day for sure!

    The real weather boys say for today as of an hour ago “Latest thinking is that while a rain/snow mix is possible as far south as KMCI or even KMKC, the impacts will be negligible as by the time this occurs the system will be departing the region to the northeast, resulting in minimal if any snow amounts this far south. So have kept mention of any snow out of the Kansas City terminals. KSTJ may see a longer period of rain/snow so have mentioned such in their forecast.

    Lezak is a media hyper ventilator and appears to say whatever it takes to draw an audience. He can guess all he wants but his predictions as a rule are wrong so why pay attention to what he says or even quote him?

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